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Apr 29, 2015

Forgo the usual cup of coffee and try something a little different. Go to a small sixteen-seater Asian Tea House and busy yourself with the wall-to-ceiling selection of tea tins. Maybe you're in a spiced orange and almond type of mood? Or maybe you have a yen for blackcurrent? Whatever your tastes, you'll look wonderfully chic in your minimal-with-a-twist look. Take a vintage polka dot skirt and pair it with a white blouse to give yourself a neutral base. Then have fun with the accessories by choosing a handmade leather bucket bag and clunky flatform sandals to give your look an urban feel. Add in a straw hat for some sweetness and you have your perfect Wednesday outfit.

  1. Bottle Blonde Vintage polka dot midi skirt (only $30!)
  2. Warehouse piped detail blouse
  3. Brixton tan Dixie hat
  4. Zac Posen everyday backpack
  5. LaLisette leather bucket bag
  6. Zara ankle strap sandals

You've been lusting all season long over chunky knit scarves and those cute crochet animal mounts, and have decided that- enough's enough- you're going to learn how to make them. Grab a friend, a bottle of wine, and your determination and head to the crochet workshop, where skilled ladies will teach you just what to do with those intimidating hooks and needles. Since it might get a skosh stressful in the beginning (learning curves always are) dress comfy so at least your pants don't add to your frayed nerves. Go with a simple vintage jumpsuit, and pop a minimalist striped tee underneath for an unfussy look. Give it some interest with cage sandals, and then keep it polished with a square tassel bag and a wide brimmed hat.


Grab your mint julep and act the part of the southern belle at a friend's derby day soiree. Men will come in pastel colored bow ties and girls in wide hats and floral dresses, and you're not one to miss out on a good dress opportunity. Opt for femininity and choose a vintage floral shift dress with pops of yellow and red. Keep the happy number looking classy by washing it with white, pairing it with a white circle purse cross-body bag, cut-out sandals, and a two-tone floppy hat. Now, how much are we putting down on horse number four?

  1. Duncan Loves Tess Vintage floral mini dress
  2. Forever 21 zippered peep toe sandals
  3. H&M round shoulder bag
  4. H&M wool hat

Order a peach brandy and get yourself ready for tonight's four-course seafood dinner. Debate whether you should get the scallops with bleu cheese polenta and pickled peppers, or the octopus with cherry mostarda and sweet garlic puree as you already dream what your next cocktail should be. With your best friend as your date, the two look like quite the dashing pair in your fancy duds. Opt to look understated but classic with a vintage dress in an old-Hollywood shape. Give the frock a modern touch by pairing it with a structured duster vest, and tie the look together by accenting it with heavy sandals and a palm-leaf clutch.

  1. New Old Fashion Vintage linen dress
  2. Warehouse sleeveless quilted jacket
  3. Warehouse palm print pouch
  4. H&M sandals


  1. Four fantastic looks here, I love your little scenarios to go with them too! I particularly love that leather bag for outfit 1, and that vintagr floral dress is a dream!


  2. I love this "What to Wear.." post! For me, one of the most fun things about trying out new things or visiting new places is imagining ways to dress up for that specific occasion. My favorite outfits from this set are the "Crochet 101" and "Derby Day" ensembles. I love the fun floral print and 60s Mod vibe of the floral dress, and I've also been thinking of investing in a nice pair of overalls.


  3. I love you blog and the posts like this. You're so inspirating ♥
    xx, Flora

  4. All of these are super cute, but I must say that Dinner date is my favourite, that coat is amazing!
    Em x

  5. LOVE all these looks...but especially loving the Group Class look. The wide brim hat and structured tassel bag is perfection.


  6. Every time I read one of these posts, I want to go to all of the imaginary parties and dinners you describe - I just love the worlds you imagine! And the outfits are great too, of course ;)

  7. *Sigh* I always love these posts. So dreamy- both the clothes and the event.

  8. I love the derby day look!!! How cute!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  9. Ooh, the tea room back and skirt are perfect! *Steals them and rushes to nearest tea room* :)



  10. Lovely ensembles. I want that Derby Day dress hanging in my wardrobe, those cream booties on my feet right now and that white bottle blonde vintage blouse hanging off my shoulders. BTW I love the subscription message that pops up when you come here. I love it because you use the word "boo" and NOT "bae". I HATE the latter hahahaha! (And wanted to share that sentiment with you)


  11. I LOVE that vintage floral dress you picked out for "Derby Day"!
    So nice to see some vintage instead of Lilly Pulitzer!


  12. I love the different occasions you always come up with! I totally agree on the Asian Tea Room look because here in Australia are so many Asians and their fashion is lovely. I always see many girls in maxi skirts and dresses and with these hats :)

  13. Amazing choices, inspiring as always!
    I bought your book, but have not read through it yet. I do enjoy the poetry you send though - thank you for it! One of the latest ones, about the people we surround ourselves with, truly resonated with me.
    I start a new link-up this month - for us, writers! Do hope to see you there, my dear! Read more here - http://inthewriterscloset.blogspot.com/2015/05/crazy-just-might-work-i-am-writer.html

  14. great ideas, and you got me daydreaming :) love all the outfits x

  15. I love that vintage floral dress

  16. Ahhhh I want all of those bags!! Second look is my fave. :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  17. The dress in the last photo is so stylish!


  18. Ahhhhhh I love this post! the gal I want to be must wear one of those stellar outfits!
    bella xx

  19. I want to go all these places and wear all these cute things! Especially the Asian tea room--that sounds like fun and I LOVE that pretty skirt and awesome bag.
    Shea Lennon


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