Nov 26, 2014



No matter if you call yourself on-point or if you like to watch fashion from a safe and comfortable distance, we all like a good trend. It's hard not to get swept away if you see hoards of girls playing with a new idea. You notice a bunch of girls wearing flower crowns in their hair and having maxi dresses whisper around their ankles, and you suddenly want to become an extra out of a Free People catalog. Or you see how leather jackets make girls' shoulders look city-ready, and vampy lips make them feel martini thirsty, and all of a sudden you want to give your whole closet some dark, moody edge.  If you see enough people wear one thing, you start imagining yourself wearing that one thing, too.

But the issue is, sometimes you hop on and it just looks flat our wrong on you. Anyone have that happen to them? You got yourself a tutu skirt thinking you'll look classy, but instead you end up looking like the five year old version of you. Except this time instead of crossing the street to ballet practice you're crossing the street to go pay your rent.

We've all been there. But I have found that it's not that you can't pull off the trend. You just can't pull off the styling of the trend. Meaning, take the piece and make it yours- don't copy how others are wearing it.

This revelation hit me after I had this fur vest hanging in my closet for two years and worn a grand total of two times. It hurt me every time I ventured to the back of my wardrobe. It was so, so pretty, but I felt so, so ridiculous wearing it. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb every time I wore it out- I'd fidget in my plaid shirt, or I'd pull on the hem of my pencil skirt, making it obvious I was about to break out into a stress blush at any minute. So I gave up on it.

That is, until last week. I was aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest one afternoon when I fell upon a picture of a girl in a long Free People bohemian dress and this thick, almost beastly fur vest. And I heard myself sigh.

This. This is what I like. Not the plaid and statement necklace version (when do I ever wear statement necklaces?), not the pencil skirt and chambray shirt version (why did I forget I hate anything that's not a midi?) but this dark-floral-gypsy-accents-fringe-and-velvet-everywhere version. Radically different from the looks I have been trying to pull it off with, and just right. 

So my point is this: you can pull anything off, you just need to translate it into your own, specific style. Trial and error my friends, trial and error! 

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DRESS: Urban Outfitters (vintage similar: here, here, here, here)
FUR VEST: Marshals (store similar: here, here)
BOOTIES: Marshals
TURTLENECK: thrifted (store similar: here | vintage similar: here)
PURSE: thrifted
HAT: thrifted (similar: here)
NECKLACES: Urban Outfitters and Cocorrina
BELT: Banana Republic

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  1. Your outfit is awesome! This is so true-- and so inspiring-- thank you for sharing it!

    arushee // unadorned gifts

  2. Definitely agree with you on this one - I think there's a way to work most trends into just about any style, although I think it helps to really know what your style is. Sometimes you see an item and fall in love, but default to how you've seen other people style it, or what lookbooks have done with it, or whatever - which, like you said, can leave you tugging on hems or just feeling not yourself.
    Anyway, love this look! I didn't used to care for that boho, 70s style, but the more I see it, the more it tempts me.

  3. Love your take on clothing. I think like that sometimes, but you just gotta find what is gonna look great with it!

    Such stunning shots. Love that fur vest, looks fantastic on you :)

  4. I keep seeing faux fur vest everywhere and I think that they're so cute, but I can't figure out how to make them work with my style. I really love how you styled your own vest to go with your cool vintage style. You've definitely inspired me to go out and find ways to make trendy pieces in my wardrobe truly my own.


    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. Ah this post is so inspiring. You're right. A trend is a trend and unfortunately not everyone can pull it off in the same way. It can be tempting when you've seen it styled only one way a million different times but you have to really make it your own. Thats what fashion is all about. I agree you totally look like yourself here!

  6. Your dress is so pretty!

    - Deniz

  7. So beautiful, Marlen - pure poetry! You are very insightful. Thank you for sharing your ideas, they are really helpful. xxx

  8. I love this! I don't think people buy things that are radically different from their style all the time, I think the trick is in how they pair them.


  9. omg!! i love this look!!! i say, you wear that fur vest over all your dresses!!haha! so so so chic!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. I love the fur with the deep burgundy/'s so warm and Autumny!

  11. Love that vest! I'm with you on not wearing trends that don't flatter you. We can take inspiration from them but not take them entirely literally :)

    be the plebeian

  12. I love how you belted the fur vest! It looks like it is starting to snow there

  13. I am obsessed. I have a fur vest and have put it on several times but haven't worn it out! I love your layers here and how you belted it. Seriously you thrifted that hat?? WE are thrift sisters I swear...hehe

  14. That's some sound advice girl, and I love it. It's been three years of blogging, and I'm just now starting to figure out what works for me and how to make modern items fit into my style. Trial and error indeed!
    Love that you've worked out to wear this fur vest - and you definitely figured it out!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. gorgeous outfit!

