A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't)

Oct 3, 2015

A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't)

So confession: I went into a frenzy today and switched out my summer clothes for my fall clothes. The reason for this abrupt change? I went to a hot chocolate bar for a night of ice cream and homemade marshmallows yesterday, and on the way to the cozy joint I nearly keeled over from the cold. Let's just say that hot coco was very much appreciated once I got through the doors - and I made it a double.

But while switching over my outfits, I did a quick study of the pieces I owned and cleaned out my closet in the process. And the outcome? 60% of the items didn't make the cut. I have a very small wardrobe of what I actually enjoy, and it's proving to be an education on how I can mix and match pieces.

So while I'm trying to figure out my new cold-weather-style, one thing is for certain: I want to be minimalist, but I want it to have a touch of that quirkiness that I keep coming back to time and time again. But how, exactly, will I get to that?

A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't)

The answer seems to be accessories. Take this look for example. I went with a monochrome palette, pairing slate grey pants with an oatmeal turtleneck (playing with different shades of white is so my jam right now), but to keep it looking playful I popped in a cheeky pompom beanie with a neon accent to shake things up. 

A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't) A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't)

It's unexpected with such a clean-cut look, which is exactly why it had my name written all over it. Once it starts getting really cold we all go into survival mode, and the fastest way to keep our outerwear to keep from looking drab is to stock up on some fun, smile-inducing accessories. Get your chunky scarves in order, your leather gloves in punchy colors squared away and, above all, find a small arsenal of hats that will keep you from blending in with the rest of the black coats outside. If you want to get a head start on the hat department, mine is from White Lodge Knitwear, and Lauren has a plethora of fun colors and cute patterns to choose from.

Also, she has acid green hair so you can trust her. Girl knows what she's about.

A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't)

For more inspiration, here are some other beanie ideas incorporated into looks. Study them and think about why they work:

ONE:  This is just all cheek. Not only does the hat add another punch of color to an already bright outfit, but it adds an extra dose of personality with its big ol' pompom. The look would be plenty stylish without it, but the knit adds a little summin' summin' extra. It's playful and makes you look twice.  (SOURCE

TWO: The best way to see if an accessory adds to an outfit is to imagine the look without it. Sure, the olive coat and classic loafers would look lovely on their own, but the furry pompom beanie adds a striking dash of dark color, and also softens the serious cuts of the classic pieces. (SOURCE)

THREE: Add beanies with dresses! This is one of my favorite options because it's so unexpected. It gives it a quirky touch. (SOURCE)

FOUR: Beanies are also a great option to add a bright pop of color without overwhelming the look. Take this look with the red beanie - the tartan and peacoat give a neutral palette of camel and grays, and the swipe of red brings it all together without overpowering anything (like, say, a red sweater might).  (SOURCE)

A Case For Why You Should Style Beanies This Fall (Especially If You Think You Can't)

Let's discuss: What's an unexpected way you've seen a beanie paired? For example, when I saw that beanie + dress move last year, my mind was blown. 

Want more hat game tips? Continue reading:



  1. I feel you on the wardrobe sifting. I've been looking at mine and realizing how so many pieces just aren't practical or great for mixing and matching which, well, isn't very convenient for layering purposes. Or just re-wearing purposes in general.

    I digress. I love that beanie though. And I'm enjoying your darker lipstick here--hello, goddess!

  2. great outfit!


  3. loving the half tuck! the orange in your beanie is a nice pop of color!

  4. I think a beanie instantly makes an outfit a little cooler, more street. Paired with sheer and floaty and whimsy outfits, they look amazing x

    Anna | aforvogue

  5. Yes, yes!! Can't wait to start rocking the beanies for this fall. I think it's such a gorgeous accessory and I LOVE how you wore yours!! xo

  6. I think you achieved your desired look for this (also the dark lips are lovely). And good ideas for wearing a pompom hat.

  7. That jumper is just divine! I love hats in winter, can't wait to dig mine out!

    Maria xxx

  8. Okay, I really like all the outfits you showcased even though I'm not a beanie person! I think my main issue is seeing people wear them when it's not even cool outside. Like, you don't need a knit hat when it's 75 degrees or higher.
    And hoorah for cleaning out your wardrobe. My problem is I like almost everything I have so I have a hard time getting rid of things unless they really suck or start wearing out.
    Also your lipstick here is on point!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  9. I'm loving beanies at the moment! I had loads last year but have lost them all. I seriously need to find a new one!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  10. Oh, how wonderful to purge and clean out, especially at the beginning of the season!

    I'm LOVING your minimalism lately - you pull it off so effortlessly. This look with the neon pop in the beanie is spot on.

    I was just at a farmer's market yesterday and one lady was selling lovely chunky slouchy beanies she had made. I didn't get one, but now after reading your post I'm kicking myself!

  11. I absolutely love that hat you're wearing! It's only recently that I decided hats didn't look thattt bad on me, so I'll definitely be taking these looks as inspiration. Such a good idea to pair it with a dress!

  12. You're totally making me want to get a beanie. For the longest time my hair was short so I felt silly (and bald!) in hats. Now that my hair is longer I think I need to jump on the hat train. Love the funkiness the beanie adds to your classic look.

  13. I absolutely love beanies!!! You look stunning!! X

  14. I really like your outfit - perfect for the cold days. You're right, your colourful beanie really shakes things up a bit. I think I have to try to wear a beanie more often and I feel totally ready now, thanks to your outfit and the four inspiration-outfits!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  15. Beanies are a no-brainer for me in the fall and winter. So easy to style and they frame my hair around my face just the way I like ;) Love your lipstick Marlen!

    http://splitneedles.blogspot.com |

  16. Love that hat, I have a few but always end up forgetting that I have them!xxx

  17. I love how you described the benefit of the beanie in the second look. It can sometimes be hard to capture exactly why an outfit works and I think you did it perfectly.


  18. I definitely need to invest in a good beanie this year! Thanks for the recommendation :)




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