Sep 17, 2014

So, this sweater. I have plans for this sweater and I'm not sure if it's going to end up abominably or not. It probably will, knowing my crafty skills. I got this chunky knit from Goodwill about a year ago and its sleeves were so huge that I could probably cut them off and wear them as a tube top dress. So that's what I did- cut them off, that is. And I absolutely love it as a short sleeve sweater (how cute is it as a layering piece, eh?) but I'm very over the color. It doesn't really go with anything in my new wardrobe and I don't feel very me in it. So the game plan is that I'm going to dye it black and fall back in love with it all over again.

So I bought the dye, I bought the bucket, and I have all the supplies nervously sitting next to my nightstand. For about a week now. The thing is, I suck at anything DIY. Like one time I was turning a dress into a crop top and I- without even a moment's hesitation- cut straight through the zipper, thinking that that would be fine. It was not you guys, it was not. How can you zip a zipper that has no zip? You can't. Imagine my surprise.

So my bucket is waiting anxiously by my nightstand, eyeing me like I'm the angel of death. Because I probably am. Have any of you tried this before- dying a knitted sweater? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


While the sweater may or may not be on its way to the chopping block, this wonderfully retro dress is safe. I got this fun number from the Etsy boutique New Old Fashion Vintage, which is a store full of feminine, minimalist vintage. I know some of you are apprehensive about trying vintage because some of it can feel rather costumey, but this store carries pieces that are timeless and always well tailored. That and Amelia, the owner, is just about the sweetest, most likeable person to boot. So if you're looking to update your fall wardrobe, definitely give her store a try by visiting New Old Fashion Vintage here!

And just to entice you a little, here are a few of my favorite picks right now. That first dress is a maxi turtleneck dress- how amazing is that?



DRESS: c/o New Old Fashion Vintage
SWEATER: Goodwill
SHOES: Old Navy (recent and only $10!)
PURSE: thrifted

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  1. Loooove how the rough ends of the sleeves look! I think it's a unique color, especially at this time of year, but if the mood has struck you, dye away! Did you get RIT dye? I've dyed things before with RIT and it worked great - the directions on the bottle are all you need, plus there's lots of DIY posts on the web about RIT dying if you're still nervous. (It's cheap, too, less than $5.)

    Also, I know what you mean about DIY disasters! I am the queen of impatience and have cut many dresses too short because I've failed to take the time to measure out the right lengths first. Ugh! :)

    Can't wait to see how your sweater turns out! I mean, how bad can it be? Since you're going black, if it doesn't work the first time (somehow), just try it again! Maybe a DIY post is in your future, haha.

  2. Ooh I do love the style of the sweater, I don't mind the color but I can imagine you would have a lot more outfit options if it were in black. I'm the same way with DIY projects, I'll buy the stuff and then months (or even a year!) later I'll finally build up the courage to do it. I've never dyed any clothes before, but I'm sure you'll make it lovely, I can't wait to see how it comes out!

  3. I've always wanted to try out dying clothing, but I never have. I'm really excited to hear how it goes! About the dress..if you still have it, you can absolutely fix it! All you have to do is take out the zipper using a seam ripper (if you don't have one, you can buy them at any sewing store walmart for very cheap) and then sew in a new one that is the length from the bottom of the top to the neck (you can do this through a sewing machine, or by hand!)

  4. Oooooo that would make me so nervous! I am not very good with clothing DIYs. I can do cooking or crafts, but if it involves clothes for some reason I suck! I do love this sweater though! I could see it being very versatile!

  5. I wish I could give you tips on how to dye that sweater, but I must say that it looks beautiful in that color. There is just something about that color that reminds me of fall weather. I also really love the fit of the sweater because it almost looks like a kimono jacket.


    Sweet Helen Grace

  6. Print on that dress is adorable! And as for dying the sweater - check out the material it is made from on the label because although cotton and wool dye really well synthetic fabrics don't. A bit of googling will put your mind at ease I am sure. If it is a combination of wool and a synthetic fabric then you may end up with a 'dotted effect' where only the wool has dyed but the synthetic hasn't (if that makes any sense). Only way you'll know is by doing it :) Good luck!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  7. That print on that dress is the love it!

