Words Wednesday: "When Ever Runs Out"

Apr 1, 2015

By Marlen KomarUgly People Beautiful Hearts- my poetry ebook- will be available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon in two weeks!

I'm not really sure how I even come up with my poems. I wrote this one while sitting pretzeled on my couch in my room, looking out the window and thinking about nothing in particular. The sky was trying to decide if it was blue or purple, and that slowly bruising color made me thoughtful. 

Words started to pull my pen down onto paper.

But those moments are one in a hundred- most of the time my head's under a pillow, with me groaning that I should have been an accountant. The struggle, guys.

You can get my poems in one spot in my ebook, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts. To learn more, read about it here, or if you want more poems, visit the sneak peaks here

It's available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and for those of you without Nooks, Kindles, or Nook and Kindle apps, you can get the pdf version here

Thanks for supporting me :) And for those of you who don't want a new book, thank you for taking the time to read my words. It's pretty awesome of you. 


  1. I love your poams! Thanks for sharing-- oh and congrats on the poam book!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  2. this is so beautiful! I love it. You are so talented and thank you for sharing this!


  3. That is such a beautiful poem! I love how thoughtful and imaginative poetry can make us feel

  4. I always enjoy reading these. My kindle took a dump this month so when it's back up and running I plan on purchasing your book. Poetry is very soothing. It really lets my mind rest, something I need way more of. Thank you for sharing these words. (:

  5. You. write. so. beautifully! Ok, ok, I know I say this every time you post your writing but seriously, don't become an accountant because you need to keep writing ;)

  6. What wouldn't I give to be as talented with words as you are. I have all these thoughts bottled up in my brain, but as soon as I try to put pen on paper it's all gone....so frustrating. Well I guess some of us are born creatives, and others...well...born accountants :D

    Jasmin xx

  7. You are so artistic! I love this kind of art, and I always liked to write short stories. You are so talented!
    Have a nice Easter dear, I hope Bunny will surprise you ;)
    xx, Flora

  8. omg!! this is beautiful!! i saw some of your work in IG and they're really amazing! :D

    Have a great Easter weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  9. Wish i could write like you. This is so beautiful keep it up!

  10. This is my favorite piece I've read of yours so far. It's so easy to visualize. I don't mind the heartbreak I feel reading this :) Lovely!

  11. This is my favorite piece I've read of yours so far. It's so easy to visualize. I don't mind the heartbreak I feel reading this :) Lovely!



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