Don't Neglect Your Button Ups: New Ways to Wear Your Collared Shirts

Dec 8, 2014


It's mid-December and you've got your layering game down to a tee. Over-sized sweaters are going on top of short summer dresses, turtlenecks are popped underneath strapless frocks, berets are being perched on top of knit cardigan combos, and plaid shirts balance out their sheer dress partners. You're a natural now, an absolute genius when it comes to making your winter outfits sparkle and fizz...and not murk and muddle and drag you down. about your button up shirts? Other than popping them underneath pinafores and jumpsuits, have you been letting this classic piece have its own time in the spotlight? It's tempting to just tuck it into a skirt or let it hang over a pair of high waist jeans, but there are more interesting way to wear it that you might not have thought of before.


And that is to layer it on top of lace. Take one or two crochet/ lace numbers from your summer days and button one of your collared blouses on top of the combination. Tie the shirt into a knot at the hem to give it a crop top effect, and let the juxtaposition of the cozy blouse and the delicate lace move this look into a nice outfit into an ah-mazing one. Then, add a fur collar or a chunky infinity scarf on top to both polish off the look and round out the winter mood. 

What do you think- would you try this? This southwestern top is actually a super old piece in my closet, and I was just about to toss it before I thought of pairing it this way. Since I'm not overly attached to it, I was thinking of also hemming it into a longer crop top (where the bottom will hit just an inch bellow my belly button) so I don't have to mess around with knotting it. I think it'll help it look a tad more polished/ less busy that way, too!



SHIRT: Thrifted (vintage similar: here)
LACE TOPS: Urban Outfitters (store similar: here (only $14!)here (only $20!) | vintage similar: here)
JEANS: American Apparel
BOOTIES: TJ Maxx (store similar: here | vintage similar: here)
HAT: Urban Outfitters (store similar: here)
PURSE: Thrifted (vintage similar: herehere- only $30!)
FUR COLLAR: c/o New Old Fashion Vintage (vintage similar: here)

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  1. Ooh, that looks gorgeous! Love your outfits :)

    xo Arushee // Unadorned Gifts

  2. I love your western inspired shirt

  3. Noooo, how could you even thing of throwing this shirt away, it's so awesome! I love the aztec pattern, it's gorgeous! And look how great it is with the fur collar *_* Adore this ensemble!
    Hey, didn't you have snow, like...few days ago? :D

  4. Seriously lady? How do you pull off ANYTHING! You look amazing. Love the fur collar.

  5. Oh wow, you look amazing! I'm so loving this look of you, I think it's my favorite! :)


  6. I really like the idea! Nice combo! And I'm so in love with that collar of yours!

  7. I have definitely been neglecting my plaid button down. I used to tie it to a crop and wear with a black lace dress.... don't know why I stopped. I love the look of fall button downs with lace. Great look. :)

  8. Layering with lace is one of my absolute favourites. It's incredibly beautiful, every time, and I love that you've added a button down shirt. What a fabulous way to add interest & pizzazz. Love, love it!! Hope you're having a fine start to your week, dear friend!! xoxo

  9. Nice:) xx

  10. I love the print on your top, but agree that hemming it into a crop top is a good idea.

  11. Ah, what a lovely idea for making a collared shirt extra festive! And that pop of lace is totally beautiful, Marlen :)


  12. This is really cute Marlen! Love how you layered here :)

  13. ooh, i really like this! the shirt paired with the lace top and the fur collar looks amazing! i'd love to let you take a look at my wardrobe and see what you'd come up with, haha:-) xx

  14. You always come up with the most unique layering ideas!

  15. Seriously girl, you know how to style anything! You always look fantastic!

    -Marie x

  16. I would never have thought to layer like this! So unique and pretty! -xx


  17. Love how you put this outfit together. What a great way to make use of an otherwise old piece of clothing! You always come up with the most unique combinations <3.

    xo, Serli

  18. I LOVE this so much! The lace adds so much interest and this totally inspired me to do more interesting things with my button ups, bc I thought knotting them with a skirt was cool enough- psh! This is one of my favorite looks!

  19. You are just a wealth of ideas for dressing warm and staying classy. Love this idea!


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