Sep 27, 2014


Confession time: I have three hundred blazers and never wear even one. It's one of those perplexing situations where I see it on a mannequin- snazzing up a floral dress or looking just right with some distressed boyfriend jeans- and I think, "Yes, that would do nicely. I'm taking this home with me." And then I come home and somehow the lights in my room morph my reflection in the mirror and the blazer ends up looking not-fantastic on me. That's always the case, isn't it? I don't know what sort of black magic they use in dressing rooms, but I always look ten times more amazing in that little 4x4 room than I do out in the real world.

And so another blazer was added to my back-of-the-closet collection. Which is becoming quite the curation, might I add.

But then as I was trying to get re-inspired for fall and creating tip sheets on how to layer for the cooler months, I started scrolling through all these blazer centered outfits and thinking as to why that particular piece never hit the mark with me. It didn't make sense- why did everyone else look so good? And then it came to me: I wasn't styling it in a me kind of way. Sure I think a girl looks adorable in a floral dress and a blazer, but that's not really something I would reach for as a first choice. So why was I trying to make it my first choice? There are hundreds of ways to style a piece- why was I defaulting to just one? (which I should have caught onto sooner seeing how I do my How We Wore It series every week- face palm it, Marlen.) So instead I played around and came up with something that fit me to a tee- denim on denim, a high waist thrown into the mix, loafers, and a scarf all loose and drapey like an after thought on my shoulders.

Boom. Welcome to the front of the closet, dear blazer. You've finally made it. 

Click here to tweet!- Don't really feel like you can pull off blazers for fall? Here's some inspiration on how to style them in a you kind of way. 

tweed-blazers-and scarves-fall-outfit

JEANS: American Apparel
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
HAT: Urban Outfitters
BLAZER: Urban Outfitters
SCARF: French Connection

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  1. It's a great insight, Marlen! Vix just posted her ideas of how to own your style, in a similar spirit. Loved it. I am a blazer kind of gal myself and I'd wear them all year long. But I have to confess I haven't mastered yet the art of styling it in a "me" kind of way, or truly owning it. I decided to focus on jackets and blazers this Fall and we'll see where it goes. :) xxx

  2. Cute! I love it with the scarf.

  3. great outfit!

  4. Nice:) x

  5. wonderful scarf!
    love your looks so much <3

  6. UGH, you constantly are astounding me with your wonderful outfits! This blazer is rad, I'm glad it's at the front of the line, now! And, LOVE how it looks over the chambray shirt.

    Also, your hair is all sorts of good things. I know I say it every other comment, but you make me wanna run into the bathroom and cut me some bangs STAT. It takes all my willpower not to, haha.

  7. Firstly- that in an amazing blazer. I'm a little jealous honestly. A lovely color on you and a neat (wool?) texture to it. The three quarter sleeve is lovely too. I also have been very much digging hte 70s/Keaton vibe of silk scarves so the fact you used on here is so wonderful.

    Lastly- good advice. I've been having a similar issue with a LBD that's made of clingier fabric than I'd realized when I bought it. Should be easy because its a LBD but no. I'll try to think about it a bit differently now and see if that helps.

  8. I actually don't own a single blazer myself because I'm not sure how to wear them, but I think I should definitely invest in one soon! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. It's always about making a piece "you" in order to feel comfortable wearing it!
    Glad you found the thing that was missing :)
    I know, I've had pieces like that too, but eventually I'll end up finding a way to wear it. That, or it ends up in my donation/get-rid-of pile years down the road...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. I love this post!! I think it might be the lighting in dressing rooms that make it more attractive that when you wear it out. I love how you styled your blazer! I have quite a few in my closet but it's just too hot to wear them!

  11. Those jeans have got me swooning! Also, I often want to incorporate certain items or trends that I think are awesome but they just don't suit my style. It's quite tricky to style on trend items in a me way because the trend itself tells you how to wear it - not sure if I am making any sense here... But my fave answer to all of this is to just throw things together until I find something that works and more often than not its the last thing I would have thought of.

    Also I am super jealous of that scarf. Its beautiful!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  12. Haha, that's so funny! I have the same thing with blazers! Love them and buy them, but somehow never get to wearing them. I just recently started wearing them again. I love this outfit of yours! Perfect denim on denim combo and I love the layering, as usual ;-)

  13. I'm a sucker for a good blazer- love it here with the scarf and double denim. But yeah, I also have a ton and don't wear them nearly often enough!


  14. I am LOVING that blazer! You pull it off SO well!
    xo ClassToCloset

  15. First of all, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Great post and nice pictures. I really like this blazer. I particularly like how you combined the light blue denim shirt with the dark blue jeans.
    I wondered if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch. Let me know on my blog! That would be really awesome! :)

    Have a nice Sunday and a good start into the new week!

  16. Oh girl, I know what you mean- I made so many weird impulse buys in my day that I blame on the music/lighting of Urban Outfitters & F21. Usually involving visions of me wearing these pieces to imaginary plans I knew would never happen :) I love this look with the blazer- I sometimes struggle with how they look on me so I need some tips!

  17. Oh my, I love this!! I have been dying to add some better blazers to my wardrobe. Hopefully soon! :) Also- were you exaggerating or do you really have 300 blazers?! haha

  18. I've never been all that into blazers on me for some reason. I love them on other people, but for some reason I just don't love them on me. I loooove the style of your jeans. I've always liked the pairing of cuffed jeans and loafers. So cute!

  19. I love this look, Marlen! You look so cute. I have never truly been into blazers but this look makes me want to purchase some to have in my life.


  20. Yes! I am always always trying to figure out the blazer situation. Whenever I see someone rocking one just right I'm like, okay I'm gonna thrift a blazer and it's gonna be hot! But whenever it comes time to buy one, I just can't do it because I never know how I'll style it. I like that you reframed the styling predicament by simply trying to wear it in a "you" way. Thanks for the tip & I love this look for sure. The scarf especially adds the perfect touch!

  21. I think blazers look fantastic, but like you, I have an aversion. I don't think they look great on me! Maybe I haven't found the right one? I think this one is totally your style though, so it doesn't look out of place at all!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  22. I used to wear thrifted blazers all the time and then I stopped for whatever reason. Well, probably because I was sick of the oversized blazer thing (which was the case with all the coats I thrifted). Now I have a black one that fits nicely so I need to wear it! You've inspired me to get back in my blazers! Everyone looks good in a properly fitted blazer and this one is super cute on you! It's definitely styled in a you kind of way!

    Jamie |

  23. This is one of my favorite outfit posts you've done! What a dee-lightful color combination. This just concretes my (immediate) need for a blazer.


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