Oct 10, 2014

Weekends are meant for playing and exploring, and when one does that she needs to dress the part. You can't just wear any old dress to that one rooftop bar you were meaning to hit up all fall. And will pants or a jumpsuit work better to that one book reading you heard about last week? In the spirit of that, here's a new series offering you fun ideas to try out this weekend, as well as suggestions on what to wear to them. 

Chicago readers- these are real events happening this weekend. And everyone outside our area, go find these in your own town! I want to read all about it come Monday :)

Six Outfits to Try This Weekend-part-one

  1. Pair your summer midi skirt with a dark hued turtleneck to give it a more fall-feel and go see The Kate's perform this Friday in their all-female stand-up act. They do everything from storytelling, to stand-up, to musical numbers, so there's a little summin' summin' for everyone.
  2. Layer a chambray shirt under your summer maxi dress and head over to Beer Hoptacular, Chicago's largest beer festival this Friday and Saturday. Sample beers from over 60 different brewers with your buzzed friends and participate in shenanigan like the BeerHop Derby, the Homebrew Challenge, and the Beard Hoptacular, where you vote on the best facial hair in the Aaragon Ballroom.  
  3. Add a fall touch to your pinafore and summer florals combo with a braided scarf and go on the Open House Chicago tour hosted by the Chicago Architectural Foundation. For one weekend a year, they open up mansions, old theaters, hidden rooms, private clubs, and sacred places that are usually off-limits and now open for you to explore. And all for free! 
  4. Layer up by popping a turtleneck under your crew-neck blouse and choose which lecture you want to attend at Chicago Ideas Week. Seven days full of inspirational talks, you can choose to attend seminars on topics like the future of tech, the science behind creative processes, the amazingness of 3D printing, and even talks on how to brew the perfect beer (nomnomnom). 
  5. Pair your maxi dress with a long cardigan for interesting proportions and watch dogs and their owners dress up in Halloween costumes at the Spooky Pooch Parade! Cuteness guaranteed. 
  6. Pair your lady-like midi skirts with sheer, loose blouses for a playful contrast and head to the Joffrey Ballet's modern rendition of Swan Lake. Full of fantasy, lavishness, and drama, I'm curious to see how they'll make this classic into a modern piece.  


  1. Great idea for a post, love your stripes

  2. I love all of the floral prints!!

  3. I adore that maxi dress. Wow, it look so good on you:)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished

  4. I love these looks! The second and fifth are definitely my favorite outfits, I love long dresses and the way you styled them is so lovely! Come live in my closet, please. :)


  5. Wonderful ideas! The 5th look with the floral maxi dress is my favorite.

    Bella Pummarola

  6. These are such gorgeous outfits! Love the pinafore one - the shirt goes so well with it. :)

  7. These looks are so lovely. You're so good at putting outfits together!


  8. I always think this- and mean it in the best way possible- but sometimes coming to your blog does't feel like coming to blog, but to a professional online magazine. So inspiring and fun and it's about more than just fashion but a whole life style. That is fantastic.

  9. I've got a few crop tops I'd like to style up for the fall, and your first outfit is inspiring me on just how to do so :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. I love love love number two!! I love your style!!

    Kristin xx

  11. I adore your Chicago's Ideas Week outfit! Very autumny.

    Katrina Sophia

  12. All of these are just wonderful! Absolutely gorgeous outfits. x

  13. Gorgeous! As usual, you are the queen of layering and making vintage look like the new kid on the block. <3



  14. LOVE that maxi dress xxx


  15. I love this idea!! I don't live in Chicago but I find this completely relatable and helpful. Dressing for certain events can be difficult so thank you for the ideas :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  16. Oh man, I would have loved to see Joffrey Ballet do Swan Lake. I need to get out and see more ballets, actually. I love the dressing up and the overall classiness of it. The second and fifth outfits are totally things I would wear to local Lexington outdoor events too.


  17. I absolutely love your sense of style and beautiful outfits. The way you wore the beret with the striped shirt and belt is so chic. I will have to try that this weekend.

    Here's my blog:

  18. I love all of your ideas! I always find myself dressing a bit bolder on the weekends, it's a great time to try out something new!

  19. Once again you have me jealous of your weekend plans! The stand up act and beer fest are especially right up my alley! :)

  20. Love all these! #5 is just my style. So feminine and lovely!

  21. I wish I'd seen this a couple of days ago, it might have been fun to do a couple of these last weekend. I didn't realize you were a Chicago blogger, that's awesome.


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