Nov 19, 2014

Ever seen a trend, liked it, but weren't necessarily sure if you could style it in a "you" kind of way? "How We Wore It" will show you how different women braved the trend and played with it until they got it to fit in with their styles- and hopefully that'll inspire us to poke a toe out of our comfort zones and try something new, too! Today's trend will be fur vests. Happy creating!



Which was your favorite?

PS: For more "How We Wore It" inspiration, check out How We Wore It: Mixing Fancy & Casual, How We Wore It: Overalls, and How We Wore It: Baseball Caps


  1. Wow all these looks are amazing! I have never tried wearing fur vests cus I thought I couldn't pull them off but now I want to wear them - but I'm in Australia and summer is coming, how unfair! ;)

  2. I'm starting to liking the furry vests but I'm afraid to buy it even when the label says "fake", other than that, they're really pretty! ;)

  3. Ah all those gals look gorgeous but I don't think fur vests is a trend I can pull off. I love how retro 70s it can look but I just don't think it would fit with my wardrobe. Its still fun to see it though!

  4. Love the inspiration pictures - my fave is 8!

    - Deniz

  5. Yup, time to break out the fur vest again.
    Aha, I've got one hiding in my closet that I wore recently, but I need to bring it back out again!
    Love this inspiration roundup on how to wear it :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I love number two- but they are all so cute! Makes me want a fur vest asap!

  7. Oh these look fantastic! I love the last one... perfect b/w combo. You're making me miss my fur vest which is stored away somewhere!

    Simplicity Relished

  8. Ooooo, I like these how we wore it posts! I like seeing how you can wear something in such different ways. Fur vests aren't exactly my thing, but I love how the person in the sixth photo styled it!

    becky ♡ star violet

  9. I was planning on getting a fur vest a while back, but I never knew how to wear it! Thanks for this post though, because now I'll get some ideas. c:
    I love number 5 though!

  10. I really love the fur vest look. I really like 2nd picture you posted-- that is such a cute outfit!!!

  11. I just got a fur vest and have been looking for ways to style it! #8 is definitely my favorite and I'll have to recreate the look. But they're all adorable :)

  12. I love this trend - I actually really love Reese in #4! Love the vest with the plaid and the pretty hat! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  13. While once I sat on the fence when it came to fur (faux of course) vests, you now have got me sold! Such a great layering piece for fall and winter.

  14. I have a few fur vests (maybe 5...yikes) but am always in the market for more! This justifies my cc bill!
    Have a great weekend Marlen!


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