Sep 29, 2014


It's always borderline painful to pack up those summer dresses and banish them into the dusty recesses of our basements for the next half year or so. I always feel like an evil queen, exiling anything with embroidery and gauzy layers to the dungeons. Not really enjoying that image, I took it upon myself this weekend to find ways to move my pretty vintage dresses into the crisper, pumpkin-lovin' months and make them look like they were just made for fall. Excited about the idea, I teamed up with the Etsy boutique Little Miss Vintage 3 and schemed up ways to take their chambray embroidery dress and convince it to play during autumn. Here's what we came up with:


FOR THE SUMMER: For me, summer styling is all about the accessories. I'm in the Midwest where it gets humid and muggy, but I've been hearing from the bulk of you in the south and the west that you're basically walking around in an oven all day (I don't envy you!) Because of that, none of us has any patience for sleeves or vests of any kind. In this look, I decided to play off the folksy vibes from the embroidered flowers and went with a strong, wide-rimmed hat and a slouchy bucket bag slung over my shoulder. To top it all off, I slid into minimalist black sandals, their thick horizontal straps adding just the right balance for the wide hat.


FOR THE FALL: I think moving a summer dress into the chillier months is all about the colors. Pair it with an olive colored coat (or a beige trench!) for some warmth, and throw in some suede booties into the mix with thick, scrunched socks at the ankles. Suede will add some texture to the ensemble, and the socks give you a chance to layer and play with darker colors or patterns. To accent those fall colors we're trying to achieve, make sure your bag comes in one of the cozy hues of the season: oxblood, forest green, beige, or gold. That dark pop of color will help make your fall outfit look more cohesive as the colors (ex: in your coat and shoes) start coming and blending together. Lastly, accessorize. A knit scarf wrapped around the neck or a cheeky pompom beanie would be fun here, but I went with my thick rimmed readers (yes, I wear glasses!) to give me that warm, cozy look. And voila. This vintage baby just found itself another two months of air time. 

What do you think? What are some other fun ways to move summer dresses into fall?

And if you're slightly swooning over my pretty chambray dress- or want to try styling vintage yourself!- make sure to pop over to Little Miss Vintage 3 today. Deidra, the owner, has tremendous luck in finding the most interesting coats (hello tapestry floral print and leopard fur capes), and has lately been really stocking up on her winter sweaters and fisherman-knits. To add a piece to your growing fall capsule, pop over to her Etsy store here. And here are a few of my favorite pieces they currently have in stock, to give you an idea what kind of vintage they carry. Pro tip: that rust colored skirt is a sweet bow print!


HAT: thrifted

COAT: thrifted
BAG: Mango
SHOES: Macy's
GLASSES: Warby Parker

 photo divider_zps9a1dedc9.jpg


  1. YES! Colors and fabrics make a huge difference when transitioning into fall-thicker socks, lined coats instead of a thin shell, etc. I think lip color makes a big difference as well. I wear more light pinks in the summer and more dark berry colors in the fall. Love both of these looks so much!

  2. Great ideas, I love the idea of adding boots and a coat.

    xo, Kina

  3. The summer look you created is fantastic- so very strong! Love love love your dress! I admired it every time I glanced at the left side of the blog. :) I have a very similar Mexican embroidered dress and had some ideas how to style it this Fall too. Will see how it goes. I love your suggestions, I think it works beautifully! For the mood I am in, I'd pick brighter, richer shades, but that's always what feels good at the moment, right?

    The tapestry coat and leo cape are beyond any words amazing. I'd love my wardrobe was full of pieces like these! xxx

  4. Your style is always so fun! Lovely post!

  5. Love the outfit, Its such a fine art trying to get your summer clothes to look right in the winter!

    Fae xo | here

  6. lovely dress!

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words on my photograph.
    I love this dress!
    You are too cute.


  8. Oh my goodness- this dress is so pretty I am obsessed with all things floral so this is perfect for me! Great pieces for transitioning- especially helpful in this "in-between" weather.

  9. Love both of these looks and how you took the dress from summer to fall! Too cute!

    <3 Shannon

  10. Love it! Great styling as always Marlen!

  11. Great post. I practically live in dresses so I always refuse to let them go as Autumn approaches XD

    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  12. It's the best when you can transition clothes from season to season. I really like how you just had to add booties and a jacket and its an entirely different, season appropriate look.

    prosecco in the park

  13. I really like that jacket you added!

    I always love adding tights and scarves once the weather turns cooler!

  14. Such a pretty, unique dress!

    Heidi D.

  15. Totally agree that it's all about the colours when it comes to styling something summery in the cooler months. I really love both looks!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  16. Love the shoes!

  17. I think you totally succeeded in making that dress work for fall! It's a great little dress. It would be such a shame if it had to be banished, as you say, haha! Keep working it, I say!

    That Curious Cat

  18. This such a great post with amazing styling! The dress is beautiful

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  19. Awh I am sorry that fall is on its way for you - but summer is just arriving here in South Africa so I am officially thrilled!! Cannot wait to haul out my summer dresses after this icy winter.

  20. I cannot WAIT to be able to finally start layering this fall. I've stocked up on tights and and I've got some new coats and boots so I am ready! I love this chambray dress on you. The flower pattern is adorable!

  21. Perfect! Great advice and at just the right time :)

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  22. I've been reppin' the boots + socks look a lot with my own dresses. I tend to repurpose my summer dresses well into winter because it provides me with a more diverse work wardrobe. Otherwise I'd be wholly reliant on like, 4 sweaters. I can't wait to see more posts like this from you -- I adore your style.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  23. Your posts like this seriously put me in the mood of an online magazine. You are so talented and professional in your blogging and things like this are always so useful!

  24. I love your summer to fall inspirations, I am definitely finding it harder than I thought to make the transition!

  25. Love love love this dress!! And the little brown/beige boots are so cute!!


  26. I love these ideas, Marlen! I try and make as many dresses as I can work for multiple seasons. And while it's still that early part of Fall, you can't really go full-on tights and scarves, so the light jacket and booties is perfect. I love the detailing on that dress!

    P.S. Pumped about my giveaway win! Thank you!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  27. This dress is just too darling! Paired with booties, it kind of makes my head want to explode! If you really don't want fall, you can send it to me and I'll trade you! It's still in the 70s out here and I can't wear any of my new sweaters, or coats, or the scarves that I've been busy making!


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