Aug 15, 2014

Now that August is half way up I've been filling my planner with patio parties and block barbecues with a vengeance. It's funny though, because even though I have loads and loads of almost Polaroid-perfect moments to experience throughout the week, sometimes I find myself sitting under a zigzag of carnival lights at an outdoor bar, or in the middle of a loud, laughing toast with mismatched wine glasses, and find myself kind of...detached. A scosh lonely. Have you ever had that? It's not a terribly sad feeling, but almost like a private aside you take and think to yourself, why is this all there is?

Behind it all, I think the point in life is to find each other, whether it be for a few minutes outside while we're drinking out of red cups, or for years and years and years. It's to draw closer, to see each other, and to share. But when something is that simple we find a way to work it into complicated knots. Simple is scary, suspicious-feeling. So we muddle it up and keep each other at a safe arm's length away. Which is when you find yourself nodding your head and smiling somewhat strained as you lean your elbows on the patio table, trying to go along with the group conversation but all the while thinking, why is this all there is?

I wouldn't call this a funk I'm in (I thought it was for a hot minute) but an observation, a sort of call for something more. So this weekend when you're out with new people or talking with a person that's not quite familiar to you yet, try to really see them. And let them see you. Stop with the complicated knots :)


And while we're revving our selves up to have some honest moments this weekend, let's talk vintage! Ya see this top here? It used to be a vintage dress of which I grew bored. I tried wearing it as a dress a few times in July, but every time I did I would catch my reflection in a building window and feel myself slide into a frown. I just wasn't feeling it anymore; every time I styled it, the outfit fell flat. But I still loved it! How could I love a dress but hate to wear it all at the same time? So I took out my scissors and decided to breathe new life into it: in the form of a crop top. Now I'm head over heels for this piece again and would absolutely recommend doing the same thing to any dresses you're thinking of tossing. 

And does this blue skirt seem familiar? If you follow along with my "What to Wear to a..." posts, you'll remember this piece as part of an outfit to a Ramen Soup Shop. But I saw so much styling potential in it that I snapped it up for myself, haha. It's going to go with everything, I couldn't help it! I got this skirt from the lovely Etsy boutique Fiery Finish Vintage, a fun shop that specializes in bright colors and fabulous prints and textures. Everything there is poppy, eye-catching, and smile inducing.  Below I've shared a few of my favorite printed dresses to give you an idea of what they have (you should check out the pockets on dress #2- swoon!) and if you want to window shop a little this Friday afternoon, be sure to say hi by popping over here



outfit-details copy
SHIRT: vintage, cropped (similarish: here)
SKIRT: c/o Fiery Finish Vintage (similar: herehere, here, here)
SANDALS: Urban Outfitters (similar: here, here, here)

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  1. I know those feels, or something similar to it. It's like, even though you're in all that action, are you really feeling it? Should you be feeling it? Is it weird that you're not feeling it? Am I holding back or something? I am glad that you are keeping yourself busy with Kodak-worthy moments, though, and think your thoughts on this are very well thought out. :) you go girl, keep tryin' new stuff and making what you can of sit-chee-ay-shins!

    (very very southern accent)

    *steals yo top and yo girl and runs off*

  2. I love how you turned this dress into a crop top. It's so cute with that denim skirt! Hopefully the crop top will be part of many happy outfits in the future!
    Also I know what you mean about sitting there detached from a conversation. Though I don't really have any friends to hang out with, if I should ever find myself doing that again I'll try to stay in the moment!

    Jamie |

  3. You describe certain feelings so well! I can think back on moments where I was at an event, or gathering, and I still somehow felt removed from it all. Sometimes it takes work to remember to be "in the moment" and just enjoy things as they are. That being said, I really like the big pockets on this skirt! :D

  4. Ooh, I really like this dress as a cropped top on you! And the skirt is perfect. I would have snapped it up, too.
    I totally get what you're talking about. I've been feeling that way lately too, and it's not really a sad moment, it's just an interesting one. I like what you took away from it. To really see another person, and not get so complicated.

  5. Great post, I know the feeling you're describing.

    On another note, I love what you did with the dress! If you created a new piece you love, that's a huge win!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. I love this crop top!!

  7. I wanted to start off talking about your outfit, but your message in today's post made me pause.
    Wow, Marlen. You are so amazing with your words and describing what goes on in your mind.
    Because that is me. That happens far too often with me. Definitely going to try and untangle those complicated knots in my mind.
    Anyway, button up denim skirt? Thumbs up!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Beautiful words today. And you look wicked cool in a crop top.


  9. super:) x

  10. Marlen, hi! I'm a brand new blogger and as I've been searching for new blogs to follow, my sister Kate (from Clear the Way) recommended yours. I really love this post! First of all your outfit is amazing, you've inspired me to try finding more vintage pieces. Also I can really relate to that feeling of slight disconnect from others you're with. I was just having a conversation about this last night, wondering if it's a problem that I feel less connected than I should sometimes. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has felt this way. Also, I really don't believe in behaving or feeling how one "should". We are all different and experience different feelings in our own ways. In my conversation last night after sharing this feeling, my sister and I were able to share about so many more deep things we had on our minds. I guess sometimes all it takes is recognizing the disjointed parts to be able to nourish true connection.

  11. I TOTALLY love this message. I whole-heartedly agree. We always feel the need to complicate simple things. What a waste...

  12. I hope those complicated knot feelings go away and in the meantime- that is an absolutely adorable crop top to be wearing and I'm impressed with your altering skills.

  13. Connecting with others can seem like a scary, twisted experience, but working towards being fully present can definitely make the connection more meaningful. Not always easy, but that usually means it's worthwhile! Love what you did with the dress here- perfect way to re-purpose it! xo


  14. "Stop with the complicated knots"- YES. I love your writing girl, cannot wait for your book. It's amazing what a little snip and stitch can do for reviving the wardrobe!

  15. Yes! While I was on vacation, all I wanted to do was sit and stare at the waves alone, while others were trying to talk to me with beer dialect! :D
    Adore this vintage top, great idea to cut the dress,you have magical scissor skillz!

  16. Sometimes I feel like this too! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have to focus more on being in the moment and cherishing these times.
    Lisa | c/oMKE


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