One Outfit That'll Make You Want to Give an Old Dress a Second Shot

Mar 31, 2015


I'm sure the rest of you are feeling what I'm feeling right about now. For those of us stuck in non-popsicle-warranting weather, we open our closet doors in the morning and immediately- calmly- reach for a pillow to scream into. For the love of God, please: No. More. Sweaters. 

I can't handle looking at those same old pieces anymore; I'm completely tapped out. I pick up a cardigan and- with closed eyes and a sigh- throw it back into the growing rejection heap on my shelf. I've got nothing left to give. I'm about to turn to sweatpants, because at this point, who even cares.

That is, until this one brilliant idea came to me.


Ready for it? There has to be a few pieces in there that I haven't really worn all season long. A couple of neglected dresses or forgotten pairs of pants, perhaps? Why don't I take a moment to figure out how to wear those today, and leave the favorites (and worn to death) items on the back burner for a bit.

It was so simple, but most genius ideas are. And that simple decision has led me to this gem of an outfit. The sheer vintage dress has always been a favorite of mine, but I have found only one other way to wear it so far: with a denim vest. Not being too keen on repeating looks, I've left it in the back of my wardrobe, slightly sort of forgetting about it. But when I made the conscious decision to roll up my sleeves and figure out a way to wear it, good, good things happened.


I knew that I didn't want to go the denim route again, because that would be too similar to the last look. And a cargo jacket was too obvious, so I nixed that option right in the beginning. I had a few blazers handy, but I was never one too keen on wearing those things. But when my eyes landed on the crushed velvet one...well, I had a flash of Anthropology-like inspiration. What if I took the blazer, and paired it with another textured piece- like a wooly shrug? Then I'd cinch it with a tassel belt at the waist, to level out the heavy shoulders and drag the eye downward. 

The result had me spinning in my room with my arms flung out, a la Julie Andrews on the Austrian Alps. 
That is, until it's tomorrow and I have to do it all over again....

Spring, please come quick. Baby girl can't hold out much longer.


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outfit details
Dress: Hey Viv! Vintage (vintage similar: here, here, here)
Blazer: Ellen Face Vintage (store similar: here)
Shrug: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Mom's closet (store similar: here)
Booties: TJ Maxx 
Purse: Thrifted (vintage similar: here)
 photo divider_zps9a1dedc9.jpg


  1. Velvet makes everything seem cozier and warmer! Especially in this great color. Spring seems to have gotten lost on its way. But hey, at least you get to bare your legs! I'm still in black tights *long and loud sigh*

  2. Ah perfecto! All these pieces together really tie in with the 70's trend that is coming back around too!

  3. Everything about this coat is just perfect!! You look amazing!

  4. This is gorgeous. I love all of it and it's brilliant together! Hope Spring arrives for you soon; it's taking it's sweet time here in PA too!

  5. I really need to go through my closet and do this! There are so many pieces that I'm bored with and all I need to do is mix up how I'm wearing them.

  6. Love that dress! Love it with the vest and love it here, plus you've brought back the happiest shrug in the world. With the jacket, you can't really tell that it's sheer, and it honestly looks like a different dress. The belt is also perfect; you must have a stylin' mama!

  7. Your coat is so amazing! I love the collar

  8. Super cute outfit. I love your black purse a lot!

  9. you have a very interesting and unique style!

  10. that is an awesome jacket! I can see you wearing this from day to night no problem :)

  11. I understand you to the fullest. I'm literally like "well hi beautiful spring/ summer dresses, looks like I'll be neglecting you for yet another day." "Sweater, we meet again." -Conversation I have with my clothes each morning.

    It's get ridiculous. The fact that I had to find my snow scrapper this morning to chisel some frost off my windows had me on the brink of tears. All while my one year old stared at me in her fuzzy bear hat. Feels like Spring will never come and I've given up on the forecast. I love that you were able to find something that made you feel Sound of Music esc. I wish I felt like that. I did treat myself to some new floral tops to try and add some color under all my cardigans and sweaters. Fingers crossed we get Spring this month.

  12. Such a lovely outfit Marlen. The shrug looks amazing paired with your coat... stunning look :)


  13. This coat is just everything. Loving each of your fashion posts so much!

    Circus & Bloom

  14. I WISH I could wear sweaters. San Diego was the worst at having a winter. Loving this eclectic look.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  15. I just love your writing! How you feel right now is how I feel come summer. I'm so over the same old shorts and tee combo and am longing for a "chilly" day to do some layering. So I totally get it. Love how you paired these pieces together to create a completely different look. That jacket is gorgeous!

    Clothes & Quotes

  16. Oh this has inspired me to dig out clothes that I've not worn all season, as I'm very much like you, I just want the weather to be a little warmer. It's raining and still cold here so we're all still bundled up in coats, so wearing something that I've not worn in a while might help lift my spirits. I love the woolly shrug with the jacket, I thought it was all one piece for a minute!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  17. I really love this outfit, absolutely gorgeous and I honestly wouldn't pick it out usually but seeing the way you pull it off makes me envious! <3 x

    stop by my blog if you're interested xx

  18. I love how this turned out! I can totally see the Anthro inspiration, but I think this is a bit more eclectic! I'm not a big fan of blazers either, but they really are so functional (I just bought a black velvet one on sale at Nasty Gal). I LOVE the color of yours. Camel colors have got me crazy this season! The belt is super cool, too! I've snatched a lot of cool belts from my Mom's closet as well haha

    Hope the weather warms up for you soon! We're just getting into Fall now and I'm personally happy to say goodbye to summer!

  19. I do love that you always try to make things that you thought wouldn't work work.

  20. This outfit literally made me squeal! What a fantastic way to layer. This has me thinking about how I can put my big fur collar over almost anything.

  21. If only I didn't know exactly how you're feeling. The last few days have been absolutely bonkers in Germany. Snow, hail, rain, sun, hurricane force winds...everything in a matter of hours....and then the obvious question: What does one wear to survive this horrible April weather? I, too, decided to finally shun the worn out winter pieces and step up my layer game. Yours is super strong btw. You're wearing such an unlikely combination, but it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Jasmin xx

  22. Don't you love that feeling?!! I've twirled many a time over the perfect outfit and this one is fabulous!! Agreed on the Anthro vibe. Gosh, could live at that store. Happiest weekend loves!! xo

  23. This look is SO good. I love that shrug and how it can give a velvet blazer the look of the dream coat belonging to a musician in the 70s. Beautiful dress too- you should be wearing that all the time ;)

  24. That mixed pattern dress fills my vision. It's what dreams are made of. Oh and *of course* it's vintage. Haha. I love that it's missing buttons and you're like whatevs. Respect. I often wear clothing that has little holes, missing buttons, etc. Make no mistake. I'm not maverick. Just lazy. Heh. I can't sew to save my life. Haha. Anyway, little imperfections like that add character. That dress has so much personality. I love it just the way it is. <3

    - Anna

  25. That shrug/blazer combo is genius.


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