Aug 13, 2014

August weather is always a tricky, trickay thing, isn't it? Sometimes the sun comes out with a vengeance and makes you ditch all the things in your planner for an impromptu beach day, and sometimes you wake up and notice-with some alarm- that you need to put on a sweatshirt before brushing your teeth. 

And while we've learned to just roll with these up and downs, it can get a bit confusing if the thermometer has one of its schizophrenic moments throughout the day, rather than just the week. Ninety degrees in the afternoon and then sixty degrees in the evening? Being from Chicago, I'm no stranger to that. So for this Layering 101 installment I whipped up a weather report for you, with ideas on what to wear with these finicky August temps, as well as ideas for layers that you can peel on and off throughout the day. 



It's a bit nippy out but not really, so you don't want to lug a jacket around. Instead, go for a thin turtleneck and pop it over your dress when the sun starts making its slow stretch down. The form fitting top will create a fun contrast against the billowy, light material of the maxi dress, and then add a gold plated belt on top of the turtleneck to make the pairing appear more seamless and not as choppy. If it gets warm again later, toss the thin top into your backpack or tie it around your waist.


It's patio weather you guys! It's just hot enough to make you want a margarita but not so sweltering that you want to request a seat inside. Grab a wide brimmed hat to keep the sunshine out of your eyes and pop a short sleeve chambray shirt on top of your maxi. If you want to go for a more flirty look, unbutton the few bottom buttons and tie the bottom of the shirt into a knot. That way it'll sit at your natural waist and give you more of a casual "whatever, it's summer" type of look.


It's not too hot and it's not too cold, but you never know which way the thermometer will fluctuate throughout the day. If it dips down just five degrees you're going to be cranky battling the wind in your bare legs, or if it inches up towards the mid-seventies you're going to want to ditch your jacket on the bus. To stay on the safe side, pair your crop top with something light and something thick. Matching it against fancy sweatpants gives the look a playful contrast (and will keep your legs warm), and popping on a long vest over the whole look not only ties it all together but also gives you an extra (light!) layer. Add in a baseball hat to keep the sporty look going, and colored glasses to give another touch of luxe.


It. Is. Sweltering. Nobody has any time for layers right now. Instead, add interest to your look by taking a dip into some playful pattern play. The leaf pattern in the crop top looks fun paired with a cleaner, more subtle pattern, like this window pane one. The black in the skirt also matches the black in the top, which gives a flow to the outfit. Another easy way to jazz up a look during the heat is to rely on accessories. Suspenders add a fun, boyish touch to the look, and the semi-closed sandal gives you the illusion of not being so bare.


Yep, it's still hot out and you want to show some skin without looking too nakey. Enter the thin, baggy blouse. Wear a structured bralette with high waist shorts, but then top it all off with an unbuttoned baggy, almost mannish shaped blouse. It adds an instant layer without making you sweaty, and then if the temperature does dip down you can just button it up and leave half of it tucked in at the waist.


The weather is perfect out- we've hit the Goldilocks of summer days. Take your billowy blouse and half-tuck it into a metallic mini to give a fancy-but-slob-esque look (it's all about the playful contrasts!) and then add sheer thigh highs as a thin layer to add some interest. The thigh highs will keep you warm if the temp does dip a little, but they won't overheat you since they're sheer. Win, win!

 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg

Look four: crop top, skirt, sandals, H&M suspenders 

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  1. Great pics for all sorts of weather.

  2. Love the post- dressing with the weird weather variations has been a challenge for me this summer. I love that maxi green dress so much!!

    Have a lovely week,
    Mary x

  3. Layering skillsssss!

    The weather is so weird lately that I'm sticking to sweatpants. I didn't even think of wearing a crop top with it.. that will make it actually look cute XD

  4. what a great post! thanks for sharing all these tips!

  5. Oh how I wish August was finicky here. I'll take inspiration from the 90 degrees and up outfits! I want layers though!!! I love how you made differently feeling outfits from the same pieces. You're the remix queen!

    Jamie |

  6. Gorgeous! I especially love the idea of the turtleneck over the maxidress. That's something I will definitely utilize during festival season here. ;)


  7. I love these! Especially the crop top looks. SO cute. You're the layering genius.

  8. Bookmarking this because it is hands down the most useful thing I've ever experienced. I can't stand these last few days of summer--I'm either sweating uncontrollably or freezing, wearing something I think is perfect for the hot season or donning my most cozy layers in dreams of fall. Thanks for giving the temperature-confused like myself a handy guide :)

    The What's In Between

  9. I love this post! awesome stuff!

  10. Great blog that you have here. Loving all of the fashion inspiration :)

    - Keyta

  11. Loving these looks! My fav is the 92 degree one! Perfect for AZ!! :)
    xo Erin

  12. Omg totally love this!! That dress is so fabulous!!

    <3 Shannon

  13. I love all the looks! It's perfect for August because you really don't know what to expect! Really cool post!

  14. That blouse is soo pretty! And I want to wear it in all the outfits! I'm pretty bad at layering up in the heat, but you've given me some inspo :)


  15. I feel like thats spring time in Victoria. One minute you're freezing and then next you are over heated. I love the idea of all the different layering ideas.

  16. What a nice idea this post! Today I would wear the 80 degree-outfit :)))


  17. I am definitely coming back here to plan for these crazy weather days that are about to hit us!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  18. I wish the temps here would get as low as they do in Chicago this time of year! In Florida it's a steady 90 and up. The only real fluctuation is between whether or not it rains (which usually it does at least once a day!)

  19. Now how about over 100 degrees? Because that's how hot is here in Austin, lol! Which is also my reason for hating August, it's the hottest month of the year for us Texans! All I want is fall weather to come back ;)

    Daydream Frenzy

  20. Oh my gosh, this is such a creative post, and I love it! What wonderful outfit ideas too!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  21. fantastic mix and matching ideas!!! :D love the crop top!

    Animated Confessions

  22. All these looks are something special! I love your sense of fashion!


  23. Love these posts! The dress in the first look is wonderful! I think I would even throw tights under it, add boots and a cardi and be set for 45 degree weather!

  24. This is so much fun. I love that you took elements and incorporated them differently for the varying weather! hehe. so fun!

  25. What a great layering guide! Usually August in my area means 30 days of 90 degrees + heat, but this year has been weird, definitely up and down.

  26. What a totally great idea for a post. I love so many of your choices, I don't even know where to begin. Your branding has gotten really tight and I'm really loving what you're doing with Messages on a Napkin lately. Brava!


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