Sep 1, 2014

Happy September, friends! Let's not even talk about where the summer months have flown to because I'll tailspin into a spell of mourning. Instead, let's just march forward and keep our eye on the prize: pumpkin spice lattes. Or, for those of you more style-minded this morning: layers. We're about to enter that time where we're reluctant to say goodbye to our summer pieces but we're starting to sneak in a few sweaters and tights into drawers while nobody's looking. So for today's Layering 101 edition, I'll show you how to navigate that tricky dance and help you move those summer pieces into a very Fall state of mind. Ready? Let's go!


While we all have ideas on how to move a summer dress into Fall, a summer print can be a tad trickier. It's all about the colors and coaxing them into a darker spectrum. Take this vintage scooter dress for example. Can't you see yourself wearing this during the Fourth of July, waving sparklers with one hand and requesting another red-white-and-blue sangria with the other? Now slip a chambray shirt underneath, add a camel colored duster vest to the mix, and pair it with some black leather gloves and bootie sandals, and you can just as easily see yourself sitting outside on a cafe patio, sipping your first hot apple cider of the season. Keep in mind that popping a chambray shirt under a dress doesn't only apply to sleeveless ones. It looks super cute under a short sleeved one as well, a la this look or this one.

  1. Jessamity striped scooter dress (only $36 for one day only!) 
  2. Mango frayed denim shirt (only $29!)
  3. Mango duster vest 
  4. H&M leather gloves
  5. Target Mossimo Kacie Peep Toe Bootie (only $18!)

I think the trick in moving your summer skirts over to the next season is in the textures. Take this vintage floral number. You can easily see it with a chambray shirt and a straw panama hat, and it'd be just the right look for picnicking on the beach or wandering through a farmer's market. Now add a long chunky knit (those uneven proportions will look amazing) with a fall-colored turtleneck underneath. The turtleneck gives you a traditional, autumnal feel, and offers a chance to incorporate more fall-like colors into the look. Continuing to play with the different proportions, pair the look with tall riding boots. Then, accenting the different textures, add a cable knit beanie into the mix.

  1. New Old Fashion Vintage 60's high waist skirt
  2. Mango long sweater
  3. Jessica Simpson Elmont riding boot
  4. Sole Society cable knit beret
  5. Uniqlo turtleneck tshirt (only $14!)


I know we're all very well versed on how to move those summer dresses over into the next season, but my my favorite option goes as follows: loose, baggy crop top sweater + chunky booties + knee high socks. I have been loving asymmetrical crop top sweaters lately, especially since they go so well with short and long dresses alike. The bagginess adds a casual, laid back vibe to the outfit, and then the chunky booties and structured backpack anchor the look back down to a trendier, more polished space. 

  1. New Old Fashion Vintage mini baby doll dress (only $33!)
  2. Mango chunky knit sweater
  3. Leather Fashion Shop retro backpack
  4. Nasty Gal shoe cult corina platform bootie
  5. Forever 21 taupe knee high socks


Okay, I have been dying to try out an outfit like this in real life. The key in moving your shorts to nippier weather is to play with textures and proportions in the outfit. In this look I cozied up the shorts by pairing them with a thick, cable knit sweater. Then I took it a step further by popping a ruffled top underneath that sweater. That way the ruffles add a fun contrast against the heavy knit, and they add more autumnal colors to the mix. Pair the look with some oxblood, clunky booties, a metallic purse and brown tinted glasses, and your dark color scheme moved the shorts from summer crop tops to pumpkin patch dates. 

  1. Fiery Finish Vintage Calvin Klein cut off jeans (only $25!)
  2. Mango cable knit sweater
  3. Marni floral print top
  4. Dorthy Perkins oxblood Chelsea ankle boots
  5. Mango metal fastening bag (only $25!!)
  6. J Crew meteor sunglasses with brown lenses

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  1. Great:) x

  2. UGH How it today the first day of September?!!

    I can't even comprehend how quickly the season has come and gone, but hey, who doesn't love to layer up for fall? I love your inspiration boards!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. I'm so in love with that duster vest!!! But all great looks and good pointers!


