The One Piece That'll Make You Excited About Winter Looks Again

Feb 15, 2015


Who's getting bored of their winter wardrobe, raise your hands. Oh, everybody? I'm glad I'm not alone. Trapped in a sea of cable-knits and puffer jackets, I've entered that stage in the winter cycle where I just can't handle putting on one more carbon copy of an outfit. As different as a dress or a shirt may be, it's still being plugged and chugged into the same formula. Sweater on top of dress. Check. Turtleneck tucked into skirt. Check. Infinity scarf on top of dress. Check. Pompom beanie with pinafore. Check. Marlen's eyes roll back with boredom. Check.

Which is no wonder that yesterday I took a little venture to the far left side of my closet, where my jumpsuits and overalls were hanging. Dare I?, I asked, eyeing the denim a tad doubtfully. But it's February, how will I get away with this?, I countered, not really listening as I was already taking it off the hanger.

It turns out, it's a lot easier than expected.


Really, all I needed were two things: a collared shirt and a light outerwear layer. I always thought that a pussybow blouse with a pair of overalls was a charming combo, and I liked that it made you look a tad more covered up and winter-appropriate because of its high neckline. As for the outer layer, I have a lot of thin, cotton-like jackets on reserve, so I shrugged one on for some extra warmth for when I took off my winter jacket. The thin, shirt-like material helped it not look like I decided to wear five jackets that day, but a thick wool or knit cardigan would work perfectly here, too. Then I added in a structured bag and some sleek booties to polish off the look and stepped back from the mirror with a sigh of relief.

Finally, an outfit in January that broke the mold.

The next thing I'm going to try with these overalls? Popping a fishermen sweater underneath for a laid-back, casual look. Inspiration, it's great to have you back.


PS: Want more inspiration on how to wear overalls? Why don't you read:

outfit details
OVERALLS: H&M (store similar: here, here, here)
BLOUSE: Urban Outfitters (store similar: here)
JACKET: Thrifted (vintage similar: here, here
BOOTIES: Ralph Lauren
PURSE: Thrifted (vintage similar: herehere, here)
LIPSTICK: Revlon Cherry Bomb

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  1. You can always get away with everything , you create miracles with your fabulous fashion sense!
    This looks spectacular! Can't wait to see it with the fishermen sweater! ^_^

  2. This is super! I have a pair of overalls but they are my painting pair and have a few splotches. They also barely hit my ankles heh. Maybe I need a 'winter' pair ;)

  3. Nice one! Loving the blush coat.
    I still don't own a pair of overalls but I am all about wearing your wardrobe year round - but then it's warm here in Tauranga NZ and I am getting thoroughly SICK of summer... bring on winter say I.
    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. You're so right - this breaks the winter mold! I need to get some overalls, I don't even own any that aren't cut off shorts for summer :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  5. This is great! And I think it's going to be even greater with a sweater (but then I'm a sucker for cable knit.)

  6. I love this outfit! Your overalls are fierce under that jacket. Love love love.


  7. Cute and totally not anything I'd have thought of. I'm still not totally sold on overalls as a fashion-y item but you make me think it can be so! :D

  8. cute look, I love how you styled your overalls

  9. You look so cute in this outfit! It's great to get out of the jeans and sweater rut which we all seem to fall in to this time of year! Love the idea of the pussy bow blouse with the overalls :) xxx

  10. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! I have yet to find full length overalls that fit me to my liking, but when I do I definitely want to style them like this. Plus, the little bow tie is such a cute little detail :)


  11. So with you. My sweaters are about to put me in a coma! And, I agree with Keit above. You seriously can get away with ANYTHING. Those overalls fit you perfectly!

  12. This outfit it! I have an obsession with overalls myself, and absolutely adore the way you've winter-fied them!


  13. I've never seen anyone wear overalls like that, I love it on you! Can't wait to see your next idea with them with the fishermen sweater! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  14. I'm always so amazed by your outfits! Those overalls are very cute, and it would be a shame not to wear them in winter. I think that pussy bow blouse makes them look very appropriate for winter. I can't wait to see how else you style these overalls during these cold winter months!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  15. I love overalls. They comfortable and can be fashionable. Love the way you styled them.

  16. ah, you look wonderful! i love the overalls with that shirt, and the coat perfects the outfit:-) i also love your lil' bag. i really want to get myself a pair of overalls now, haven't had a pair since i was 13! xx

  17. This looks so pretty on you! I love seeing overalls but do you think it's only flattering for those with smaller busts? I can't really picture myself wearing one and having it look good.

  18. I wore a denim jumpsuit today too! Although it has been surprisingly warm here. I'm loving it with the trench coat!

  19. sounds like such a lovely thing...I've been missing mine for what feels like forever -_-
    But I'm always refreshed when I see yours at work! Love how you dared to make these overalls work in February, and in such a charming combination :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  20. I love those overalls! I've been looking for a skinny pair like that all over and can't find any that aren't crazy expensive. How adorable!

  21. Overalls are such a versatile piece that I really love - although I don't have a good pair myself right now. I have so many memories of my mother dressing me in overalls as a child and me hating them. But now I love them - funny how those things come around full circle, isn't it?

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  22. The pussy bow blouse and the overalls IS such a lovely combination! Love the outfit!

  23. Haha @ Keit. I agree. That's part of why I love seeing your creations from week to week. I know you'll do something unconventional and totally pull it off. Well done!

    - Anna

  24. You are looking bubbly in this one piece dress. love you outfit :)

  25. You know how to rock a pair of overalls! Love it!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  26. Too cute! The top and coat compliment each other perfectly!
    x x

  27. Love the jacket! What a great find.

  28. Those overalls look AMAZING on you - I don't know if I can pull them off, but this outfit is definitely making me want to try!



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