A Winter Look That'll Break Your Sweater Rut

Jan 28, 2015



Ah, the end of January. Many of us have already waved the white flag and found ourselves living in inspired outfits that revolve around thick sweaters and salt stained boots. When the coffee is brewing and the morning light comes in different shades of gray, we find ourselves standing in front of the closet, our face set in determined lines as if we're actually about to choose something pretty. When in reality the fleece lined leggings and wool cardigan are already laid out on the bed. 

I feel you, lady. Sometimes the slush by the bus stop wins and you can't be bothered to reach for something that isn't padded and end-times approved. But, I mean, this isn't a rut that we're planning to be stuck in for much longer. Right? Come on, nod your head with me. Right.

Alright fine, no one's nodding. Put down the Ugg bodysuit and read on to let me prove it to you. 


It's a tad tricky to find the will to look semi-decent during times like these, so I've teamed up with New Old Fashion Vintage to teach you the trick on how not get stuck in a jeans and cable-knit rotation. Amelia, the curator, is from Pennsylvania and knows firsthand how it feels to look outside the window and want to put a blanket over your head. It usually happens in a slow and somewhat defeated manner. Because of that, we took a look at this crocheted maxi dress from her collection and thought, how can we feel motivated to wear this?

The answer, believe it or not, is layers. As long as you have a lot of coziness piled on, you'll feel just fine stepping outside into the biting cold. For example, look at the elements in my outfit. Knits, fur, leather, and hats. The maxi dress was my starting point, and I layered a dark green fisherman sweater on top, adding warmth in both layers and color. I continued to build from there, adding a thick beanie not only for another chance to add color but also to keep my head warm. I opted for a leather backpack instead of a purse to give the look a more casual feel, and to add a heavier element to the outfit, bulking up the delicate features of the dress. Then I layered a fur stole at the collar to display not only a classic, but snowy vibe.  

And what do we find at the end? A winter look that gives the usual uniform a rest, but is just as simple.


PS: Want more winter dress layering tips? Try reading:



  1. Ouf, yes! I definitely run into this same problem. Also with colour - I was eyeballing my vibrant tie-dye tank top that I like to wear to painting class (if my paints spill I won't be able to tell! ha!) and felt a little too silly wearing bright colours in winter for the rest of my day! AH. Great outfit, that skirt does indeed look terribly cozy!

  2. i feel like it hasn't been cold enough here for me to really get into layering this winter. or maybe i've just been staying in too much, haha! but, your dress is the prettiest! and your layering game is as strong as ever. i'm also really liking the hat and that backbag! xx

  3. adore this whole look! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fur collar.


  4. Can I just say that I love the way you write? Okay, I just said it! I really like this outfit, layers are key for me on winter time. I don't wear beanies that often, but this makes me want to ;)

  5. I love this look. I'm curious about something - it looks like your sweater is partically tucked in, which I like because it adds a little waist definition, but how did you do with a dress? Is there a belt underneath there that you've tucked it into? I like to wear dresses as skirts sometimes, but with a longer or bulkier sweater it can get a little shapeless.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  6. Nice look:) xx

  7. That maxi dress is WONDERFUL. I can't wait to see how else you style it!


  8. I'm so guilty of being stuck in the cable knit and jeans rut. This is just so much better to look at. It's classy, chic, and vintage. Three things I totally love when it comes to shopping. (:

  9. I missed your whimsical outfits! This one is great - one of the most magical ever. Makes me want to go and create something. xxx

  10. I love the textures and cozy silhouette of this outfit, perfect winter styling inspo! <3

    Andini xx
    Adventures of an Anglophile

  11. Textures, textures and more textures. Love this! <3 I need that hat!

    - Anna


  12. wow what a lovely look, really like your dress!

    Tabby x

  13. Oh my gosh that dress looks so warm and cozy!

  14. How do you always look so fantastic? I love the layering here! It all looks so cozy and warm and like something I could easily go out shopping in, or stay in napping in. (Most likely, it'd be the latter...)

  15. Ah yes, the good old layering! :D I usually dress like a maniac when it's incredibly cold in here, I just can't help it. But when it's sliiightly cold I like to put on dresses and thin fabrics with tons of thick leggings underneath :D Love this outfit, the green sweater goes so well with the fur and the dress is a masterpiece!

  16. Ah, I absolutely love this! The layered knits look super cool. And that red lip is fierce ;)



  17. Ha, never saw that layering trick coming! ;)
    So true, some days I just fling my hands in the air in defeat and reach for the boring, warm clothes I own. But I need to get back into the fashion game - my style may be more simple, but I can still put in more effort!
    And right? Looking back at old outfit posts....*shudder*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  18. Layering is indeed the answer! And you do it so beautifully all the time. I love the fur collar and cable knit sweater you're wearing here. You look great!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com


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