Nov 21, 2014

Weekends are meant for playing and exploring, and when one does that she needs to dress the part. You can't just wear any old dress to that new underground speakeasy bar. And will pants or a jumpsuit work better to that one book reading you heard about last week? In the spirit of that, here's a new series offering you fun ideas to try out this weekend, as well as suggestions on what to wear to them. 

Chicago readers- these are real events happening this weekend. And everyone outside our area, go find these in your own town! I want to read all about it come Monday :)

Six Outfits to Try This Weekend

  1. Drape scarves loosely over the shoulders of your blazer and head to Sable for some Fall inspired cocktails that might even trump the all-holy PSL. Only a seasonal menu, the drinks are made to revolve around apple brandy, which is made with apples picked right from the Great Lakes Region. Local and tipsy- just my kind of thing. 
  2. Layer sleeveless jumpsuits with sheer blouses and head to The Whistler on November 21st for a 90's Dance Party! Sip on fancy cocktails and jam out to songs you used to listen to in your poster decorated, sticker avalanched teenage room. 
  3. Calm down boldly printed tops by layering crochet dresses over them and nab tickets for the Sound of Music sing-a-long at Music Box Theatre. Starting November 28th, tickets are only $12 and will allow you to sing your heart out with Maria as if you yourself were spinning on the hills (dirty looks from the people in front of you be damned.) 
  4. Pair floral summer dresses with denim jackets and buy your tickets for the December 4th show of Mortified: Embarrassing Childhood Tales Told Live. It's just what it sounds like, and it's going to be amazing. 
  5. Match plum plaid shirts with mustard skirts and celebrate the fact that you're almost at Friday with Coppervine's Fried Chicken & Champagne Thursdays. And don't turn your nose up at the fried chicken- it's not KFC type of stuff. It's crunchy, flaky, cinnamon and clove undertones type of stuff. Nom. 
  6. Tie patterned sweaters around the waists of your dresses and head to the Museum of Contemporary Art on November 22nd to see Anne Collier's Woman with a Camera series, which examines the role reversal of the male gaze when a woman picks up a camera and deconstructs commercial photography. 


  1. I love the scarf and blazer look!


  2. Such gorgeous outfits!! I really love your style :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  3. Cute! I love the denim

  4. Floral dress plus denim jackets is my favorite combo here! I should probably try it in my next ootd post :)

    Have a great day! :)


  5. I love every look!! Will be trying a few of these. I just love your style so much!!

  6. My favourite outfit here correlates with the best sounding night out: fried chicken and champagne. What a combination! There's a hotdog and champagne place around the corner from where I work in London but I still haven't been. Must go soon (and rip of your style while I'm at it :P )
    charliedistracted.com / Bloglovin

  7. The third and fifth ones are really cute! I especially love that mustard skirt.

  8. your fashion sense is always an inspiration!!! :D thanks for sharing these outfit ideas!

    Animated Confessions

  9. So, I live near Chicago and clearly I need to get more in touch with events happening here! Such a struggle for me. I love all these ideas, they are so fantastic! The plaid shirts and pencil skirts looks awesome! Such fab ideas. Thanks so sharing!


  10. Number 5!!! It combines to of my all time favorites, the pussy bow blouse and the pencil skirt :)

    Bella Pummarola

  11. Oh, I want to be in Chicago to do all of these amazingly fun sounding things. Especially the sing along. A fun post as always!

  12. I've never been one to wear plaid, but thanks to you I might actually start wearing it!

    -Marie x

  13. Hold up, why am I not in Chicago for a Sound of Music sing along?! I would so be there. Also love these outfits, each one goes so well with the event.

  14. I love how you styled your floral dress with a denim jacket! It's something I've always wanted to try, though I'm still on the lookout for that perfect denim jacket. I'm really picky haha, especially with timeless/classic pieces like that. The jumpsuit also looks terrific on you!

    becky ♡ star violet

  15. You always make me want to buy more items out there, haha! I really like those looks :)

  16. My favourite ones are the first and 3rd one :) Such an inspiring post, as usuall :)
    Love Life Every Day
    everydaybeauty instagram

  17. Thank your for so much outfit inspiration - I love the look
    with the jumpsuit - it definitely looks perfect for a 90s dance party. :)


  18. Your layering is always the best! Pairing a denim jacket with a summery dress is one of my favorite transitional outfits :)


  19. Well, it's Monday so I'm just going to use this as inspo for the week. Now, I am off to hunt down a fabulous black jumpsuit regardless of the weather, I want to wear one and I want to wear it noooooooow.


  20. Really cool outfits!! Jumpsuit maybe my favorite!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  21. The floral dress/denim jacket pairing is my favorite! SO my style. Love it!

  22. I love the crochet dress and denim jacket combi! Great layering! :)


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