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Dec 13, 2014


Slap on a beanie and grab  friends closest to your apartment and head to the burger bar for crispy curly fries, good beer, bad music, and the occasional fried twinkie. You'll be the cutest one dipping her fries in ranch what with your cozy skirt look. Take one of your bright summer skirts and make it winter appropriate by layering it with a traditional cold-weather hue, like chartreuse or mustard. Add in a suede coat and brown booties to further cement you're not confused over what season it is, and pop on a beanie for good measure. Now, who's buying the second round of drafts? Ugh, Margret never offers. Stinkin' Margret. 

  1. Little Miss Vintage 3 pleated floral skirt
  2. H&M wool blend sweater
  3. Mango leather biker jacket
  4. Mango buckle leather ankle boots
  5. H&M knit hat

You know how you misplaced that file and had zero idea what your boss was going on and on about during that meeting? Well, you hid the frazzlement rather well- I applaud you. But now it's time to shrug on your coat, walk-run to the elevator, and speed dial your best friend, letting him know it's Emergency Manhattan Time. There's nothing a cute bartender and a drink in a fancy glass can't fix. And you're dressed the part what with your casual slash done-up outfit. To achieve the look, bring out the pastels in your winter wardrobe by choosing greys, camels, and blush tones. Pick a plaid skirt in different shades of charcoal, and pair it with an oatmeal colored sweater. Bonus points if the sweater is a bit baggy, to offset the primness of the traditional skirt. Then choose a pair of very modern loafers, pick outerwear in a poppy, almost Spring-like color, and round off the look with a slouchy pom beanie for good measure.

  1. Jessamity wool plaid skirt (only $21!)
  2. Zara cashmere poncho with side slits
  3. J Crew cocoon coat
  4. Belle & Clive fur pompom beanie
  5. Zara fringe flats 

In the mood to just curl up and watch a good movie? Forgo the sweatpants and Netflix cue and instead grab a bottle of cheap wine and head to your coffee shop that's playing classics like Addam's Family and Manhattan. Laugh over Wednesday's death stares as you trade some of your wine with the table next to you for a piece of their tartlet. And what do you wear to an affair like this one? Easy: something fancy but with a casual twist. Give your metallic skirts some air-time by pairing them with cozy and laid-back pieces like tartan sweaters and pompom slippers. To add a touch of polish to the quirky look, add a duster vest in a deep hue to offset the flashiness of the skirt, and a fur hat to give you a touch of winter. Now lean back and try to think of a polite way to ask for a another bite of your neighbor's pastry. 

  1. Height of Vintage liquid gold dress
  2. Topshop windowpane check sweater
  3. Topshop pom-pom velvet slippers
  4. Topshop hybrid slim coat
  5. Topshop fur hat

Sometimes it's nice to forgo the fancy restaurants and the crowded dance floors and just go to a movie with your hunnie. Cuddle up to each other- armrest be damned- and whisper verdicts over previews as you eat popcorn by the handful. To ensure that you're extra snuggly for your date, go for a simple but chic look. A jumpsuit is always comfortable, no matter the occasion, and you can add some interest to the piece by pairing it with a white pussybow blouse. Keep the outfit casual by pairing accessories in neutrals- like olive suede booties and oatmeal colored hats- allowing you to let your outerwear be the statement maker. A soft, plaid number always works for any season, and the neutral tones ensure that it'll match with any look you whip together. Now try not to spill the soft drink that's wedged between you and enjoy the show!

  1. New Old Fashion Vintage plaid coat
  2. H&M strapless jumpsuit
  3. H&M blouse with bow (only $29!)
  4. Topshop classic fedora hat
  5. Topshop Missile Chelsea boot

PS: Want more ideas on what to wear to winter shindigs? Check out this What to Wear to A post with a Moscow Mule Slushy Date, this one with a Wine and Tapas Bar, and this one with a Truffle Making Class 


  1. Love these looks and ideas! I love love that coat in the after work picture. The color is fabulous. I also love that gold skirt. Amazing choices!


  2. Love these posts, the jumper from H&M is so cool, love the way you layer x


  3. You always come up with such perfect looks! I love these!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. I especially like the color scheme of the first outfit and the gold in the movie night one!

  5. Lovely post! I love what you're doing here <3 You have such a unique style!


  6. A movie at a coffee shop? Sounds like my kind of place. I am loving that last bow tie top from H&M. I gotta stop buying myself stuff and get some christmas presents!! haha.

  7. I love that after work outfit, that coat is seriously amazing!

    Bella Pummarola

  8. I would love to see that strapless jumpsuit on someone! I'll bet it looks amazing.. however that's the type of thing I don't think I could ever pull off! But I love the idea of it! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  9. That Burger Bar outfit- amazing! Can't beat pairing leather with florals. Hope you're having a fab weekend, Marlen :)



  10. What a great selection of outfits - love the plaid coat!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  11. That green sleeveless coat! Oh my goodness thats amazing.

  12. the burger bar look is so on point. i literally imagined myself in it!

    Animated Confessions

  13. I love the "After work" and "Movie" outfits - So chic and stylish!
    Kisses Emina

    -> New post is up - Check it out!

  14. I love your picks Marlen, they really remain true to your sense of style whilst still broadening out a little! :) The pussybow blouse featured in the final fashion board is utterly perfect and both pom pom beanies are definitely something I would wear as well! :)



  15. I have been lusting over that J Crew coat for weeks. Ugh...I think I need to get it.. :) Ps, I love all your titles too, they are always so cute!



  16. I always like to pick one but I'm having trouble choosing here. These are all so darling, Marlen! I love the skirt/sweater combo on that first one though--never would have thought to pair a neat textured sweater with a colorful skirt like that. Dreamy!

  17. For rizzle… every time you put together one of these posts, I want to fly home and hang out with you (wearing coordinated outfits, bien sur!). Since it is too expensive to fly home, I'm starting to think that I need to ask you to stop making these posts :)
    : signe : the daily savant :
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  18. OMG! All of them!!!!! Especially #1!!!

  19. Love the burger bar outfit.

    Eea P


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