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Mar 14, 2015


Now that it's warm out (yayaya!) put on your favorite smock dress and floppy hat and take a trolley tour of your city. Sit on the wooden seats and look outside the open windows, taking in the familiar blocks and buildings with tourist eyes. Notice coffee shops you haven't been to before, and take note of new bistros you want to eat cakes and drink wine in. But since we are still in March, bring an extra layer along in the form of a khaki coat to bundle up once the sun goes down. To keep the outfit from looking too heavy with the long and baggy lengths, try pairing it with clunky open-toe sandals and a a clean-lined, structured backpack. 

  1. Lucy Blue Vintage peasant smock dress
  2. Zara khaki coat
  3. Dr. Marten's leather sandals
  4. Zac Poen everyday backpack
  5. Topshop wide brim fedora
  6. Timex easy reader women's watch


Go a different route your Saturday night, and instead of going to a bar to sing songs go to a bar to act lines. You'll still act a fool as per usual, just this time around you can lip-sync with Arnold as he tears down the door in Terminator, or spin in circles with Elsa as she let's it all go. Look cute as you take that tequila shot for courage in a pleated vintage skirt, dressed down with a spring-ready crop top. Add some elegance to the look with a structured duster vest, and then bring back that underlining casual-factor with thick-strapped sandals. Now the only thing left is to choose whether to go with Beetlejuice or Mean Girls.

  1. New Old Fashion Vintage pleated skirt
  2. Mango striped blouse
  3. Zara wide strap leather sandal
  4. Topshop sleeveless jacket 
  5. Illesteva mirrored sunglasses


If you're in the Midwest like me, you might be jonesing for sunshine and beach vibes right about now. While you can't really do much about the occasional cold front that's stubbornly lingering, you can at least channel your inner Golden State by going out for a California inspired meal. Get your scallops with sunflower shoots, your rabbit with almonds, and cap it all off with sweet white wine. Look the part by wearing your best vintage sunflower dress, and accent the crisp colors by pairing it with a powder blue cotton jacket and round purse. Now, should we split the key lime pie or will you be getting your own?

  1. Duncan Loves Tess Vintage floral dress
  2. H&M cotton twill jacket
  3. Topshop snake coin purse
  4. Zara elastic ankle boots


Sometimes a simple jelly donut just will not do. Put on a demure vintage dress and vamp it up with berry red lipsticks and hardware purses, and head to that one bakery that specializes in playful flavors. Like Dulce de Leche with sea salt sprinkles, or Lavender Tea with mint jelly. While you battle with the urge to buy a dozen just for yourself, round off your look with an unexpected touch, like a suede fringe jacket. The color will complement the dark hues of the outfit, but the contrasting style will help add some creativity to the sweet style.

  1. Jessamity floral day dress
  2. Zara suede fringe jacket
  3. Duncan Loves Tess black suede shoes
  4. Topshop belt plate clutch
  5. Bobbi Brown black berry

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  1. Not only do I think all of these ensembles are great, I think all of your activity ideas are BALLER. Movieoke? I have never heard of that but I am SO ON BOARD. And I don't think I've ever taken a trolley through my city, but that sounds super fun too! Such great ideas for the warm weather!

  2. Ooh, that California Dining floral dress- yes, please! Love all the touches of Spring in this post, Marlen :)



  3. Ha! What fun outfits and great ideas. We even have a trolley tour and I've never been on it. Think I'll have to wait a few months before it starts up though; it only runs in the summer (tourist season).

  4. As always I love these posts. I'm already pining after the open toe sandals in the first look - it's a shame they're so expensive! A movieoke night sounds like so much fun. I would definitely pick Mean Girls over Beetlejuice any day, it would be so fetch :)

    Cats In Crop Tops

  5. I love the 2nd look the most.
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. YES to all these looks! I'm especially loving the first one; you can't go wrong with floppy hats and structured backpacks. Also... now I kind of want some donuts.

  7. Amazing collections and beautiful colors too. I love the round purse the most , looks so cute. Thanks for sharing , COOL!!!



  8. It's actually 70 degrees here! I'm not complaining, but it makes me worry what summer will be like. Either way, I can only wear an outfit like trolley tour for a few more weeks. :/


  9. I want all these outfits... especially the Bar outfit. Yes indeed!

  10. I love the skirt and top from the second outfit <3 I need that skirt

  11. I'll take one of everything, thank you.


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