Layering 101: 7 Unexpected Ways To Layer During the Summer

Aug 16, 2015

Just because you have popsicles in your freezer and crop tops in your closet doesn't mean the layering needs to be put on pause. During a season that's famous for its bare legs and tanned shoulders, putting on more than a summer dress and sunscreen can seem like a lot of work. But below there are 7 clever ways to add light layers and elements to your looks to make them a little more interesting. Which tip will you be taking away for this week?


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Want more layering inspiration? Visit the sources!: ONE| TWO| THREE| FOUR| FIVE| SIX| SEVEN

PS: For more layering ideas, why don't you read:

Let's discuss: Which one of these is a tip you haven't considered before? And will you try it?


  1. I love this post! I gotta try the tee under a dress, super 90s and chic!

  2. So much chicness abounds in this roundup of layering ideas! I loved each one, and I'm intrigued to try that last layering trick :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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  3. These are some great tips, I love all of these looks

  4. Love the pinafore dresses, they are so great for going into Autumn. I have to admit I am ready for Autumn to come- can't wait for coats and jumpers!

    Anna | aforvogue

  5. love all of these looks. esp. adore the trench coat look. great tips and inspo!


  6. Aaw I love all of the above looks but Rebecca of A Clothes Horse has to be my favourite! <3

  7. I would love to try outfits 2 and 3. Maybe it's my love for stripes.

  8. Such cute and clever ideas! I adore this. <3

  9. I'm totally trying the draped scarf and a belt trend. Maybe not this summer, since it's been 90s here, but for sure in the fall and winter months. (; Great ideas!

  10. I love pinafores! So definitely I would love to pull off tips number one and number four.. ;)
    Thank you for the tips.

  11. Belting a kimono is a great idea and love the summer scraf turned into a sleeveless vest look too!


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