Nov 10, 2014


Brunches don't have to be a Sunday-only kind of thing. Convince one of your closest friends to play hookie and head to your favorite breakfast nook for some bottomless mimosas and red velvet pancakes (yes those are a thing.) And what's better for a three hour catch-up than a fringed plaid skirt paired with a demure pussybow blouse? Play up this vintage skirt's features by pairing it with tassel loafers and a structured city bag, but then add a fun twist to the lady-like look by topping it off with a masculine influenced shearling jacket. Unexpected, but still feminine! 

  1. Little Miss Vintage plaid wool wrap skirt
  2. H&M blouse with bow (only $29!)
  3. Mango faux shearling lined jacket
  4. Color Theory Shop tassel loafers 
  5. Zara buckled city mini bag


Instead of going to the usual venues, support up-and-coming local artists by scoping out DIY shows in your neighborhood. Usually held in someone's big living room that's decked out in knock-off Persian rugs and fairy lights, you find a spot on a couch and enjoy an evening filled with dreamy songs and raw talent. Sip on beer sold out of someone's bedroom-turned-bar and adjust your vintage dress as you stretch out your legs from your spot on the floor. But since it's now fall make sure to layer up your boho dresses with faux fur coats and wide brimmed hats (preferably in autumnal shades). To give your flower-child look some edge, pair it with sleek captoe over-the-knee boots, sophisticated leather and cableknit gloves, and a bold, classic watch for good measure. 

  1. Barnaby Jack 60's mini dress (only $34!)
  2. New Old Fashion Vintage fur stole/ capelette
  3. Zara xl leather boot with patent cap   
  4. Zara leather bag with rigid handle
  5. Mango leather long gloves 
  6. Urban Outfitters Daniel Wellington Sheffield watch


Sometimes a gal has to pretend she's on the streets of New Orleans as she's trying to ignore the icy gusts of Midwest winds blowing through her city blocks. And the best way to do that is to call a time-out in the middle of your afternoon and order a box of powdered beignets and a small cup of coffee with chicory. It'll be so delicious that you won't even care about the powder sugar that's getting all over your overalls. Speaking of which, take a deconstructed pair of overalls and play with contrasts by pairing them with a metallic peplum and a rich velvet blazer. The mix of casual and evening will make for a playful look, and then balance out the warring elements by throwing in some neutral pieces, like suede booties and a cross-body bag, both in fall colors. 

  1. Height of vintage bronze peplum top (only $26)
  2. Lucy Blue Vintage olive green velvet jacket (only $34)
  3. Zara ripped denim dungarees
  4. Aldo Hassick booties
  5. Mango double compartment bag


Add a fun twist to your date by not just suggesting to get drinks- suggest to get slushies. The newest trend this fall is for bars to add shaved ice to their classics, so enjoy the medley of ginger beer, lime, and vodka in Icee form. And such a playful date calls for such a playful outfit. Experiment with boyish elements in your look by pairing classic drawstring trousers with a sweet bow neck blouse, and then top it all off with a masculine vintage blazer and clunky Chelsea boots. It'll be both feminine and boyish, and it'll definitely have your date smiling all sorts of smiles from across the table. (Because, duh, you're a babe.)

  1. Bottle Blonde Vintage Buffalo plaid blazer (only $35!) 
  2. Zara drawstring trousers
  3. Mango bow neck shirt
  4. Topshop Absolutely Chelsea boots
  5. Moorea Seal Higchlere hat
  6. Zara croc leather bucket bag

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  1. Red velvet pancakes? No convincing required. All of these looks are lovely and perfectly put together. Though, now I am both hungry and thirsty. A slushy moscow mule sounds amazing!

    prosecco in the park

  2. OK, so I want ALL of these items in my closet STAT!! My favs are those gloves, and of course the plaid blazer. Plaid is so in right now, just love it!! -xo



  3. Ooh I really like that bohemian dress with boots! I've yet to put a look like that together... thanks for the inspiration :)

    Simplicity Relished

  4. Oh boy, that concert outfit is right up my alley! Lovely!

  5. Yep, I am in love with everything. I think I just need to send you out to SB and have you rework my wardrobe. My goodness, that first jacket- toooo good!




  6. These are all gorgeous looks.. but that minidress in the second look is absolutely stunning and I'll have to find something similar asap :)


  7. I love these posts. I'm not sure if I'll actually go out and do any of these things, but they're always great inspiration for creative ways to remix things that I already have in my closet. I must try to work a bronze and olive green pairing into my life...

  8. Ooh I am in love with those overalls! And beignets - They are just the bomb. I've been pretty inactive recently so do forgive me but I am going to have a very lengthy read of all of your posts that I have missed whilst warming my hands with a mug of tea. Hope you don't mind, haha.

    Cats In Crop Tops

  9. These sets are just perfect, love them all ! Great work !

    Fashion and Cookies
    Facebook / G+ / Bloglovin

  10. All of these are amazing, especially loving that first one! Can't wait to stalk your blog now, its been too long! :) xoxo

  11. Oh gosh I keep thinking that's my favourite and then I see the next one, some really gorgeous outfits and helpful picks xx

  12. Now I need a beignet break! Or a boozie slushy ;) I love all of these looks and you make winter look so cute and stylish!

  13. Great outfits ideas!


  14. Great looks! Love the Mango jacket in the first one. Have a great week ahead!

    Jasmine ♥

  15. Such adorable outfit ideas! You make me want a Tuesday brunch tomorrow!! xx

  16. Oh that mini dress and the buffalo plaid blazer!! Gorgeous!!

  17. Such a cool idea for a blog post! I love all these looks, the last one is my favorite though!


  18. I love that second outfit. Those overalls are so cool.

  19. All the looks are great, but the second one is my favorite. And funny was just looking at a magazine that featured coveralls and they were styled sort of similar and I totally wanted to wear them!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  20. Oooh I totally need that concert look pronto! Not that I actually have any lined up now or in the near future sadly but still ;o)


  21. Wow what is a slushy date I need to get on this! I think this is one of my favorite series of yours--there is so much creativity and personal style involved! Love it! ~

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  22. Fun! That Mango jacket and those Zara overalls caught my eye! Mango has some gooood stuff~~

    Pink Wings

  23. Cute! I love all of these. If I have a tea party I will invite you. I hope you have a passport so you can come to Canada

  24. Love this post, especially the idea of checking out DIY shows in peoples living rooms :)

    Rachel xx

  25. Love the combinations! especially the last one :)


  26. Everything I want in my closet right now! I do love that first look, it's like a kilt and so cool! xx


  27. Ooh love all the outfits! Love the H&M blouse with a bow, very sophisticated :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  28. Great suggestions. Must confess that I hadn't heard of a DIY show, we need those in London! Thanks for having stopped by my blog

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  29. Ah, Beignets Break! Loove everything about that look, Marlen. These posts are always so inspiring! xo



  30. Hello, I need that plaid blazer and hat plz. So many good finds here. I love these types of posts!


  31. I really really like the first look. I love plaid skirts and especially when combined with a "school girl" blouse. You are so creative. I love your blog!

    - Deniz


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