Aug 8, 2014

This look is one of my layering strokes of genius, so gather round friends. I was cleaning out my closet last week, weeding out the summer items I didn't think really fit my style anymore, when I came upon this floral dress. I felt pretty in it with its long, floaty hem, but the top was so...dated. As I stared at it in my hands I squinted my eyes at the neckline. Damn you spaghetti straps, why did you have to turn my pretty dress into something the Friends cast would wear in the 90's? I was ready to throw it into the no pile when I hesitated mid-toss and decided to try it on one last time, for old times sake. And as I started getting mad all over again about those dumb spaghetti straps, I thought what would happen if I put a tight turtleneck over it? That would hide the top, and also add as a nice contrast against the free-flowing, billowy fabric. And ya guys, I was right. The dress completely transformed! 

This is also a good tip to keep in mind while you're thrifting. If you find a pretty dress but aren't too wild about the top half of it, you can always pop a sleeveless turtleneck or neutral colored crop top to hide that nonsense up. And- bonus- I found this turtleneck while thrifting, too. All I did was hem it to it's shorter length (which takes about fifteen minutes!) Never again will you have to drop good money at Forever 21 for your crop top needs :)

outfit-details copy
DRESS: Akira (similar: here, here, here, here)
TURTLENECK: thrifted and hemmed
CAP: H&M (men's side)
SANDALS: Zara (recent!)
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  1. I think you've repurposed it pretty perfectly - the skirt on the dress is really lovely, it looks so full!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Oh I love this trick with layering. I have a never worn dress because I keep saying I'm going to fix one of the broken straps and I never do. I may just end up cutting off the top and making it a skirt. Sewing machine to the rescue!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  3. I love how you have reworked the dress by just adding a little turtle neck over the top! So cute!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. That dress is so pretty as a skirt! Love the colors.


  5. Great Idea! I'm off now to make my own crop tops.

  6. Lovely colors in that dress! Glad you didn't donate it yet!

  7. This really is a genius idea and it turned out just lovely! I have this old white dress from high school that I've been debating getting rid of all together for that reason, the top is SO dated but now I'm going to have to give this a try! Have a wonderful weekend!

    prosecco in the park

  8. LOL You crack me up! And I HATE SPAGHETTI STRAPS! The worst!!! You've pulled a genius move here and I LOVE that you added the hat. (Sorry for all the caps, but I am really passionate about spaghetti straps and cute hats . . . I'm shallow like that.)

  9. well what an easy and brilliant idea!! the pattern & texture of the dress really is so gorgeous and flowy. now i'm curious to see what the top looks like though! I've been wanting a more modest crop top type like the one you're wearing and was hoping to stumble upon one thrifting but I think you gave me a much more practical option - thanks! you look too darling!

  10. Oh, I was just watching friends and totally know what you mean. But you turned it into a fun, sort of sporty look here.

  11. I love throwing jumpers over maxi dresses in the winter but never thought of trying it in summer! Urgh, and yes that turtleneck is spot on :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  12. Oh yes, another layering tip from the brain of Marlen - invaluable!
    Haha, I always love finding dresses that I know will work well with layers. That's the magic of dresses - they can be a top, a skirt, or...well, a dress.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. We all see the turtle neck crop top With really short skirt or shorts... Its good to see it mixed différently here !
    Hope you are Well,
    Love From Paris in the summer,


  14. Nice:) x

  15. very cute! and such a great idea, I'll keep it mind when I'm lacking inspiration!

    xo, Kina

  16. I love the way you styled this floral maxi dress! So pretty!

  17. Cute! I love the floral pattern on the skirt!!

  18. That dress is so pretty - I love the floral skirt.

  19. Love it Marlen! And this baseball hat is such an unexpected accessory- and it looks so stylin! Sounds like the path my clothes usually take- when I'm about to give away a dress I usually try the layering before making my final decision :)

  20. Bahahah, I don't like spaghetti straps either, I think they were meant for people with boobs!
    Brilliant idea though, this dress looks awesome with the turtleneck and that cap!

  21. This really is a fab idea, Marlen! I'm sure I have some maxi dresses that could benefit from a more neutral top. I must try it out :)


  22. Love the feminine outfit with the masculine cap. looks very cute with your hair style :)

  23. How pretty, love that it is just a quick and simple transformation!

    Katrina Sophia

  24. That's a great, easy tip. I love the dress with that shell over it.


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