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May 17, 2015


It's a balmy, summer night out, so grab your honey and join in on your neighborhood's Wine Walk to beat the heat in your apartment. Stroll underneath the lamp lights of your familiar streets and pop into boutiques and book stores that are changed into wine stations, sampling your way down the white wine list as you chat with shopkeepers. To keep that humidity at bay, dress up in an eye-catching vintage maxi, and play up it's popsicle-like colors by adding more hues to the mix. Pick caramel colored sandals and let your purse bring in a playful pop to the outfit. 

  1. Duncan Loves Tess '60s maxi dress
  2. Merona crossbody handbag (only $23)
  3. Zara leather espadrille sandals
  4. J Crew Factory panama hat (only $25!)


There's nothing this girl likes more than unexpected fusions. Sunny-side eggs and kimchi? Check. Fried ginger and sea bass? Double check. But one thing that hasn't been conquered yet is mixing Nordic dishes with spicy, Asian touches. Settle into a corner booth and get ready to be adventurous, ordering interesting plates that shouldn't work like spring Dutch slaw with spicy peanut sauce, or garlic chive chicken with curry cream. Being brave with your dinner calls for a playful look, so opt for a springy vintage number in the form of a long-sleeved mini. Play up its '70s vibe with a suede fringe vest, and then keep the outfit looking sleek with understated minimalist sandals. 


Love Jennifer Lawrence to pieces but have been craving ticket stubs that boast a weirder tune? Sneak Twizzlers into your purse and head to this month's underground film festival, where indie theaters will be screening avant-garde artsy films and low brow local comedies alike. Leave feeling inspired, quizzical, emotional, or just plain confused- but whatever the feeling, enjoy the fact that you gave the creator a chance to hear his or her story....Then persuade your friend to go get a quick coffee to iron out all these fun and confusing feelings over said movie. Since you'll be sitting and shoveling in candy for the majority of the time, go in a comfortable summer dress that shines in its details. A peter pan collar is always sweet, and you can never go wrong with florals. Keep the same philosophy when choosing your accessories, going for interesting sandals (maybe ones with some fringe?), jewel toned hats (to bring out the flowers' colors), and a purse with a fun shape.

  1. New Old Fashion Vintage '50s peter pan collar dress
  2. Zara fringe block heel leather sandals
  3. H&M round shoulder bag
  4. Rag & Bone wide brim wool hat


Whether you're a hardcore IPA type of girl or just dabble with the beer menu when you find yourself on a weekend date, everyone loves a good beer. Discover all the mini breweries your town has by joining in on the craft beer festival, spending an afternoon sampling all the local brews. You might leave tipsy and in need of a burrito afterwards, but there are worse hardships to bare. Go casual and easy to this laid back affair by choosing your favorite red summer dress and pairing it with a classic denim jacket. Keep the rest of the look neutral with unfussy pieces like a beige backpack and simple flatform sandals, and then add a pop of girliness with a wide brimmed straw hat. Because who can resist a detail like that?

  1. Ochre & Bone red poppy dress (only $20!)
  2. Zara denim jacket
  3. Warehouse floppy hat
  4. Forever 21 faux leather flatform sandals
  5. Target crossbody bag (only $22- temporary price cut!)


It's like a block party...that moves. Have the rare treat of seeing all the quirky food trucks in your city in one spot, and join your off-beat vintage stores, local breweries, and neighborhood musicians for a slow afternoon of sampling your way down a never-ending menu and rummaging through vendors' treasures. A fun event deserves a fun dress, so choose your favorite '50s party dress and quirk it up for a modern touch. For example, pair it with open toe booties to give it a millennial feel, and juxtapose the classic shape of the dress with a cheeky printed backpack. Add in cateyes because, hello, cateyes, and wander over to your third cupcake truck of the day.

  1. Deja Vintage Boutique '50s party dress
  2. H&M sandals
  3. Depeapa koala bag
  4. Lulu*s cateye sunglasses


  1. Love the Underground food festival style) So cute!


  2. I love your write-ups for these events! I would love to go to any of the above it sounds super fun. My favourite items are the tent dress and the white shoulder bag - perfect for summer. xx

  3. This is awesome! Love the summer dresses! xx


  4. The second look looks so cool! I need to get bold colors back in my life!

  5. YES! All these outfits are spot on, and I'm so in love with the underground festival and food truck outfits!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  6. Oh so pretty! I'm so glad hats were included in some of these outfits. A hat has a way of just finishing of any outfit....in a good way

  7. Oooh! I want to go on a wine walk. I quite like that dress, and the film festival dress. Very nice choices. Also reminds me that I have NO sandals (what?) and need to fix that asap!


