Sep 6, 2014

An open letter to you:

You know all those things about you? The way you get moody when your socks get wet from a puddle of rain, or the way your hair gets when the wind plays with the ends of it? The way you turn quiet when the sun breaks against the window of your train, splintering gold and mingling with your thoughts. How you put your chin on your in-drawn knees and watch the slow-moving boats glide past on the beach. Thoughts as dreamy as the white in the sails, reminding you of bed sheets and the roads to dreams that the rumpled folds and creases map out. The way you're fragile and damaged? The way you're fierce and relentless? How you count the stars during the day and feel the sun behind your eyes at night. How you weave moonlight into your hair when we talk on balconies and how you hate the way your voice sounds. The way that your eyes crinkle in the most wonderful, best possible way when you laugh. You know how you never stay down for too long, even though the world is trying its hardest to break you? There's that fierceness. And you know how you never resent it for its efforts; still welcome an outstretched hand to help you back up. Even though that's the way you got down there to begin with? There's that relentlessness. You know how sometimes your clothes don't fit, sometimes you don't have the right words to say, sometimes you lose the map and don't know where to go? And how the whole while you have light. Light coming right out of you in a way you've never been able to notice?

Well, I love that about you.


I'm all about simple touches with pops of wow. When I found these American Apparel shorts on sale for $15 last week I nearly had a heart attack. Shorts that are high waisted and won't show my butt cheeks? How is this possible? Excitement all around. I decided to pair the linen shirts with one of my most favorite summer tops, and then add a pop of wow by pairing it with a mint-and-gold striped clutch. This clutch is from 9th & Elm, a site that's all about the handmade and independent designers. And you know how I'm all about those. This particular clutch is hand-painted by Alissa, the owner of My a la Mode. While the clutch is wonderful, my favorite part was the tag that it came with. It said "Hello lover of...Travel. Weeping willows. Art. Boho style. Being true to yourself. Painting. A free spirit. Dancing in the rain. Independence." It had me smiling as I put it down on my dresser. If you're impressed with this one, you should see what other creations she came up with. It's seriously like wearing art- it'll add a little something to each look. Check out her other hand-painted designs here!

SHORTS: American Apparel (only $15!) (similar: here
BLOUSE: c/o Honeymoon Muse Vintage
CLUTCH: c/o 9th & Elm

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  1. This was such a sweet post, also love your blouse! The floral print is absolutely gorgeous :)

  2. Gorgeous top!!! Love the print!

  3. Absolutely lovely outfit, the floral blouse is so pretty! And $15 for the shorts, such an amazing deal!

  4. What a beautiful clutch and message on the tag! Love anything handmade and small businesses!


  5. Such a lovely post! Sometimes I laugh at myself for being so silly over trivial things. I adore your top! xo

  6. I love the print on your blouse and that pretty, pretty clutch! And what a beautiful open letter, too! I seriously adore the way you write.

  7. i enjoyed reading the letter, you have a way with words. love this colorful blouse on you!

  8. Aaaw, I love you too! :D
    Perfect top, I want it, it's so colorful it gives me twitches O_O

  9. Oooh! Loving this style and the clutch, especially!

  10. Love that flowery blouse! Your gold sandals is pretty cool too.

    Katrina Sophia

  11. Very beautiful colors :)

  12. See, this is an outfit that looks classy and yet casual now and will still look that way in ten years and in twenty. Love that!

  13. Such a pretty look and beautiful words! I love the patterns in the clutch and blouse that clash yet look so great together! Also, you are such a great writer--reading your open letter made me smile! Just came back from traveling which means I finally got the time to catch up on all of your lovely posts! Great blog, as always! :)

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  14. Another beautiful piece of writing, Marlen! That all sounds pretty much like me ;) Beautiful look, as always- love the vibrant floral print on you! xo


  15. Nice:) x

  16. This shirt is superb. I adore the vibrant, bold colors & print. Perfect to spot you out in a crowd! And I despise when my socks get wet in the rain. The worst! :] // ☼ ☯

  17. Well gosh shucks, I wasn't aware you were so falling in love wih me. I'll take this as a personal love letter or one at least that I would be absolutely honored to receive one day. :D beautiful writing as always Miss Marlen!

  18. Sounds like your rules for shorts are pretty much the same as mine! I am always terrified to show the outline of my arsecheeks when I wear anything high waisted, and I spend the whole day pulling it down because I'm paranoid! Your top and shorts combo is SUCH a winner, and I love how the flowers on your shirt are echoed by the flowers behind you!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  19. Man, shorts that don't show buttcheeks are my jam. I went to a music festival this past weekend and I saw SO MANY buttcheeks it was just about insane! It can't be comfortable other than the breeze, I mean right?!
    Anyway I do love these shorts. They looks so cool and comfy and I have bought at least two tropical shirts this summer. This one is fantastic in both print and color! You look beautiful.
    I also must encourage you yet again in your writing. I always form pictures in my head when I read your writing, which is what makes it so engaging and interesting to read. Not sure who inspired it, but it sure was beautiful!

  20. Gahh! Your writing is making my evening so much lovelier. I love how you are incorporating your creative writing into style posts. It makes them so much more special.

    For some reason, this ensemble makes me think "female version of Johnny Depp circa Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" in the best possible way!

  21. Um, thank you. I really needed this. I'm having a couple of shitty days and I've been really hard on myself in my thoughts, very critical and feeling down. I really needed your encouragement.

  22. !!!! that red floral + turquoise and gold stripe --> be still my heart!


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