Aug 2, 2014


I think one of my best -not worst!- qualities is that I'm impatient. I drag my feet as all hell most days, but when I get a thought into my head I need to dive in with both feet without thinking how deep the water is. And sometimes it's over little things.

Impatient to close the book so I can watch the clouds pass. Impatient to talk to you. To eat the whole bowl of strawberries. To go pay to see the museum when the free day is two days away. Impatient to just ask. To try that recipe even though the closest thing I have to a stirring bowl is a Tupperware container. Impatient o just blurt it out and have the words sort themselves out of their own mess. Impatient to see those crinkles around your eyes as I make you laugh. To ask you to go get food with me somewhere with fairy-lights even though we both have a lot of work to do. Impatient to take a losing gamble on myself- because, who knows? The house doesn't always win. Impatient to feel kind of bad when it doesn't work out. Impatient to feel kind of amazing when it does.

Because while everyone else is playing it cool, I think I rather get myself in trouble with the verve. Because in the end, how much is waiting really going to make a difference? It's either going to work out or it won't. The universe already fought this hard to get you here. Trust that it won't let you fall.

And if it does, who cares? Start again. Trust me, I've failed. And nothing really earth-moving happens. Other than you brushing off your knees, and noticing- with some surprise- you're a heck of a lot more resilient than you thought you were.


And while you're psyching yourself up to just go do that thing you've been waiting to do, let's talk style. I can't get enough of those baggy, sheer American Apparel shirts. I love how the slightly-slob effect looks with primmer pieces, like with structured, pleated skirts and straw handbags. I've been wearing this New Old Fashion Vintage one as a clutch with just about every outfit, because apparently wicker goes with just about every summer piece imaginable. I'm at the point where I have to physically restrain myself from wearing it because the repeats are starting to get into offensive proportions. If you're looking for a shop that has them- as well as a heck of a lot of other vintage delights- I'd recommend New Old Fashion Vintage. I have a ton of dresses and skirts from them that are seriously my go-to favorite items, so if you're in a shopping mood hop on over and say hi to Amelia (the brains behind the operation)! 


And to give you an idea what sort of items New Old Fashion Vintage has, here are my favorite picks. Seriously, it's one of my favorite, go-to stores on Etsy- go check it out!


outfit-details copy
SHIRT: American Apparel

 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg


  1. This outfit is so cute! There's just something so unique and gorgeous about that skirt. Love it!

  2. Loove the blouse!

    Also, I'm also very impatient (not sure if it's my best or worst quality though)

  3. Yeah, so… this wicker is just too perfect. And you in these giant floral prints are pretty much the best thing I've seen all day!
    : signe : the daily savant :

  4. PS~ I'm impatient for October of next year so I can come back to the states and go cupcake ATM hunting!

  5. I hate how impatient I am sometimes. You make a good point though about it not making much of a difference. I guess being impatient is just who we are. Also, really love how that shirt looks with the midi skirt, especially with the half tuck. I need to learn how to pull off the half tuck haha.

  6. super cute outfit! i love your bag because it's so different and cute!

    xo, Kina

  7. YES, Marlen, rocking the sheer top. I loooooove how fresh and summery this look is! XO

  8. I can't get over how beautifully written your posts always are…… I actually consider being impatient one of my worst qualities. It does cause me some trouble sometimes in life but all in all I try to wrangle it in. I thought it'd get better as I got older but honestly it hasn't ;)

  9. It's like your reading my diary entries and publishing them online! Girl! Stop reading my mind. I've LITERALLY been going back and forth about a practical back to school choice or an adventurous, get-my-life-started move and it's been making me feel restless, and yup... impatient. I like your approach: embrace it. Perhaps I need to trust those moments of impatience more - they are clearly showing me what I really want.

    Gorgeous words as always! I appreciate your mind!

    Fashion wise, I covet that wicker purse. I love that first photo!!

  10. Marlen, I love your hair just like it is right there!! Also, I noticed that you changed your blog around--slightly right? Also...I'm an impatient person too.. I can completely relate to this post.

  11. Nice:) xx

  12. I love that you're impatient Marlen, and especially how you portrayed it!
    In so many ways, I am exactly the same. I race through things because I am impatient to get started. To do something else. To experience what it is that I want to.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. Love your vintage sense of style dear! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know darling xx

    New post on Head Enough

  14. I love your skirt and your writing

  15. What a beautiful and inspiring post--both thoughtfully and visually! Never have I thought about impatience in a good way! Your writing is lovely!
    Also, I really love how you tucked in your shirt--I also tuck in just half of my shirt (but all the way) and it's just such a fun twist to make things asymmetrical!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  16. I can be really impatient, too. I love this top!

  17. You're wonderful, and your blog is a magical place! Thanks for always sharing such great posts with us.

  18. Love this shirt, and how you styled it! I kind of agree too, although I'd say I'm quite a patient person, it's good to be impatient too! x

  19. Seriously. Yes. This. All of this.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  20. Lovely sentiments! I should get myself in trouble with the verve more often ;) That's such a beautiful skirt! xo


  21. Have I told you recently that you are an extremely rare soul? :)


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