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Dec 31, 2014


While lipstick stains on martini glasses and sparkling heels on stockinged feet are always fun. sometimes a girl just wants to stay in with her friends.  Make everyone bring a favorite DVD from their collection, pick up a fancy six-pack, and get ready for some serious one-on-one time with that ricotta cheese pizza. And while most would think to arrive in sweatpants for this occasion, not your group of friends. Oh no, you don't miss a chance to play. Instead, choose a poppy vintage red coat as your starting point, and devise a feminine ensemble inspired by it's sweetness. Go for a full, pleated skirt that's paired with a pussybow blouse and classic bluchers, and then add a touch of quirk with a cat beret and a fish-shaped clutch. Can't wait to see what your pals wore!

  1. Shop Vintage Minnie red coat
  2. Chicwish A-line skirt
  3. H&M blouse with bow
  4. Eugenia Kim cat felt hat
  5. Zara Blucher with fringes
  6. Don Fisher Shop handmade fish shaped purse


Tired of seeing nothing but ugly Christmas sweaters and sequined 80's dresses at thrift stores? Break out of the rut and go to an estate sale this weekend, poking around enviable collections of mid-century furniture and racks of furs with matching pillbox hats. While you pretend you're on the set of a 50's black and white movie, play the part with a vintage inspired outfit. Opt for a demure sweater dress and play up its Doris Day vibe by pairing it with a simple, clean wool coat and a playful fox stole. Add some interest to the look by adding in a touch of fur in the form of a small clutch, and throw in a pompom baseball hat to give it a slightly sporty twist. 

  1. Fiery Finish Vintage sweater dress (only $27!)
  2. Zara structured collarless coat
  3. Celapiu mustard fox
  4. Zara buckle flat leather boot
  5. Marxiano faux-fur minaudiere
  6. BCBG Maxazria snowbunny baseball hat


Have you been itching to sweep your hair up into a wispy bun and spend a quiet day admiring and thinking on wooden museum benches? Revisit favorite paintings like old friends and fall in love with the brushstrokes of new ones, wondering just how an artist can capture light like that. While doing so, don't blend in with the rest of the crowd with their winter puffer jackets or zip up hoodies. Instead, go for sleek and understated, choosing a geometric wool skirt as your starting point. To underline its clean lines and minimal look, pair it with sharp accessories, like suede boots and a structured clutch with a touch of hardware. Keep with the urban feel by pairing it with a leather jacket and add some interest by choosing a bejeweled sweatshirt and a neon beanie. Both pieces will keep the look casual and unfussy, but will add a touch of playfulness. 

  1. Lone Pony geometric pleated wool skirt
  2. J Crew Factory jeweled sweatshirt
  3. Zara faux leather jacket
  4. Macy's Bandolino Carrington booties
  5. J Crew Factory slouchy beanie
  6. J Crew Factory chain strap clutch


You've been trying your hardest not to admit you've been waiting for tonight all week, but face it sister, you have. You've got a special night planned with your new gentlemen caller at that one restaurant that keeps its lights a bit too low and their booths a bit too intimate, and you have all sorts of plans to get him smitten. Which would be easy, if it weren't for one thing. It's freezing outside. Don't opt to get pneumonia for the sake of a cute outfit- you can dress warm and stunning all at once. Start with a tutu skirt for a wow factor and work outward. Pair the skirt with a chambray and then layer a dark plaid on top, letting the cuffs and collar of the denim poke out from underneath, creating interest and warmth. Add some glamour to the look by pairing it with a crystal necklace and a leopard clutch, but then balance it out for the biting cold with sheerling lined booties and a trapper hat. You look stunning dahling, stunning.  

  1. Coco Tutu House ombre tutu (only $32!)
  2. Southwest Vintage denim shirt
  3. H&M suede boots
  4. J Crew Factory crystal necklace (only $19!)
  5. Macy's envelope clutch
  6. J Crew Factory trapper hat
  7. H&M plaid cotton shirt


  1. that first outfit is spot on! xx

  2. I love the playfulness of the first two outfits (I want to wear that first one so badly!) and the way in all of them you so effortlessly combine high and low fashion into cohesive outfits.