  8. I wish I was wearing the underground film festival look right now. I adore the bag and sandals. Plus wide brim hats are so my thang!


  9. Wow, you have such a talent for fashion. You see outfits in their totality, the way a writer thinks in paragraphs, not sentences. I'm a fashion-novice and find myself attracted to a single item and then wonder how to surround it with complementary pieces. You're so much more advance than I am in understanding this subject. It's useful -- and instructive, even -- to listen to your mind work. I like this post a lot.

  10. Omg there are so many pretty pieces int hese sets, I don't even know ehere to start! You have such a talent for putting together quirky, cute and cool outfits! I want the whole Underground Film Festival look please and also definitely the koala bag! :D

  11. your choice in shoes are spot on for every outfit! I'm a shoe addict, haha.. :)

  12. I absolutely LOVE the concept of this post and how you've put it all together! Plus the outfits are so chic!! The Film Festival one is definitely something I'd like to try out. Love this post sweetie <3
    Love from Dubai,


  13. Love that first red dress!! It's so pretty and it looks versatile too! x

  14. Ok, I can't help but try to figure out the specific events or places you're talking about when you do one of these... is the Dutch-Indonesian place Quay? I've been wanting to try it out, it sounds so good! I only made it to Fat Rice a couple of months ago, and since then I've been craving more places that are a little unique.
    I'm absolutely loving the film festival outfit - that round bag is so perfect! I might have to go to H&M today to try and track it down.

  15. Everything looks sooo amazing! A Wine Walk sounds wonderful by the way, and the Fusion Food Bar outfit is spot on <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. I would love to wear all of these gorgeous looks to all of these occasions. So playful and gorgeous.


  17. Oh my god! I need that koala drawstring purse in my closet like NOW. Actually...I need all these outfits wrapped up in a pretty box and shipped to my house immediately! Your styling is always SO spot on!

    be the plebeian

  18. These edits are amazing! The wine walk and beer festival looks are right up my alley. And not because they're alcohol fuelled events either ;o)


  19. Ooo love that first dress - gorgeous! I have a feeling I'll be in maxis all summer long.

  20. I love that Craft Beer Festival outfit. I found a pair of shoes similar to those at Target. I tried them out because they reminded me of my youth. OMG! I fell back in love with them in a heartbeat.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  21. I love all of these outfits. I would have never thought of wearing a leather vest with a shift dress, but I love it! I also need the 50s party dress in the last outfit. I'm sure I can find a fun event to wear it to.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  22. oh my gosh, I love this series of yours Marlen. I want to play dress-up with you! perfect dresses and the little bags, I especially love the Wine Walk outfit <3

    x Sharon

  23. The Underground Film Festival outfit is so cute!!! I love everything in this post. So inspiring :)

    Have a great day!


  24. Such a stylish red dress for the wine walk and the colour fits the wine theme nicely. Also love the food truck cat's eye sunglasses

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  25. You always find the coolest stuffs! I love all these picks... especially the film festival one and craft beer one.

  26. The 'Duncan Loves Tess' red dress you've suggested for a wine walk is so beautiful, really, it's simply perfect! The ModCloth black sandals are a great suggestion too, I seem to gravitate towards shoes with block heels at the moment :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  27. I love that peter pan collar dress with the yellow florals. I could have used this guide this past weekend when I was out and about for brunching and our local block party! Y'know, I have that hat from jcrew and I love it, but I've been too chicken to wear it...I don't know why. I guess I just need to pair it with something simple! xo


  28. I would wear all of these. All the time. I seriously love this series of yours!

  29. These outfits are all so pretty and I want to wear all of them! The red dress in that first outfit is to die for. Also, can you just style all my outfits, please and thanks ;)


  30. That vintage Peter Pan collar dress is so adorable! I'd love to wear that! Love this post and all of the outfits xo

  31. I want each and every single one of these outfits! ahh

  32. There are some gorgeous picks here, especially that beautiful red dress!

    Maria xxx

  33. Love the underground film festival look!

    Aisling | aisybee.

  34. That whole "Wine Walk" outfit is beautiful and totally up my alley. Love the contrast of the red and the mint blue! xo



  35. I love the film festival and craft beer festival. Sooo cute!

  36. Great outfits, I especially like the second and it is true what tou said, styling in Summer or heat wave isn't exactly the easiest thing :)


  37. I need to find a wine walk and that dress ASAP!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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