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Sep 20, 2015


Sometimes you just can't find the will (or the creativity) to scrounge up lunch at home. Instead of making a hodge-podge meal of leftovers, slip on a denim mini dress and a fun pair of snakeskin booties and head over to your neighborhood sandwich shop, soda fountain seating included. Now that the weather is getting chillier, opt for some spiced coffee horchata to go with your rosemary bread and gouda cheese, enjoying the parade of beanies and cozy sweaters marching passed the shop windows. 

Inspiration for this story: Chicago's Same Day Cafe

  1. Barnaby Jack leather cross body purse (only $26!)
  2. Barnaby Jack wide prom pinch hat
  3. Lulu*s snakeskin booties
  4. Barnaby Jack Guatemalan mini dress (only $36!)


You've been good all week and deserve a treat, so you slip on your favorite striped scooter dress and top it off with vintage touches, like '70s suede clogs and worked leather cross-body bags. It's past noon and you're meeting your pals for a Mad Men-esque lunch where salads will be traded for martini glasses, and appetizers will come in the form of olives on tiny skewers. Some might throw you side-eyed glances, but you guys can just pretend you're brokering very important ad deals. Brokering them in pompom beanies and denim jackets. Hey, it's a new generation.

Inspiration for this story: Chicago's The Franklin Room

  1. Wayward Collection '70s shift dress (only $38!)
  2. Wayward Collection denim barn coat
  3. Barnaby Jack brown leather crossbody bag
  4. White Lodge Knitwear triangle hat
  5. Wayward Collection suede wooden clogs


Why is it that dive bars with wood paneling and jukeboxes are always the best places to hang out in? Sniff one out in your neighborhood and come armed with quarters to play your favorite oldies and dollars to buy giant blueberry fishbowls to share with your friends. Snag a corner booth (with seats repaired with duct tape, of course) and call dibs on the best board games the house has to offer: Operation, Candy Land, and - if you're looking to end a few friendships - Monopoly. Watch your competitive streak get higher and higher as your punch bowl gets lower and lower. For a cozy night like this, all a girl needs is a pair of culotte shorts and a knit fisherman sweater, made playful and just a touch quirky with a neon ribbed beanie. Now spin the wheel (or whatever). My money's on you.

Inspiration for this story: Chicago's Rec Room

  1. Wayward Collection denim pleated shorts (only $38!)
  2. Barnaby Jack Irish fisherman sweater (only $30!)
  3. White Lodge Knitwear neon beanie
  4. Stuart Weitzman block heels


Exposed brick walls, low hanging lamps, lanterns lighting the patio - for a cozy piano lounge like this one, you want to go understated but still classic. To strike the correct balance, choose a statement piece and then match it against timeless pieces. Reach for your suede fringe mini and then pair it with a crisp collared shirt, Italian wool blazer, and then sharp loafers that would make Audrey Hepburn slow clap. Then order yourself some black rum shaved ice, find a spot close to the piano, and join in the singalong.

Inspiration for this story: Chicago's Tack Room


  1. I love this series and it has been too long! Day dreaming about my fantasy life going to piano lounges and martini lunches in fab outfits now...

  2. I always love these posts. Love that sandwich shop dress. I'd love to throw a big, chunky cardigan over it.


  3. Those snake skin boots!! Remind me of the ones i like from Jeffrey Campbell in Free People...but these are slightly less. And love love love the piano lounge look.


  4. I'm absolutely DROOOOLING over that dress in that first outfit! Perfect styling as always Marlen!

    be the plebeian

  5. Oooh, I might have to get that fisherman's sweater! I was looking all over for something like it last year, and that's such a reasonable price. Also, love the Tack Room shout out! My boyfriend just started working at Dusek's, and something about an employee discount has opened my eyes to just how cool all the different bars there are. :P

  6. I'm so in love with the sandwich shop look! That dress is so graphic and easy



  7. Yes, punch bowls and board games- sign me up! Love the cozy sweater and my bf and I are board game nuts :)



  8. Let's please both order everything in the "sandwich shop" outfit and then go to Panera together!
    : signe :
    : the daily savant :
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  9. I love all these looks! The snakeskin boots from the first outfit look like they would automatically spice up any outfit. And that comfy sweater in the third outfit is making me crave colder weather asap!


  10. Aaaw I lovethe cute beanies and the moss green hat! And the cream coloured jumper looks SO cosy, perfect for autumn! <3

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

  11. Ooo, I'm loving the piano lounge outfit. Not my usual choice, but I really dig this combo! :)

  12. Like everybody else said, this has to be one of my favorite series on your blog! Browsing through outfit ideas kind of motivates me to get dressed up for different occasions and try new things. My favorite outfit has to be the piano lounge outfit because I can easily recreate it using pieces already in my wardrobe.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  13. I love this series! It not only gives me styling ideas, but activity ideas! Love the piano bar one the most, ooh la la! But the sandwich shop might be more realistic for me, haha.

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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