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Feb 2, 2015

Have no idea what you're ordering at a bar half the time and feel silly about it? Yea, me too. As long as it's pink and has some sort of fruit bobbing around in there, I'm good. But what if you're hosting a house party and someone asks you for a diquiri, or an old fashioned? Would it be socially acceptable to go to the bathroom and climb out the window? I mean, I'd say yes, but probably not. So put on your favorite vintage dress for moral support, pop on a turtleneck and mohair sweater to dress it down, and go take a cocktail class to cross over into adulthood. Keep the soft colors in the outfit going by shrugging on a suede light brown motto jacket, and choose a structured blush tone bag to add some polish. To change the mood to playful, add in some pattern mixing by choosing something leopard printed to go on your feet. Now, can you make me a Manhattan, or have you not gotten that far yet?

  1. Deja Vintage Boutique blue chiffon dress
  2. Mango mohair blend sweater
  3. H&M turtleneck sweatshirt (only $17!)
  4. Mango biker jacket
  5. Topshop  leopard Klipper slippers
  6. Mango pebbled tote bag


We might all be anxiously awaiting spring, but as long as there's snow on the ground a good bottle of glogg is fair game. Put on your favorite soft hued vintage dress and head down to the Swedish neighborhood in your city for a round of glogg and gingerbread men. The pine trees may be down and the red bows put away, but a good ginger snap defies the laws of seasons. Channel your anxiety for spring by pairing pastel colors with your dress, opting for a soft lilac shade for your coat and a powdery brown hue for your pompom hat. Round off the look with some gold-tipped bluchers and enjoy how warm and spicy the wine goes down. Moments like these, you almost don't mind that it's winter. Almost. 

  1. Thrifty Vintage Kitten 1940's dress
  2. Land's End fur pom beanie
  3. Zara metal detail velvet bluchers
  4. Warby Parker Ormbsby sunglasses in English oak
  5. J Crew lady day coat

Sometimes a girl wants to put on a sassy pompom beret, slick on some red lipstick, and enjoy an evening of oysters and Manhattans with a good friend during the weekday. Perch your pretty self right at the bar so you can watch them shuck the oysters and ask impressive questions like what bay did that particular plate come from. Go for a clean but playful look by pairing classic pieces together and accenting them with bold accessories. Pair your tartan trousers with an elegant pussybow blouse, but liven up the look by adding glitter to your feet and keeping a leopard cape on hand. The look is still understated, but with some wow factor. Now keep an eye on your plate before your friend eats all the oysters. Another Manhattan, please!
  1. Little Miss Vintage 3 leopard cape coat
  2. H&M blouse with bow (only $29!)
  3. Zara checked legging style trousers
  4. Ebay glitter heels

Your friend finally moved from that hole in the wall right next to the rumbling train, and to celebrate she's throwing an apartment warming party in her new, airy space! Pick up some sunflowers as a hostess gift and head over to her neighborhood to toast with her new, stemless wine glasses. My, you change one thing and everything else just falls into place, doesn't it? For your look, go for casual but sophisticated by choosing sharp pieces and toning them down with laid-back elements. For example, go with a body-forming tartan pencil skirt and then cozy it up with a pompom fisherman sweater. To balance out the sweater, choose your sleekest booties and leather strapped watch, but then bring the outfit back down by pairing it with a colorblock cap and structured tote. Now you're just the right amount of fancy and casual. I wonder if she's going to have a cheese platter out? 

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  1. great outfit suggestions.


  2. I've never even heard of a cocktail class before, but you pretty much described me perfectly! So clearly that's something I need to do.

    These are all such gorgeous combinations. Happy Monday!

    xx Kathryn

  3. i love all of these! that green dress is so pretty and both of the last two outfits are perfection. also, can we talk about how much i want to take a cocktail class now, haha? xx

  4. I love the dress in the first one, it's so pretty!


  5. All such gorgeous outfits! I'd love to go to a cocktail making class - wouldn't it just be so fun?! xxx

  6. What a fun post! Your looks all match the scenarios perfectly. I'm definitely partial to the oyster bar look and the apt. warming outfit. Hope you had a nice weekend!

    Clothes & Quotes

  7. These are brilliant. I'm not a bar goer myself. I know I like wine and the occasional Long Island iced tea, but that can be a little scary depending on how that particular bar concocts it. Always safe, and classy, to stick with wine. (;

  8. Hahaha, too true to climbing out the window! I just recently turned 21, so I'm still kind of figuring out what I want 'my drink' to be, so I can bypass some of that awkwardness.

    Just found your blog through a recommendation and I love all these outfits! Particularly 'party' and 'apt. warming.' Very cool.

  9. I've gotta say I love your idea of a party outfit. "NO GLITTERY MINIS HERE, NERDS," Marlen shouts from her mountaintop, flailing her arms about like an untamed dragon as she spits fire and eloquent words.

    Haven't commented in forever. I always comment that because I always wait like a month in-between to comment because SCHOOL.

    I love you.
    My fire breathing dragon lady lass.

  10. My two favorites ones are the cocktail class and apartment warming outfits!! Love them so much!

  11. I am in love with outfit for warming party:)

    INSTAGRAM - hellodashi

  12. Oooh that skirt in the first set! That dress in the second one! You simply have such a good taste and such a talent to put together these elegant looks! Always with a vintage touch too! Love it :)

  13. Ooh, that leopard cape and plaid pencil skirt- yes, please! ox



  14. Glogg! I had it at Simon's up in Andersonville just before Christmas. It was my first time, and it's really tasty! I think what I like most is how social it is to come in from the cold and have a nice warm cup of the stuff with everyone. You could tell who had gotten it because they were the ones with the cookies in their hands.
    I'm loving the oyster bar outfit. That leopard cape is just to die for.

  15. LOVE the 3rd outfit!! Totally something I would wear.
    That leopard coat is so cute. I've been looking for a nice leopard jacket!

  16. These are great looks! I think the last look is my favorite!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  17. I enjoy your creative "What to wear to" posts...it's refreshing from the standard "what to wear when going out" stuff. Also, I definitely walk up to bars all the time and ask for "something fruity and tasty".


  18. That apartment warming outfit though *drool*
    Haha, and Ali's comment wins for the night xD
    It's true though, your party outfit tops any other creation, because it's original, classy, and still fun without a single glittery mini in sight!
    Also, cocktail classes?? I need to find one in my area! I hate feeling like an idiot about drinks, I'd love to be the girl who knows what she wants and what's in it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  19. Love the lady day coat from J Crew! Definitely one of my favorite coats.

    Jemily Life

  20. OMG the Oyster Bar look. And the APT Warming outfit. Love, love, love! These are such fab ideas!!


  21. I feel like I should know this but what is a glogg??
    The coat for the occasion is glorious so it must be good! x

  22. Cute outfit ideas! I especially love the color palette of the party one and the pieces. That pink coat is super cute. Love the casual and quirky apt warming outfit too.. the baseball cap really adds to it :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  23. I've just discovered your blog and I am in love with this series!
    Such fun ideas and this particular outfit makes me want to go to a housewarming now! Haha




  24. Love your outfit ideas! Thanks so much for featuring my vintage '40s dress! <3


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