Sep 16, 2014


Confession: I am a sucker for deconstructing fancy dresses. I don't think I ever feel more lovely or feminine than when I'm wearing an evening dress with a broken-in chambray shirt. I don't know what it is about it, but I love feeling the silk whisper around my ankles as I head to the bar and turn the corner, or the way the light from the street lamps gets caught on the satin and makes it blush. I feel like it's the modern equivalent to how Grace Kelly clicks across the marble floor and pauses at the bar in white satin gloves, or how Doris Day smooths down her full skirt and orders a pink champagne. Not many women wear show-stopping cocktail dresses out anymore, so this is a quiet compromise. It makes you feel charming, and oh-so aware of it. 

And saying that, obviously I'm not wearing this to go grocery shopping or leafing through books in the library. I reach for it when it's time to go to a dinner that involves three courses and lots of happy banter, or to some dimly lit bar where one orders drinks in short glasses and scratchy jazz mingles with the late hour. 

Though give me some time and I probably will start wearing this grocery shopping. Ms. Kelly would be proud.  


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DRESS: Macy's (ions ago)
SHIRT: Forever 21

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  1. Ah! This is such a great idea so that I can get more use of out all of my fancy dresses (which I am a sucker for buying... and then can't find an occasion to wear them to).

  2. Oh gosh lovely!! I agree.. we all need a little more Grace Kelly in our lives.. if only to feel like a lady...
    Love what you did here..

  3. That dress is fabulous. Honestly Ive never thought of doing this before. I think with the era we live in where people wear pjs out of the house (me rolling my eyes) I feel like this takes guts. I think people look at well dressed people as more odd then those who wear sweatpants everywhere, sadly. I don't know how often I get "why are you so dressed up" just because Im well wearing a dress. So the more power to you! Plus that champagne color silk is delightful.

  4. This is just perfect! I really need to invest in a chambray shirt to wear in this kind of scenario. I often go to my old favourite plaid flannel shirt for this kind of outfit. I have a few tulle-skirted dresses that are such fun to dress down, but I've never tried to do it with a silky slinky number like yours!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  5. Absolutely love this outfit! The skirt is so different and unique, and it looks great with a chambray top! Love this :)

  6. Nice:) xx

  7. Love the contrast! It works so well, I am a sucker for bias cut silk, it looks heavenly xx

  8. I've a silk maxi that I wear for just about anything (surprisingly, really great for winter too cause you can wear leggings under it and still look chic. You've inspired me to wear mine with my chambray shirt next time because this look is so,so fun!!!

  9. Just beautiful. There is nothing like feeling glamorous!

  10. Love this! My favourite quote is 'you can never be overdressed or overeducated'.
    I recently bought a black satin midi skirt and I really want to wear it to lectures but I think it may be a bit much. Maybe once the weather has calmed down (and by that I mean gotten worse - 28 degrees makes it very difficult to wear anything other than jeans and t-shirts) I might give it a go.

    Rachael at

  11. I love pairing fancy dresses with ugly sweaters, I think it's the perfect playful combo :D Love the denim shirt styling too, this champagne colored sating beauty is spectacular ^_^

  12. That skirt is so pretty!

  13. Gosh I love this. Love everything about it. :) now please tell me what to do with a yellow chiffon dress I have over here. ;)

  14. WHAT?! You should most def wear this to the library. And grocery shopping! And everywhere and anywhere. This outfit rocks. I'm a total fan of fancy schmancy dresses for all, even mundane, occasions! :)

  15. I've never thought of this before! I think evening dresses are so pretty, but where the heck would I wear them to?? This is such a great way to make them less formal to where you can wear them out and avoid odd stares from people!

  16. I like the dimly lit jazz bar idea. It suits perfectly with the outfit!

  17. I love, love, love this, Marlen! Such a beautiful pairing- I'd be tempted to wear it leafing around the library :)


  18. This is awesome. I have way too many formal pieces and nothing to do with them. I should try more of this. Beautiful gold dress!



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