The 4 Rules For Wearing All White This Summer

Aug 18, 2015


Going completely monochrome can be a tricky trend to pull off. First of all, you don't want to look like a walking popsicle, and secondly it can feel a tad lazy. Piling on the same hue from head to toe isn't exactly what you call inspired, but it can look incredibly chic if the correct balance is struck. 

I know that it's starting to sound like a delicate tightrope between looking stylish or like your Aunt Verna at the family picnic (the white capris, the white bucket hat, the white bra strap peeking out from her white top), but it's not that hard! Just keep these four simple rules in mind:


  1. Break The Color Into Different Shades: Don't go the same hue of white from head to toe. Instead incorporate different shades to add some dimension to the look: Pull out your oatmeals, your beiges, and your eggshells. A little variation goes a long way.
  2. Keep Accessories In A Close Color Family: The accessories are going to be the thing that helps your outfit from looking too one-dimensional, but make sure they don't stray too far from the intended color. For example, here my belt is a soft caramel color. It's clearly no where near white but it's a distant cousin to beige, which still makes it work. The small variation adds some interest without breaking the monochrome vibe.
  3. Lipstick Will Be Your Friend: A great trick to help spice up your all white outfit is to pick a bold lipstick to add some personality into the look. Go either really dark and vampy to add some contrast, or go bright and electric to make it playful and flirty.
  4. Focus On Proportions: To keep your outfit from looking too basic, focus on combining pieces with different proportions together. For example, pair high waist pants with crop tops; shorts with bell-shaped tops; midi skirts with boxy crops; or high waist pants with loose and baggy tunics or button downs. The interesting shapes and lines will make up for the monochromatic hue. 


Let's discuss: What's your go-to trick for wearing all of one color? What do you focus on to make it feel stylish?

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outfit details
Shirt: Akira
Shorts: American Apparel
Belt: Mom's closet
Sandals: Gap
Sunglasses: Thailand

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  1. Such handy tips for wearing all-white! I'm usually in the all-black camp, and I like to keep it interesting by mixing textures: a silk tank, a nubby skirt, distressed denim jeans, a leather jacket, etc.

  2. super:)) xx

  3. These photos are lovely! And is that your fabulous house in the background??

    Monochrome is something that I think looks so chic, but haven't really ventured into. These tips are spot on, though! And I loled at the thought of Aunt Verna. Right. On. Thanks Marlen!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. This is such a gorgeous look. You pulled it off beautifully!! When it comes to all one colour?... I love to break it up by using different textures! Wishing you a fab week, lady! xo

  5. I absolutely love the bold lipstick you chose! It really does add a great pop of colour to an all white outfit. Plus, it's just awesome.

  6. I love monochromatic dressing, it's such an easy way to create something that feels fresh and clean. I think you really hit on something with the note about lipstick - especially if you're on the pale side, you can look so washed out in head to toe light colors without something to create a little contrast.

  7. Love this! Sometimes I'm scared to wear all white coz I'm so clumsy but you've given me the idea to go with an off-white or cream bottoms <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  8. I love this, bright lipstick and colourful accessories always make white feel more 'me'!

    Maria xxx

  9. You pulled this off so well! I don't think I've ever worn an outfit with all the same colors. I've tried, but every time I change because I think I look funny. I think the problem is that I don't try different shades. I love the black sandals you paired with this, too!

  10. Since I really only wear three colours, this topic falls right into my wheelhouse ;) Texture and proportion are a huge part of making monochromatic looks interesting. Especially in the black part of my wardrobe, I have fuzzy piece and leather pieces and woven pieces... anything to mix up a look without adding colour. And a bold lipstick is always a saviour. I love this shade on you!

  11. The accessories tip is right on, girl! I love this outfit on you-- all white is actually one of my favorites. :)

  12. Aunt Verna says she's not happy to be made fun off. LOL, just kidding! I I love the sunnies and that bloody vampy red lip color on you! I've yet to style any all white outfit ever in my whole life, can you believe it? I will report back once I get my hands on a pair of off-white bottom, not sure whether I should go for a skirt, culottes or denim. Hmm, as for making an all-black outfit look a bit more stylish, I would put on a bold red color, accessorize with a statement pendant necklace and a studded bag for a touch of metal. That's how I would do it. :)

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  13. This looks great and I especially like the lipstick trick!

  14. Looking lovely as ever, girl! I'm not sure why but I hadn't visited your blog in awhile and had been missing your sweet face. :) Such great lipstick on you, too. xo

  15. What a wonderful post, lady! LOVING that lipstick shade of yours. xx

  16. great tips, Marlen! I totally agree that adding a lipstick will spice up a monochrome look by so much!

  17. I find it difficult to wear white bottoms, but I love long, flowy white dresses for summertime! And yes, a bold lip is a must with all white. Love the lipstick you're wearing :)


  18. Awesome and classy look. you really looking amazing and nice shade of lipstick... Superbbb

    Stunning Clothing For Women

  19. I recently was given a top very similar to yours, and have no idea what to wear it with. I love the high rise bottoms with the tassel belt! Perfect for that type top.
    After going through my gothic phase, I was like "The fuck?" due to the lack of any color. You bet I still rock my skinny leg Tripp pants, along with many other of my middle school clothes. I'm still in a black funk due to it being slimming. Therefore I'll wear black leggings usually with a black top that has some other color.
    For instance I wear my black leggings, along with my black racer back tank that says "it rubs the lotion on the skin" in white font. With my natural red hair and pale skin it's hard to pull off a lot of things.

    - Harlynn

  20. Great tips! I like the monochromatic look... it looks so chic!


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