Solved: How to Wear Summer Pieces When It's Still Too Cold

May 12, 2015


It's jumpsuit season!...Kinda. I'm in this weird suspicious relationship with Spring where I don't know if she deserves my trust yet or not. I stand inside my room with nothing but my underwear on, peeking through the slats of my blinds with narrowed eyes, not entirely sure if 70 degrees is actually going to feel like 70 degrees today. You've scorned me before, May.

So to compensate, I've been bringing out the summer clothes but proofing them for angry, jealous winds. It's been surprisingly easy.


All you have to do is just add a collar and you're golden. Have a jumpsuit? Pop a collared blouse underneath and you have yourself some warm sleeves. Have a sleeveless dress? Do the same and you have an opportunity to add a pop of color or pattern to the look. Better yet, have a strapless dress? Now you have the chance to feel more covered up and wear it to more casual events, like work or a coffee date. Add in an unexpected statement necklace like this cotton-candy-colored Lonnie Pink Necklace and you have yourself an interesting look. 

So while I may still have to wait to take those sunny picnics under oak trees like the rest of you, at least I'm not having the worst time biding my time! Layers, yo usave us every time.


For more jumpsuit-styling inspiration, continue reading onto:

outfit details
Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters
Blouse: American Apparel
Booties: TJ Maxx
Necklace: c/o Jewelry Habit

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  1. Nice style! haha yeah its too cold can't wait till summer!

  2. You're so good at layering! I love how that button down looks under the jumpsuit, especially because you added a pop of color by adding a necklace under the collar of the shirt. My instinct would have been to wear a sweater over the jumpsuit, but I love this option so much better because it allows you to appreciate the shape of the piece so much more.


  3. This look is so pretty! I always have to plan layering up my outfits.. this weather is just so in-between. It needs to be summer already!

  4. Layering does save my skin on the daily! I actually have a black sun dress that is not too obviously a sundress so I always layer sweaters or long sleeve tees with it in the winter! Helps so much!

    But it's already being too hot here... I want spring! Summer can wait it's turn!

  5. I have yet to find a jumpsuit that works with my strange body type. I'm all torso, and pretty busty, yet lacking a behind. Seriously I'm flattering myself by saying "lacking" because it just isn't there. Rompers and jumpsuits tend to have a diaper effect on me. But... I can admire from a far in hopes one day I find the perfect one.

    I love how versatile your wardrobe is and how you are constantly educating people to step outside their comfort zones. It's quite refreshing since most other fashion bloggers tend to sick to trend and play it "safe." (;

  6. Great post. It's so true that Spring plays games with us temperature-wise. We never know what to expect.

    I *love* jumpsuits but have never found one that fit me. I'm looking avidly but they aren't easy to find. This one is superb and you added great touches.

  7. Rofl, the vision of you standing in your underwear with squinty eyes looking suspiciously outside the window made me spill my beer woman! I'm the same only I go out the balcony, but the balcony is always a scorching oven because it's always sunny so I just stand there and stare at the distance figuring out what the real temperature is!
    I looooove this outfit, the necklace is wonderful! Do I see a change of background? I likey!

  8. this looks wonderful! love the red lipstick!

  9. Oh I love this outfit ;)


  10. You have a beautiful figure and the jumpsuit highlights it. :D This style is so simple, but very well put together. Goldilocks zone for sure! Great necklace!

    - Anna

  11. Oh yes, I add blouses under anything without sleeves. haha This is so cute!

    P.S. I just realized I never got your ad up!

  12. Yes yes yes! You're the Queen of Layering!! Now it's too hot in NYC all of the sudden, so layers will have to wait till fall for me.

  13. Something about this outfit is so sassy and's probably my favorite outfit you've posted. Love it with those boots, too!

  14. Nice:) xx
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  15. You look great! I love this outfit!

  16. I can't tell if I'm being unobservant or if this really is true- but this necklace seems like something a bit different for you? Like, I mostly associate dangly, boho type necklace and this is something really different but at the same time still very you.

    Or maybe you wear this all the time and I'm as blind as a bat.... hard to say!

  17. There's something so cute and dainty about adding a shirt under dresses but this look is so cheeky and pretty! You are, indeed, the queen of layering! I have yet to find a jumpsuit that isn't too big for my short frame but I love the length of yours.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  18. You look so cute!! I've been trying to convince my FI for two years that jumpsuits ARE in - he always laughs at me when I wear mine :P

  19. red lips goes so well with the outfit, I love it. you look gorgeous x

  20. so so cute :)
    kisses in dubai ♥

  21. Love this, your layering skills are unparallelled!

    Maria xxx

  22. I love this look! I don't think I would have the courage to do it, but I simply love it!


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