Aug 25, 2014


Good morning, Monday! Man oh man has this weekend knocked me out. On Friday, my best friend Tom and I packed a couple of beach bags into the trunk of our car and hit the road for an impromptu beach trip to Michigan. We were ready for white sunblock noses, moscato in McDonald's cups, toes in the hot sand, and a sun that was just too happy to hide behind clouds. What we got though? A thick blanket of fog and a nippy wind playing under a grey sky. At first we were kind of bummed. But then we quickly realized all that dreamy, rolling white made us feel like we were inside the pages of a novel, watching the coast disappear and reappear as the thick blanket glided along. So instead we brought our sweaters tighter around ourselves and sat on the sand, watching sail boats silently drift by and pretending we were on some coast in Ireland. Maybe we don't have tan lines, but it was still a Saturday well spent.


And this outfit is one I was really excited to share with you, mainly because of the kimono. And why am I so excited about that top layer? Because it's actually an unbuttoned dress! When I thought of it, it was as if a lightbulb came on over my head and I was all "well, ya, duh." I've been trying to find a long kimono that was more on the neutral (rather than coachella-y) side all summer, and I just couldn't find one within my cheap price point. So I thought, why not just take one of my buttoned maxi dresses and, well, unbutton them? Instant success. 

And do you remember this Fiery Finish Vintage skirt I wore in this post with a crop top? Here I took it more towards a sporty look, by pairing it with a black tee, visor, and soccer sandals. I knew this piece would be super easy to move from look to look, and so far it's becoming a sort of work horse in my closet. It goes with everything! For those of you trying to build your wardrobe, I'd definitely recommend buying a navy, almost denim-looking skirt like this. The possibilities! Fiery Finish Vintage is an Etsy boutique located in LA that specializes in bright colors and fabulous prints and textures. Everything there is poppy, eye-catching, and smile inducing. If you're in the mood to shop some vintage today, pop on over to them here!


To give you an idea what Fiery Finish Vintage has, here are some of my favorite picks. Dress number three has a sheer maxi skirt- so pretty!


DRESS (WORN AS KIMONO): c/o Super Queenie Retro (similar: here, here, here, here)
SKIRT: c/o Fiery Finish Vintage (similar: herehereherehere)
TOP: thrifted:
NECKLACES: Urban Outfitters and Cocorrina
PURSE: thrifted (similar: here, here, here
VISOR: Urban Outfitters

 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg

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  1. I have a long dress like that and have been wanting to use it like a cardi, you pull it out so well :-)

  2. Way to make the best out of a situation! Colorado is so dry, we rarely get fog here. So when it rolls in, I love it! This is a great layering idea for a dress!

  3. Moscato in McDonald's cups sounds like a good time to me! Girl you know how to have a good Saturday!

  4. So glad you made the best of the trip and enjoyed it anyway!

    I am always surprised by your layering ideas too.

  5. I have a floral button down dress that is screaming to be worn in this way. I'd thought about it when I bought it a couple years ago but just wasn't brave enough to even attempt it. I probably should before the summer is out!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  6. Your weekend sounds like it was an really amazing one! (: And I love the idea of using an unbuttoned dress as a layer. I might actually have to try that. I have a dress that would be perfect!

  7. This look is too perfect!
    Also, its always good to look at the bright side of things even though... well thinks aren't that bright! xx


  8. Gees, I think we may be soul mates. Ha ha! I saw your post on Lucky and then came to your blog! Seriously though your style is killer and I love the repurposing of anything, especially dresses. Get it girl! I'm going to go find you on Instagram like... now!

  9. love the sandals!!! perfect!!!! :))

  10. Hahaha, well yeah, when you think about it, an unbuttoned dress makes for an awesome kimono, but somehow it often escapes my mind :D I love the necklaces too, and those golden shoes and that vintage bag *_*
    Don't know why, but misty beaches, remind me of "I know what you did last Summer" :D

  11. Woow, love the dress/kimono! Looks great with this outfit! And great that you made the best out of your beach trip! Here in the Netherlands, fall is already kicking in. Still hoping for that indian summer... haha!

  12. That still sounds like a lovely day! I'd so have a hot chocolate though.
    I love how you've styled that dress. I'm always seeing dresses like that in my local charity shops and have never thought about just wearing it unbuttoned.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  13. Nice:) x

  14. Oh lovely !!
    I like this background flowers and mixing it With a kimono, great look.

    Love From Paris,



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