  4. I love all of your pictures! Seriously some great ideas on how I can layer this season! great work!

    xo, Kina

  5. I'm happily saying goodbye to my summer pieces. Can't wait to wear scarves and coats again.


  6. I like the idea of a long chunky sweater with the floral skirt. I've done cropped ones for a more vintage look before but love the idea of playing with proportions. Another great post, Marlen!

  7. Lovely post :) Really need to get a pair of Chelsea boots - I had some last year and they were perfect :)

  8. Every single one of your posts makes me gasp, then nod, then say, "yes" to myself several times, then shake my head in despair because you're just too good at this fashion blogging lark! Autumn is my favourite, which is why I pretty much look like a Pumpkin Spice Enthusiast all year round... I'm ALWAYS layering my summer dresses with tights and jumpers! This post <3 <3 <3

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  9. Chunky sweaters. You cannot go wrong. In my unprofessional opinion they look good with everything :)

    I've just joined the blogging world and have followed you on g.f.c! Hope to see you swing by my blog xxx

  10. Excellent outfit combinations, the last one is my favourite! xo

  11. Ah! Love this! It's going to be getting so cold here soon.... Looking forward to trying your layering tips! Love the sweater and dress combo!
    xo Erin

  12. Great picks! Layering is my go-to move to transition from summer (and for the case of those living in the Philippines) to rainy season. I especially loved the first set! That vest and those booties are lovely. I'll definitely keep these layering ideas in mind x

    x Francesca of

  13. Absolutely love this post! All of the Summer to Fall pieces and how you styled them are spot on!
    Xo, K&E

  14. I love these outfits! They look amazing! My favourite looks from this list would have to be the second outfit and the last outfit that you've put together. The last time I've tried to wear a dress in the fall/winter season, I caught a nasty cold, and this was even after I've paired it with a thick pair of tights and a super warm flannel shirt and parka. I'll just stick to shorts and sweaters for fall transition wear.

    Tragic Couturist

  15. YES, love me some layers + pumpkin spice lattes!! Hear ya on time whizzing by though - kind of crazy, right?!! And these outfits... absolute layer perfection! I'd honestly wear them all in a heartbeat. Love em' so much! xoxo

    PS Thank you for the sweet blog compliments in your recent comment, Marlen. You're honestly the sweetest girl!!

  16. Um can I have all of those sweaters? I love every last detail of these looks.

    prosecco in the park

  17. You've been so spot-on with your transitioning posts since I've been following you... You just have a real handle for fashion.

  18. I love all of these layering pieces!

  19. Ummm, so everything in Summer Print and Summer Dresses need to make their way directly into my closet. ASAP.
    Seriously obsessing over those items. *_*
    Great inspiration as always Marlen!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  20. I love layering but I never get to layer in Singapore, summer 365 days.

    The forma giveaway!

  21. I love the shorts look! This is such a helpful post :) I love it when fashion bloggers give tips rather than just OOTDs! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  22. I think I've become (mostly out of necessity) a professional wardobe transitioner. Not only do I love updating my existing wardrobe, but I just can't be bothered to put last season's clothes away in a box ;) Why can't I wear my favorite flirty florals in December? haha

    <3 dani

  23. I love all things autumn, so cool weather and layers are right up my alley. Unfortunately. I won't be able to have those things for a while, but a girl can definitely dream. The summer skirt idea was definitely my favorite. I could definitely see that outfit being worn in this summer/autumn transitional period and being adorable.

  24. I really love the first set of look! That vest is to die for!

  25. Love this! The chunky sweater with the dress is perfect! And love those booties in the first pick!

    <3, Pamela

  26. Yesss, I love layering sweaters over summer dresses. Less stuff I have to buy!

  27. Such great advice here! I especially love your point about mixing summer prints with darker colors. Great post!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  28. I love these outfits! Especially the way you transitioned the summer dress with knee socks and an oversized sweater!


  29. Great post! I am definitely looking forward to fall fashion and can't wait to give some of these ideas a try! Gah, my mouth is watering at the mere thought of pumpkin spice lattes.

  30. I can't wait to layer! It's still too hot where I am. Love the 3rd look.

    - Christina

  31. I love the boots in the first outfit and the skirt in the second- so gorgeous! xx Sophie/


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