Layering 101: 8 Ways to Move Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Mar 24, 2015

Can we take a moment and talk about how the puffer coats have been thrown back into the basement?! We're half way through March and it's time to start thinking about which popsicle-colored dresses we want to wear and what sort of sandals will be making their way back into our rotation. But while most days are warm and full of patio-drinking promise, the wind still has a habit of sneaking up on us and our bare arms when we least expect it. So to help you navigate this weird spring-but-not-spring territory, here are 8 layering tips on how to dress for spring...when it's still kind of (but not really) winter:



For more layering inspiration, click over to the sources: 

PS: For more layering ideas, why don't you read:

Let's discuss: what's your favorite way to stay warm but still Springy?


  1. Loving all of the layering inspiration. I'm always into throwing on more layers to create a more interesting look.

    Something About That

  2. Layering is a tough one for me-- so I'm loving this guide!
    Melanie @

  3. One and two for me please. :3

  4. Oooh you're always killing me with these beautiful inspiration posts! 2 and 8 are my favourites, so effortlessly chic! <3

  5. I love all these tips of yours! The first is my favorite I think. I love a good striped shirt but it can be extreme redundant and boring these days (everyone does it). This makes it unique and interesting! Great tips and beautiful layout with the designs.

  6. These are fabulous tips! I'm very into #3, layering dresses, because it's a tip I tried out back in the fall so why not bring it back for spring? Thanks for putting this guide together!

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  7. I love the idea of pairing a mini dress with a longer shirtdresses!
    So excited for the warmer weather!


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