  8. Fun - especially with this dress! I actually like this color a lot, and no, I haven't tried dying anything before, so no tips. But have you - I am sorry if I don't say it right in English - processed/hemmed the edges where you cut? It's crucial for knitting. It would be best if you can find someone with a serger to do it for you. :) Good luck!!

  9. super:) x

  10. Ah the funny thing is that Im so into that color! Its amazing and so fall like! Also I have never tried dying anything, I think Id also be scared. I sometimes am surprisingly successful at DIY and then other times not so much (thanks pinterest for going to my head).

  11. Oh I love that sweater!! I can't wait to see what you do with it... although I think it looks pretty great the way it is now!


  12. I can't offer any advice on dying fabric, but I can say that HOLY WOWA THOSE LEGS, THAT DRESS, AND THAT CHUNKY SWEATER. Perfect transiton outfit. :D


  13. Hmmm I've never dyed anything knitted but a friend and I tried a hand at turning my icky gold silk 21st dress into a black one with disastrous results. It turned green. And I don't know why. The dye was labeled black so it should have done it's job, unless it was really navy. I don't know, I don't usually have luck in that department either but I suppose what is the worst that can happen here? A darker hue of green? Good luck Marlen.


  14. I love this floral print!!

  15. Oooh, sorry to say, but I can sympathize. I am absolutely horrid at anything DIY-like...which is why I avoid them like the plague.
    But! Good luck! And you'll have to share how it goes. Wish you luck :P
    Haha, I'm so helpful...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. The dress is really cute! I actually like the colour of the cardigan, but I can easily see myself getting tired of it, too. I dye clothing and fabric all the time and never really had a bad experience. Just be sure to pick the right dye for the fabric, because there are dyes especially for wool, etc. and you should be fine.

  17. Bahahhahaha, I had the exact zipper revelation months ago when I destroyed a perfectly good dress with my idiocy. I can soo relate to DIY. I suck so bad at them, I tried and I tried making something that looks NOT good, but no avail!
    Adore the sweater though, nice cutting too :D I think the color is awesome, I like it very much, but black would be funky too!

  18. Finally, another person that is as bad at DYI at I am. Every time I see a great idea, I think "nope, nope, nope." I would have cut through the zipper too. :( But, um, encouragement! It cannot be hard to dye the sweater! Besides, if you do mess up, at least you got it at Goodwill. I never feel too bad if I mess up Goodwill clothes.

  19. Haha, I did the same thing before, cut right through a zipper making it utterly useless! I think you get better the more projects you do... at least, that's what my hope is. They do say (ominous "they") that practice makes perfect ;) I love to dye things though, such as when my clumsy self gets stains on lighter clothes. I suggest wearing gloves and an apron - that stuff gets everywhere, especially under the nails!

    I really do love the colour of your sweater though and it looks great with the dark floral print! Good luck with the DIY :)

  20. What material is it? Like 100% or a mix? Not sure what dye you got but Rits doesn't take with polyester/poly blend/acrylic. I know with darker colors, you'll need at least double the amount of dye to get the full color.

  21. I like seeing the sweater and dress combo here as it is- very pretty and fallish- but will be interested to see it post-dying too. Good luck!

  22. Oh lordy, you and me both. I once cut a lace style sweater. Turns out, that type of fabric can unravel. Haha! ;) But I'm very excited to see your sweater, I'm certain it will turn out + black will be perfect. And the print on your dress is to die for by the way. Love, love! Happy Friday, girl! xo

  23. I love the colour of the sweater with this dress! I'm a sucker for weird shades of green, but I agree that they're not always versatile. I'll buy nearly anything in a slightly off green colour... And I then get home and wonder what I was thinking. Anyway, good luck with the dying! I've never been brave enough to go through with dying anything. I'd love to see how it turns out!

  24. I love that sweater, genius idea to just chop the sleeves off!

  25. Great post, dear!


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