  3. That bow blouse is beyond adorable! I love your collages!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. I'm obsessed with the first outfit, especially that little hat with ears. :) I loved reading your blog this year and wish you health and happiness in 2015. xoxo

  5. These are awesome! Totally adore the girls' night in outfit, and the museum exhibit one! Very classic and lovely. Have a good 2015!


  6. I love the fish shaped purse! So cute. Have a great 2015

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  7. You always pick the cutest outfits! I love that fox coat!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. Ah, the Girls Night In look- can't go wrong with a fish bag and a cat hat! Have a very happy 2015, Marlen! xoxo



  9. I love all of these looks!!! I adore the Museum Exhibit look and the date night look!!


  10. You always put together such nice outfit inspiration! I especially love the museum visit look! Gonna have to come back for when I do go to a museum (which will be hopefully soon!).

    be the plebeian

  11. Great and nice Outfit for Girls.

  12. I think this round my favorite is the date outfit! Then again, I love anything featuring a dark flannel but still. The mix of functional/warm with glamorous is perfection. As usual, I'm now inspired to work with my layers more and mix different styles.

  13. I love your style! Those full skirts are seriously amazing, I'd wear one right now :)

    Bella Pummarola

  14. You put items together in the most creative way. It's so refreshing to see your "what to wear" posts.


  15. That first outfit... I never realized how much I need a kitty ear hat!

  16. Love the unique outfit ideas for even more unique destinations! The museum one is my favorite- I love the jeweled sweater and leather jacket. I should really make more of an effort to visit museum exhibits, there are quite a few nice ones close to where I live (and one a freeway exit away from my workplace) that I really have no excuses. Hope you had a lovely start to your year!

    xo, Serli

  17. The Museum Exhibit! I just adore everything about it! I hope you had a wonderful New Year!

  18. love these outfits! so much inspiration!

  19. Lovely post and ideas.

    Eea P

  20. I think the first look is my dream outfit- so many fun, quirky details and that fist purse?? The greatest! Happy new year, Marlen!!

  21. Oh my goodness, loving ALL of these outfits!
    The animal details are just the cutest :)

  22. These outfits are so on point! They are so perfect it actually made me smile!
    I would wear all these outfits and I have taken inspiration from them for sure :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  23. I love all of these, Marlen! I want the boots from "Estate Sale" and the skirt from "Diner Date" badly!


  24. Okay, the outfit for the girl's night is ADORABLE.

  25. Love the girls night in outfit! Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you need to be wearing sweatpants. :)

    Jemily Life

  26. Awesome, I love these ideas! ^_^ Every outfit is gorgeous, although that mustard fox kind of creeps me out :D

  27. After seeing that outfit I feel the need to go out on a dinner date ASAP! xx


  28. loving the museum exhibit skirt!

  29. Hello beautiful girl! I hope everything is well in your world. I just wanted to say that I miss your posts, your poetry in my email box and your lovely unique presence in Bloglandia. I tell myself that maybe you have a fun adventure traveling or writing a new book or something else equally exciting. All the best to you in the new yer, dear Marlen! xxx

  30. These shoes from Zara are definitely my favourite! Amazing! :)


  31. I was just thinking to myself "I haven't seen a post from Marlen in a while' and that would be because you haven't posted since December 31! Miss you!! But I understand. My blogging has been really slow since the new year. Trying to get back into things is tough.

  32. Missing your blog posts! HOpe you'll come back soon!!

  33. This is such a good post!! I love the first and third outfit so much (the third the most; definitely something I would wear). Thanks for sharing!

  34. wow I love all these :) the girls night in is my favourite, just because of that mega adorable beret hat! :)

    Metallic Paws


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