Tips for Dressing Up When It's Not Quite Spring, Not Quite Winter

Mar 16, 2015



We are now in that time, folks. Where it feels a little funny wearing your peacoat, but not quite that time to wear flippy-hemmed dresses. Bare legs still get incredulous looks ("my, aren't we excited for spring?") but you end up with a sweat 'stache if you try to walk to work in a hat and blanket scarf. It seems like there's no winning when toeing such in-between weather.

I, however, love this gray area.

You get a free pass to sample a little bit of everything right now. It's still technically winter so you can get away with a cable-knit and wool, but if you're feeling like a good popsicle shade the next day, you can switch gears and zip up a skirt in a bright citrus or electric red. There are no laws in this land!

The key is is, though, to balance just the right amount of layers. You can't go all-in summer or you'll look to eager, but you can't be fully committed to winter or else you'll look like you can't let go. It's a delicate dance.


I don't know how warm it is over by you, but in Chicago we're starting to get days that tease us with spring promises, but then take it all away with a hard slap of wind. So my strategy is to pretty much dress winter-esque sans the outerwear. Here I took heavy winter colors and juxtaposed them against softer, airier hues. I took a dark green cable-knit and paired it against high waisted gray pants to lighten up the color palette, and then topped it off with a statement shrug. I like how the shrug has a very cozy, winter element to it, but the color brings it back to toeing the line with spring. 

While this might be a tad too warm in a couple of weeks, the cable-knit + high waist pants combo is just right for now. For those of you that don't have a shrug like this, a fur collar or a summer scarf tied close to the throat would work just as great!


Let's discuss: What tricks are you using to slowly push your winter wear towards spring?

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outfit details
SWEATER: thrifted (vintage similar: here)
PANTS: thrifted
SHRUG: Urban Outfitters
BELT: Calvin Klein (thrifted)

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  1. We're definitley feeling pretty warm over here in Vancouver, well most days. But the rest are mild and I don't think we've had more than a day of snow this year. Don't mind, don't mind at all! ;) And my gosh, do I love those pants!! They look incredibly darling on you and have the most perfect retro influence. Happiest new week to you loves!! xo

  2. PS - Still can't get over how rad the new site looks!!!

  3. Love the high waisted pants! I transition slowly by switching the fur collars on my winter coats to the Russian shawls on the lighter spring jackets. Can't wait for the really warm weather!

  4. I LOL'd at your sweat 'stache reference - totally me this morning wearing a coat and running to the bus. If only I had ditched my outerwear for a shrug this cute!

  5. Here in Vermont the wind has been killer! We had a few hints of spring, but the last few days have been bitter cold. I'm transitioning by removing some of the layers under my outerwear. With weather in the -20's I had been wearing sweaters and a jacket under my coat, but now I'm just down to a sweater and a coat. Now if the wind could just go away...

    P.S. That shrug is incredible.

  6. this is great! I was just thinking of how I'd incorporate fun outfits that weren't quite cold enough for winter but not yet warm enough for spring. you nailed it!

    C's Evolution of Style

  7. Cute outfit!! The detailing on that sweater is really quirky and fun.

    I also happen to love trouser pants like those. They're a good "transition" item to have on hand.

    I tend to make changes with how I accessorize at this time of tossing the heavy scarves for some fun brights!


    Something About That

  8. My hardest thing right now as I get dressed every morning. I really sticking to the layer though. You never know what you'll get!

  9. I have to be honest, I have jumped in head first. All the pastels; all the bare legs; no outerwear unless I'm absolutely sure I won't be ok without it. But I have been really into chunkier light colored sweaters - bright green, lilac, cream - with something that's more obviously springy, like a gingham dress.

  10. It's all about color for me - I feel like I start craving florals and candy colors around this time to invoke spring, even when it's still snowy everywhere I look.

  11. Wowwww I love those shoulders. So intense. Lovin' it.
    Girl, there is snow on the ground. That's not spring. Sadly California is not slowly pushing us toward spring. It's basically summer already. I wore a strapless dress all day today. I wish I had a little of your sweater weather.


  12. Great tips!
    Right now where I am from the weather is having a hard time being consistent!
    It's never just sunny and warm, it has to be sunny and cold!
    Love your style, you always know how to dress so "vintage"!
    The lip colour looks lovely!

  13. It's still a bit too cold here to go without outerwear, but I'm transitioning away from my winter boots - mostly because the layer of snow is gone! Also trying out some spring-y floral patterns paired with my all-black ensembles hehe. Great post! I love the way you describe this time of year.

  14. Girl, I love this outfit! The mix of wool and knit is perfect for time of year. Toronto has been teasing us with Spring lately too... I'm so ready! xo


  15. I wish I looked this put together when transitioning seasons! That sweater with the shrug over top is the best thing I've seen on the internet in a long time!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  16. I love your quirky shaggy shrug! Clearly you can pull anything off.

    My "trick" is just wearing lots of layers that can be taken off when needed. It's all about being flexible with the changing temperature!

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  17. That shrug is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! I totally want one!!!! I'm obsessed with this outfit!


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