How To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover On a Non-Existent Budget

Sep 4, 2015


Sometimes you can splurge on a mini wardrobe overhaul, and sometimes you can't justify it. But there's nothing quite like that itch between your shoulders when you're so done with your pieces. A Tuesday turned into a Wednesday and all of a sudden you woke up to find you just can't handle your choices any longer. What do you do then? Throw yourself out a window?

Possibly. But before that, try this one makeover tip that won't leave you eating garbanzo beans for a week.


Just update your shoes. It sounds so simple but trust me when I say it's effective. If you want to give your outfits and your remixed-to-death pieces a breath of fresh air, introduce a couple of on-trend shoes into the rotation and watch yourself become reinspired. A pair of pointed-toe lace up flats would look ground breaking peeking in from your culottes, metallic block heels would pop against colorful dresses or busy skirts, clunky sandals would give your feminine dresses a tomboy edge, or masculine bluchers would be a game changer for your denim pieces like overalls and pinafores. 

You might not have enough money to go add another dress into your rotation, but if you focus on adding an interesting, statement-making pair of shoes into your wardrobe, you'll find your old outfits becoming inspiring again.


For more inspiration, here are some other bold shoe looks. Study them and think about why they work:

ONE: The metallic tipped oxford shoes add a fun touch of masculinity when paired with her demure midi skirt. This would be a completely different outfit if she went with a strappy stiletto or a pair of leather sandals.  (SOURCE)

TWO: Her heavy, clunky sandals anchor down her delicate look, adding a playful contrast against the airy shirt dress. (SOURCE)

THREE: If she went with minimalist sandals or tennis shoes, this look would be more demure and country like. But since she went with a pair of bold cage sandals, the long pinafore took on a different vibe- one that's more San Francisco vintage. (SOURCE)

FOUR: Her knee high boots not only added a pop of color but served as a layering piece- they balanced the short hem of the dress and anchored the look by dragging the eye downward and making you feel like there's more volume/substance to the outfit. It would have a different vibe if she opted for ankle booties or ballet flats.  (SOURCE)


 Let's discuss: What's a shoe style you've been thinking of trying, but haven't taken the plunge yet?

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outfit details
Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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  1. Fantastic post and great advice, I am always looking for a new excuse to buy some new shoes, and now I've found one! :)

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. You're so right about shoes. They can transform an outfit and add new interest. Plus, they always fit no matter what happens to our weight. The wide range of shoes available to women is astounding and one of the best things about wearing female clothes.

  3. I have always found that when my shoes were limited, my creativity grew. I once spent a couple seasons with only leopard print flats and quickly discovered my love for pattern mixing. And I owe it all to those darn shoes.

    I love your brightly printed ensemble you're rockin' in this post. And of the shoes are a great addition!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  4. the lace up shoe and the flat sandal can really change up an outfit!! great ideas for revamping one's wardrobe :)

  5. Ooo, I've always wanted a pair of over the knee boots. I've seen some from Free People that are just perfectly casual chic...maybe this will be the year for them!

    I absolutely love your colorful outfit, especially the pants! And your sunglasses game is always spot on! :)

  6. Totes agree about the shoes tip. :) Dreamy blouse on you too!

  7. wow so long I haven't been around your hair look so long now ! :)


  8. I always used to say that shoes can really make or break an outfit - they can change up the entire feel of a look! You can go from formal to casual just by switching shoes!
    I'm dabbling in lace-up flats right now. I got a cute pair from Zara and I'm trying to wear them with both formal and casual outfits. It's been an interesting style challenge but I've been enjoying putting together different outfits.
    I really like your sandals here - I just love seeing a pair of statement-making sandals with a more formal silhouette. LOVE it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. Yes, so true. I'm actually not a huge shoe person (mostly because I find it frustrating to find ones that fit and feel right and it is disheartening to have to turn down so many cute ones because they fit funny), but you use your shoes a lot, so you get a lot of use out of a cute pair!

    I've been really wanting to try loafters and/or smoking slippers. Just the finding ones that fit thing. I'm always wary of ordering online but no one sells either type of shoe around here. I'd also be curious about trying cowboy boots but... A) Cowboy boots, while plentiful out here and the real-deal and of good quality are not cheap. Not. At. All. and B) I'd feel like an impostor wearing them. I don't live on a ranch, rodeo. I've never even ridden a horse, really. But there are real cowboy and cowgirls (er, women? Women Ranchers. Sounds weird either way) and so... no cowboy boots either...

  10. I really need to get better at styling my knee high boots!

    Maria xxx

  11. That top is so cute!! I completely agree about switching out shoes! Sometimes just that one change can make the whole outfit feel different!

  12. I am really trying to save up for some high quality, over-the-knee/thigh-high boots for the fall and winter. I usually just pair my outfits with sneakers or my trusty ankle boots so I'm hoping these will help change my game :)

    I love the ideas you listed in this post. It is true how something so simple (in this case, switching up footwear) can really repurpose our style evolutions.

  13. I love the shoes you're wearing in your outfit! Really great inspiration photos, too. I've definitely been at that "throw myself out the window" point, and changing up the shoes is such a smart idea for mixing things up.

  14. A shoe style I'd so want to give a go is the chunky boxy heeled variety. I'm not a wearer of any type of heel as I'm a total klutz and will never understand the appeal of walking on tip toe but a chunky heel in a reasonable height would be awesome! I love your shoe choices, except for the knee-high boots as it's too hot here for those :D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  15. I've been eyeing some chunky soled boots, but I'm a little scared to take the plunge. I have bought too many pairs of shoes that I think I would love, only to wear my black ankle booties everyday.

  16. Beautiful blog! Just started following you :)


  17. I love that fourth look! And great point. I've invested in a couple pairs of booties this Fall, it was exactly what I needed!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  18. I love this advice! It's so true. I've recently started wearing more sneakers as I've been walking more, and my outfits look and feel so different. It's kind of remarkable what a big difference it makes!


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