  16. The styling of this vest is fabulous !

  17. I agree about being careful with trends. I feel as I have gotten older and started to feel more comfortable with my own style that I have learned what trends work for me and which ones I will never wear, because they just don't fit.

    Great look!


  18. yeees, we want more posts like this! you are totally right! I have the same problem with fur vests, but I don't even have one, because I literally have no idea how could I wear it ...

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page
    ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

  19. Perfect! I also have a fur vest and have been struggling with making it my own. This look works perfectly though!


  20. Wooooo, code cracking! You've really hit the nail on the head with this one! Ever since I found my fur vest in the Target kids section about 6 years ago, I've been loving busting mine out a few times a season! I just ordered a new one in a different colour… the possibilities are endless.
    : signe : the daily savant :
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  21. super look:) xx

  22. Girl, I loooove this vest on you! I however, could not pull it off. Nope. You will not convince me!!! (ok, maybe I'll try)

  23. I love this outfit! So chic! The vest is so so cute!

    xo ClassToCloset

  24. I always LOVE your style guides and "10 ways to wear" posts! This outfit looks so cool! I love the boho and 70s vibes with the dress, hat and vest! <3

  25. That has happened way too many times. A fur vest is one of those items I'll hide from. You styled it perfectly!

  26. I love the idea of adapting a trend to work for you and in a unique way - you've certainly done that with this look and still managed to preserve the 'bohemian' vibe! :)


  27. This outfit is perfect. I'm all about texture and that vest is great, especially belted!

  28. I m not very into the fashion (on other people yes), but these words can be about anything in our lives. 'Trial and error', indeed (-:

  29. Best fashion blog out there in my opinion! Fantastic style and your writing is perfection!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. i actually hate how easily i'm persuaded to jump on most trend bandwagons, haha. i'm very persistent in resisting but in the end i end up being persuaded that i too need to have that thing everything else is doing. how annoying! i'm really liking fur vests though, and the way you've styled it is amazing! that dress is so pretty as well:-) xx

  31. I love this. I always tell people that they can pull off anything with confidence. For whatever reason they never believe me. I guess they think that they're just leave it to me to be fabulous or something, but I love having other people to get inspiration. I'm glad you've made this discovery and made faux fur work for you :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  32. Oh gosh that dress is gorgeous especially with the roll neck underneath! I do like a fur vest especially with some masculine trousers, I have to admit to wearing mine more since I have seen them popping up everywhere. Love the seventies coming through right now as well.


  33. You do look like you could have stepped off the page of a Free People catalog - and yet it is still so you! Though I have to admit that I am one of those people, unfortunately, that wants to change their entire wardrobe and style when I grow green at people rocking new trends. I do try to style things in a 'me' way most of the time but I reckon I'm still finding that 'me' style so it's all a wonderful learning curve of experimentation.

    Cats In Crop Tops

  34. I love that you wore the deep green top underneath the dress. Great mix of colors there and the snow fall in the photos just adds to the story of this look. Well done!

    - Anna

  35. You are so right! We have to find a way to make trends work for us instead of being their slaves ;) Love how you ended up styling this vest!

    Bella Pummarola

  36. Ahh, I love this look. Your fur vest is really cute :)

  37. Great advice! I agree it's important to incorporate items in a way that suits your personal style. You've managed it fabulously!

  38. i'm in love with this! great post x happy thanksgiving!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  39. You styled it perfectly! I love this entire look, it's so perfect and it looks really warm! ;)


  40. This is brilliant! I love the casual boyfriend/ripped jeans but just couldn't find a way to make it work for my shape. Now I've found my own way to wear a similar style and it really does make SUCH a difference :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  41. Lovely post! It's completely true that we always see things look so good on other people but then it doesn't feel quite right on ourselves! I love how encouraging you are! And it's true! I think there are no limits to what someone can "pull off" but that being comfortable in what you're wearing is key! You look darling in your fur vest xx


  42. Great advice, Marlen! You styled this fur vest beautifully. Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! xx

  43. Totally agreed on the trend thing. You really have to be able to bring it together and pair it well and really make it your own. I am loving how you styled this faux fur with the dress underneath. I think it looks so fresh and I love how you added the belt and hat. Looks great!


