Aug 24, 2014


Am I the only one around here that's not even a little bit excited for fall? I mean, yes yes, there at the pumpkin spiced lattes to be had and the pumpkins to be picked, but then that means that just around the corner there's also the snow storms to be rued and the five layers of under-armor to be worn. This girl is just not ready for the eight months of winter that seems to be lurking around the corner. Especially seeing how my most recent summer days have been going.

On Tuesday a girl friend and I packed a big ol' picnic with strawberries, brie, pink champagne, sparkling grapefruit water, and muffins galore and headed to a blues concert in the park. We thought we were fancy with our little spread but, let me tell you, these picnickers take their craft seriously. There were real wine glasses being taken out of baskets, fold out tables being set up with white linen cloths smoothed over them, and some even brought vases with flowers to set the ambiance of their little patch of grass. Suffice it to say we were the amateurs, but a blanket under a tree is a blanket under a tree, and it's hard to feel down on yourself when the sky is turning purple with night and there's scratchy blues mingling and weaving itself into those warm summer breezes. 

Smiles for days.


I suppose while I'm clinging to the last of summer, this outfit wouldn't be the hardest to move into fall when the time comes. The dark floral print in the midi skirt makes it cold-months-appropriate with its heavy shades, and instead of pairing it with a sleeveless turtleneck I could match it with a sweater or cardigan. And while tucking sweaters and shirts into skirts is usually my go-to move, I've recently been liking this style more. Where you leave the top untucked on top of the skirt, but you belt it at the natural waist. That way your proportions look a dash more appealing because your eye is instantly attracted to the line of the belt, rather than the line of the hem of the shirt. 

If you're wondering where you can get a floral skirt of that on your own, the answer is a vintage store! I got this one from Dressed in the Dark Vintage, which is actually run by one of our fellow bloggers, Skye from My Kingdom for a Hat! If you want to see pink hair, full skirts, and amazing vintage looks, pop on over to her blog and say hi :)


SKIRT: c/o Dressed in the Dark Vintage (similar: herehereherehere)
PURSE: thrifted
BELT: thrifted

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  1. Firstly, this outfit is stunning - you look beautiful, fresh & glowy!! <3 And I'll admit, I'm getting excited for fall. But will definitley miss things like summer picnics - yours sounds fabulous! xo

  2. Your picnic sounds awesome! I'd be there with a packet of crisps and a coke and think I was being fancy haha. I might have to try the belt trick cos I am forever tucking tops into skirts, time to switch it up I reckon.

    Cats in Crop Tops

  3. I am loving these two patterns together!! You are totally rocking this look!!

    Brittney Marie
    Pretty Little Pursuits

  4. I feel like I was in the minority that couldn't wait for autumn (love layering) but now that it's just around the corner, I've forgotten how to dress accordingly aha. You look adorable as always, I love all your summery outfits and the print mixing here is just divine! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  5. I'm definitely trying the belt trick tomorrow. I've got some fancy belts tucked away somewhere, I'm sure! Also that bush behind you always makes your outfits look extra striking! <3

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  6. Love the mixture of prints! xx


  7. So feminine and so lovely, and yes, a bit fall-ish you look. :) I am a rookie at picnics as well, though our picnic basket actually includes (!) wine glasses. You know this summer was probably one of those rare summers which I appreciate to the full. So strange! But I started feeling lately that Fall would bring freshness, as it always does. Maybe it's just a need/want for a change, including a sartorial switch. xxx

  8. It's picnics as you describe here that signify EXACTLY why I am also not especially ready for fall either. I don't mind fall--but I do mind winter. Yuck. I love the mix of patterns here!

  9. An utterly charming look! Personally, I am looking forward to fall since it is less hard to dress for work in a school in cooler weather, but that's just me :)

  10. I can't tell if I'm excited for Fall yet... We'll see. But I love this outfit and I love the neckline!

  11. Haha, it's so funny that pumpkin spice lattes seem to be at the top of everyone's "reasons to be excited for fall" lists! I like them, too, although mostly for nostalgic reasons. I could definitely stand for summer to be extended, too!


  12. Um, yeah, with summer nights like that, I'd be regretful to move into fall as well. Buuuut, since I haven't had the magic of picnicking where blues are playing....hehe, I'm quite excited by the crisp fall air ;)
    But yes, I DREAD winter as well. We can just skip that season as far as I'm concerned.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. That picnic sounds lovely! I need to do that

  14. Great:) x

  15. I'm always surprised by how many people wish away summer- especially those that live in wintery places! I've always been a spring and summer girl myself. I can't believe people brought tablecloths and vases to picnic- that must have been a sight to see! Sounds super fun though. I always love bright florals with a b&w top!

  16. Love the turtleneck and the I need to do a picnic now... pronto..

  17. I'm definitely excited for fall! And you know I love your print-mixing. This is ultra cool, Marlen! xo



  18. Love your skirt. So cute! xox - Katie - hauteallure.com

  19. Love your skirt. So cute! xox - Katie - hauteallure.com

  20. OMG! That sounds like so much fun and yummy! I just adore picnics but it's so dang hot here... you almost have to have a picnic in the winter to even enjoy yourself. Cute skirt and I love how you paired it with a black and white top and that coach purse ....loves it all!


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