Aug 19, 2014


My weekend was good, good stuff. On Friday I sat with a Salinger book at a dimly lit neighborhood bar, a beer at my elbow as I waited for my friends to finally, finally arrive. But as the folksy rock mixed with the rising din of conversations and laughter, I decided that waiting a good portion of an hour isn't so bad when you had short stories to thumb through and good beers just a raised finger away. I mean, could be worse. 

Then fast-forward one day and one hangover later and we're at Sunday, when I went to a vintage furniture store opening with one of my besties, Lina. There we ate brownie bits and drank bourbon as we wandered through Mad Men-like room layouts, dreaming of having apartments big enough to hold such pretty couches and wall tapestries. "And here," I'd say as I'd sit down at a mid-century dining table with mismatched, brightly colored metal chairs, "is where I'd serve you Eggs Benedict at my weekly Sunday Funday Brunch. If I had an apartment." We'd nod our heads as we moved onto the next piece, ready to give it it's next assignment. "Here is where you'd leave a ring with your wine glass at that one party I'd throw, and here is the couch where we'd have an eight hour Harry Potter viewing party. With cloaks on over our sweatpants, of course. Well yes, of course." If

Afterwards famished from all the plans we've made, we went to an upscale diner type place where we parked it at a counter-top and talked the way only best friends could, whittling down a couple of hours chatting about travel and Rob Kardashian, New York City plans and the tastiness of goat cheese ice cream. There's something about sitting at a counter at a restaurant that's just too good. The way you can turn around and have your knees bump with your friend, the way the overhanging light bounces off of the shiny vinyl of the menus and the clatter and din coming from the kitchen right in front of you. It's good, homey stuff. 

The weekends are made of good, good stuff.


Now as I get all dreamy eyed over the love of my good friends, let's talk style! Do you remember this Mitla Moda top I wore with overalls? Cuteness, amiright? Well it seems that this top just begs to be paired with denim, so I appeased it and went with a high waisted American Apparel number this time. But it appears that baggy mom jeans and a long, boxy top don't mix very well. So my quick fix? Take some clothing tape, fold the top under into a crop top, and secure it by ironing over the folded crease! That way you don't have to cut and hem a perfectly good top (because what if you want to wear it the long way some other time?) but you'll make it work for the outfit you're trying to create. This trick has saved me from frustration many a times. And if you want to check out some other Mexican embroidery styles, check out my favorite picks from Mitla Moda below! 

selections copy

outfit-details copy

BLOUSE: c.o Mitla Moda
NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters (old)
BELT: Calvin Klein (thrifted)
 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg


  1. The temporary crop top idea is SO GOOD! Man am I glad I follow blogger style geniuses :) Your weekend sounds perfect (minus perhaps the hangover part), my recent trip home really made me realize how much I miss my BFFs!

  2. loving the top!!
    xo Jessica

  3. I thought that was Mitla Moda! So clever of you to make it a temporary crop top like that.

    Also- your descriptions of the events you'd do in your apartments are utterly charming.

  4. That sounds like such a nice weekend! It's fun to dream up how you'd decorate your future place. And that quick crop top fix is pure genius!

  5. Very creative idea of wearing top as a cropped one :) The high waist denim looks super comfy!!!!


  6. Great♥ x

  7. So in the best way possible, you look like a very stylish 80's mom. It's the best thing! I love your sense of style. And making that into a crop top temporarily is such a great idea!
    I love your descriptions of things. I have always wished I could write like that about real life; I'm much better at making stuff up. Maybe because I've never thought I had a very exciting life. Haha!

  8. this outfit is just made of adorable. and i love your lippy red.

  9. Cute outfit :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks! Best wishes.

    Camille xo


  10. Seriously though, what is going on with Rob Kardashian?

  11. That's such a great idea to temporarily crop the top, it looks great and I love the pattern!

    prosecco in the park

  12. Ah weekends are the best! Just the absolute best. I love that you did that, I always do the same mostly because I don't have the money and probably nor the space in my apartment to buy all the Mad Menesque furniture that is found at one of these many vintage stores around the city. But alas a gal can dream, and dream she will about Sunday brunch and Harry Potter marathons.

  13. Aw I had a conversation with my best friend on the phone this morning. This story just warmed my heart. sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  14. Lovely crop! I really love it <3 Looks gorgeous on you dear

    crunchy cheese me

  15. Cute! I love your shirt

  16. Hahaha, sounds like so much fun, I'd love to spend my Weekend with you guys, sipping bourbon is my second name! :D
    Oh, love this ethno tee, the rich blue color of the jeans does miracles with it!

  17. This is such a great idea! Never think about it before! I sholud try it for my top, so I have a temporary crop top! :p
    Nice top dear and i love your jeans!

  18. I love the way you use words. I've said it once and I'll say it again (and am about to do so right now): we are soul twins. I so want to wander through furniture shops, picking up all the bits and pieces of things that I'd love to use to fill the fanciful home of my dreams… but I live with a boy who, despite having me in his home for a year, is a resolute bachelor and refuses to allow it. Oh well… at least we have our imaginations!

  19. Love the detailing on your crop top, it looks so pretty with a really simple necklace too. Also, clever you for the temporary hem thing! I never even noticed x


  20. That pair of jeans made me go crazy! I want them!


  21. Girl, you both inspire me and crack me up! When I was reading about your weekend, I could picture everything so vividly. And, it sounds like you had a pretty spectacular weekend! But seriously I lost it when you said you were talking about Rob Kardashian. I'm pretty sure I know how that conversation went, haha.

  22. Most wonderful weekend ever. I could spend hours wandering through vintage shops, especially if they are filled with mid-century treasures (especially especially if I have bourbon and brownies). Thanks for the tip about crop tops! I'll have to give it a go with some of my own clothes...I know this trend will be gone in the blink of an eye, so it's perfect to have a go-to makeshift plan rather than stocking up on cheap crops.

    The What's In Between

  23. Love your blog! Outfit is so cute, this shirt is beautiful :)

  24. This outfit reminds me of Alela Diane's music (does clothes sometimes make you think about music, or is it just me?). I don't know if you like this kind of music, but I totally do, maybe that's why I find your look so inspiring!

  25. oh of course! i dont' know why I'd forgotten about fabric tape, I remember my mom pulling it out for me once years ago when I wore a dress as a top and it was way longer than the skirt. I actually cut one of my embroidered tops because I got a huge stain on the bottom and now always regret that I can't tuck it in if I want... clearly this would've been ideal. Anyway all that to say that I love it like a crop top on you!! And you time w/ your friend sounds so fun, I love the knees clacking each other at the dinner description.

  26. You look so cute. I love that top, the print is so unique!

    xo, Serli

  27. Sounds like a perfect, dreamy weekend! Can't beat friends and bourbon, and Mad Men fantasies :) Hope this weekend is just as fantastic! xo



  28. love the denim and how you rolled up the bottoms, so cute!

    xo, Kina

  29. Your attitude is great! I would have had hurt feelings waiting for friends to arrive that late... And also, HELLOOOOO HEADER!

  30. Love this outfit, it is such a cute top!!

    Carla Natalia


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