  44. I love this dress so much!
    Melanie @

  45. I adore how you've styled this faux fur vest hun- it's like woodstock meets magazine editorial :) Great advice too- I love tweaking trends to suit my personal style. The one trend I will NEVER try though is super short shorts- remember those knicker shorts a few years ago? Haha!

    Rachel xx

  46. boho-vintage look! gorgeous xoxo
    INSTAGRAM - hellodashi

  47. Omgoodness! That vest and that dress compliment each other so well! I seriously love how you pulled this look!
    I've been meaning to get myself a cozy warm vest, and yours look fantastic--and the color is just perfect.

    Loving your blog, and following you now! Would love it if you'd check out my blog and perhaps follow me back :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! <3


    Hae Min

  48. THIS post!! I always tell people who say that they can't pull of (insert trend here) the exact same thing: Anyone can pull off anything as long as they style it well! THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this - it's everything I've been feeling the past few months!
    Also, I totally love the vest - very well styled ;-)

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  49. What a fantastic post Marlen! Your advice is always so helpful and inspiring. Finding and especially comitting to your personal style (as opposed to running after each and every trend out there) is a continuous journey full of "OMG, why did I even buy this?" moments, but you prove how worth it is to play with fashion and make trends your own.

    Jasmin xx

  50. I find that women of the internet look way cooler in particular clothes, mostly because I'm not that gorgeous and/or don't have photoshop skillz :D
    As for the fur vest, I've wanted one for so long but I have no idea what to do with it! So thank you for this post! Maybe you can make a few more outfits? PLLEEEAASE! I'm begging you! :D

  51. This is so true, PREACH IT, girlfriend! I totally know this feeling - like why does it look good on everyone else except me?

    LOVE how you paired this with the dark floral-y print and the hat - boho chic at its very very best!

  52. This outfit is perfection! I've also been crushing on fur vests lately, I even have a maxi dress I was going to wear with one, but I couldn't find the right vest. Now it's too cold hahah Anyways, I really love this look and your dress is so so so pretty!

  53. I couldn't agree more!! Great advice, seriously! :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  54. Wow! I love that vest! I know what you mean about not wanting to stand out too much - but I'm learning more and more to be more liberated in my approach to fashion! Slowly but surely! But yeah, I'd love to have that vest in my wardrobe! It looks incredible! I can imagine so many looks with it! Thanks for sharing!


  55. Wow, you totally pulled off that fur vest! I have to agree, we all love a good trend. I remember when peplum tops were first in and I did not look good in them at all. They made my butt stick out too much haha. I hadn't realized it's not the trend that I can't pull off but the styling. I may have to give peplums a second try :).

    xo, Serli

  56. Awesome post! I seriously love ow you styled the vest, it looks so pretty!
    I wish you could teach me how to style my stand-out pink was too expensive not to wear but I'm not used to wearing such noticable colors >.< Curse trends.

    Pink Wings

  57. Love this fur vest ! Pretty cool !

    Kisses ! Yuyu from

  58. Love that you finally found a way to wear this vest that works for you! I've totally had that happen to me before. I'm sure it happens to almost everyone. If I'm really like a certain trendy item, but feel like the ways I've seen it styled don't fit my personality, I tend to google or pinterest the item until I see something that works for me!

  59. I totally agree with you on this one. When I first started blogging, I was trying to be super trendy, but none of the items looked that great on me. I'm finally starting to find my own voice in fashion and trying to just be real to my own unique style. :)

    Maggie S.

  60. This is an excellent post, you're really good at this too. I could afford to make progress in this area because I tend to just copy what I see on Pinterest (guilty) but it's true, the trick is to take those styles and wear them how YOU would wear them. Not how everyone else is wearing them. Great post.

  61. you're outfit is on point. i love how you styled the fur vest & totally get what you were saying. i love fur vests but don't think i could actually pull it off & feel comfortable at the same time, if that makes sense ? haha but you definitely pull it off!

  62. OMG! I love this outfit and the vest and the hat..... Oh! You are too pretty girlie and know how to layer everything just so. Perfection!

  63. You hit the nail on the head with this post! I've definitely become a zombie to trends more than once but I love finding ways to incorporate my vintage style in with modern pieces. It's a fun kind of challenge!

  64. I'm SO there with you, trendy looks can totally be interpreted and styled to suit the person - your vest is proof of that... it looks stupendous and like it was made for you. Happiest December, lovey, hope it's starting off fabulously well for you!! xo


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