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Feb 9, 2015


Why don't you mix it up a bit this week and instead of going for some evening martinis, go for some evening hot chocolates. Replace your gin with some fudge and homemade marshmallows, and make sure to order souffle tarts on the side. As for what to wear, go for casual with a twist by donning a cheerful day dress with a fringed jacket. Add some polish to the southwestern vibe by keeping your clutch and booties sharp, and add some more neutral color to tie the look together with a blush two-tone hat. 

  1. Jessamity 1950's day dress
  2. Glad Rags Etc southwest jacket
  3. Zara pointy high heeled boots
  4. Mango flap cross body bag
  5. MuDu London two-tone hat
  6. Ray-Ban half frame sunglasses


Just because there may or may not be snow on the ground doesn't mean you can't get your apples fresh. Head indoors and wander the vendors' booths, smelling the greens and trying not too act too disappointed it's not strawberry season yet. While berries are still in your distant future, at least you have ample opportunity to make friends with some plaid shirt wearing individuals and swap tips on how to best prepare your pickings for dinner that night. Even though you're indoors it's still nippy outside, so make a statement with your outerwear by going with a vintage tapestry coat. Going off the sweet and feminine vibe, celebrate February by wearing a pink two-piece, popping a peter pan collared blouse underneath as a warm layer. Tie the look together with a cheeky mini beret and a structured satchel, balancing just the right amount of vintage and girliness. 

  1. Bottle Blonde Vintage tapestry coat 
  2. Zara pleated skirt
  3. Zara top with crossover back
  4. Zara contrast collar
  5. Leah C. Couture mini beret camel
  6. Asos quilted backpack


Give your Grubhub account a rest tonight and go somewhere fun. Are you in the mood for Chimichurri sauce, red wine, and grilled steak? Me too. Let's get out of our post-work sweatpants and head down to the new Argentine restaurant in the neighborhood, where we can bring in our own wine and enjoy some mango flan as we catch up about our week. This would be a great time to bust out that floor length bohemian dress you have, and dress it up for the winter weather by shrugging on a fur trimmed vest. Balance out the look by pairing it with a structured city bag and leather booties, and add a touch of fun with a braided rope necklace. Now, it it your turn to pay, or mine?

  1. Barnaby Jack Vintage black embroidery maxi dress (only $38!)
  2. Barnaby Jack Vintage suede and fur trim vest (only $32!)
  3. Zara leather bootie with ankle straps
  4. Zara office city bag
  5. Zara rope necklace (only $19!)
  6. Ray-Ban sunglasses


Does your special someone joke that your idea of a home cooked meal is pouring some water over ramen? Well, you'll show them. Next time they come over blow them away with a full blown, three-course Italian meal- candles and music and all. And to ensure that you don't send them out the door with a kiss and food poisoning, take that fun pasta making class that you've been meaning to try. Get flour on your hands and learn how to properly cut a noodle, which is much harder than you originally thought. Dress fun for the occasion, dressing down your sleeveless cocktail dress by popping a leaf print blouse underneath and pairing it with a cobalt blue bag. The bright colors are subtle but playful, and then amp up the quirkiness with a cat ear beret. Don't worry, the aprons will keep the rogue flour away!

  1. Height of Vintage 1950's cocktail dress
  2. Zara leaf print top
  3. Eugenia Kim Caterina beret with cat ears 
  4. Duncan Loves Tess suede mary janes
  5. Mango buckle suede bag

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  1. you put together the cutest/coolest outfits. you've seriously got such cool & individual style, i love it. & you're great at coming up with places to wear each outfit to :)

  2. I say this as someone who lives where they would wear those Davy Crocket type jackets all the time and without irony (but maybe some rather offensive bumper stickers on their trucks), but..... I still adore that first outfit. You manage to make that jacket chic and hip.

  3. All of these looks are perfectly constructed.And I seriously need those zara boots from the hot chocolate cafe look!

    prosecco in the park

  4. That jacket in the first one is loveeeeeeely!

    Also love the Argentine dinner outfit - That dress is so fantastic!

  5. Can I have all those items? They are just perfect ;)


  6. I'm loving the dress in the cafe outfit! It's so pretty!

  7. I'm drooling over that cocktail dress. <3

  8. LOVE all the 70's esque pieces especially that suede jacket on the first one! A Hot chocolate cafe sounds so perfect right now!


  9. I just love this feature of your blog - you always put together some awesome looks! Case in point: I want to live in outfit number one.

  10. I love this last outfit the most! That hat is so cute!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  11. The outfits you put together are always so perfect!!! The cafe outfit is so well put together!

    be the plebeian

  12. Ah, the pasta making class look- perfection! Love the silhouette of that vintage dress and anything with cat ears and I'm there ;)



  13. I want to go to all of these things... Hot chocolate cafes? I need that in my life.


  14. The dinner outfit and the dress are so fabulous, I want to jump right into them now and go out to eat!


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