Jul 25, 2014

Back when I was in India I remember meeting this older traveler- a Swedish old man colored by the life of a vagabond. Tan, weathered skin, with wrinkles that ran happy rather than sad under his eyes and around his mouth. Like lines of poetry that promised how beautiful life was if only you noticed. Long silver hair swept up into a messy ponytail similar to mine. Scars and tattoos running up his arms like torn pages out of a story and not quite covered by his sleeves. And the reason I remembered him was because we were both waiting to hear about information on a bus, and were sitting there quietly side by side, just enjoying the fact that we were somewhere uncertain and new. And he turned and said to me, "It's nice not having to do anything, isn't it? Not having to occupy yourself every moment, not trying to sweep past boredom while you wait with a book or a conversation. Sometimes it's nice just to sit and be completely aware that right this moment you're living, and your life is pretty fucking beautiful. Just sit and just be. I like that me and you don't have to talk right now."

And then he turned back in his seat, and sat with his arms crossed staring out the window.

Last night, as I missed my train back home and had to wait two hours for the next one, I sat down and had every intention of whittling away the time. I had a backpack full of books, I had enough money for a magazine or a coffee. But for some reason or other I just sat there, with my legs crossed at the ankles, playing with the hem of my shirt, thinking of nothing and everything at the same time, and feeling content. Thinking of the old Swedish man back in India.

For a moment, everything inside me turned beautiful.


As for this outfit, say hellooo to my new favorite fall look. I'll be wearing this down to the ground once the temperature turns slightly nippy (which, if we're honest, already has. Damn you Midwest, damn you.) A couple of weeks ago I wore this Wayfarer dress in more of a Gatsby inspired garden party type of way, but this time around I wanted to go for more of a cozy look. I really like pairing long sweaters with maxi hems because it gives a very relaxed slightly lazy vibe, and then I topped it off with a sharp looking hat and minimalist sandals to balance out the slightly bag-lady proportions. I love how it turned out! What are some other ways that you dress up your maxis?


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DRESS: c/o Wayfarer Vintage (similar: herehereherehere)
SWEATER: Banana Republic
HAT: Urban Outfitters
NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters
WATCH: thrifted

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  1. That dress is absolutely perfect for every season and every occasion.
    And I love that sentiment about doing nothing. I had about a 45 min subway commute to work each day, and although I'd usually occupy that time with books or a game on my phone, occasionally I would just sit. Just watch people get on and off thew train, and watch each station blur past into darkness of another tunnel. It seemed so refreshing, and such a better start to a day.

    <3 dani

  2. What a lovely thought. In our day and age of go, go, go, go! You need to be doing something and by something I mean 10 things at one time!, it is nice to just sit, relax, listen and take in all of your surroundings. Lovely.

    And I love your writing. It is so illustrative. I hope you do well with your book.

  3. lovely story!

  4. I love this look!! A romantic intellectual, inside and out.

    Thanks for sharing the story about your travel companion - I've been trying to work on mindfulness more lately, and it's always nice to get a new perspective and a reminder.


  5. Beautiful writing.
    It's always beautiful inside you. But you are right - you need to be quiet to see it. Favorite thing to do. Silence. Strange for a writer, really. :) Love

  6. Love this outfit!! Your hair looks fab with that hat!

  7. What a beautiful anecdote, moments like that are priceless. About your outfit, thus makes me long for fall even more.. so ready!

  8. Damn, girl your fringe game is SO on point that it's almost dangerous for me to come to your blog when I am in a thousand feet of scissors.

    Also, this dress suits you so well - it's one of THOSE dresses - practically perfect in every way.

  9. Love the story of the old Swedish man. How wise of him. I love that feeling of contentment he described, it's so relaxing. Dress is beautiful

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  10. I always struggle to switch up how I wear maxis, since they're like ready made outfits in my mind. But I love the idea of topping off the look with a hat like you did!


  11. Beautiful look! You always have wonderful combos with floral prints.

  12. That is such a lovely way of looking at life! Sometimes when I'm sitting or standing someplace, not looking at my phone but just staring off into space, thinking about the universe or maybe nothing, people come up and ask if I'm okay. Then I have to spend 20 seconds explaining that I'm not upset, it's just my face and I'm just waiting. :-P Why is it not okay to daydream in public? I rarely feel the need to fill up that strange, quiet space between people with small talk. I totally agree with the Swedish man that sometimes it's okay to just let the moment be!

  13. I really like that story. I feel like you know when you have met someone special if you can just sit there and be content.

  14. I am totally inspired by this look. I have a summer maxi that I will just have to wear like that come fall. Well, not exactly like that, but you get my drift. And I know what you mean about not doing anything. When I'm riding in the car for 20 or 30 minutes, I don't usually do anything. I just tend to stare out the window. I always take a book or my phone, but I almost never end up doing anything. It's nice to let my brain have that breather.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  15. What a lovely, uplifting post! Really enjoyed reading through it and your dress is beautiful! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  16. super:) xx

  17. I love that story so much! I am definitely guilty of constantly trying to occupy myself with not only one, but sometimes three or four things at once! It really is nice to just sit and relax, not doing anything but enjoying life.

  18. I love this look too - a new favorite from you.

    Also, a great story and lesson in a way, that we need t just take time sometimes.

  19. I love that man. Haha, how great! Love this dress on you, too.

  20. what a beautiful experience to have. i absolutely love it to pieces. how true is that? sometimes it is so nice to just sit and enjoy the silence, and to enjoy the nothingness. and of course i have to comment on how that maxi is flawless, and the most perfect addition to summer!

  21. I think this look is fantastic and really flattering. And I agree with your Swedish friend, it is beautiful to take a moment to just 'be' and not have to do anything else. It's why I love train journeys actually, just gazing out the window and watching the world go by.

  22. I loved your story about the man in India. It'd be great to just not do anything sometimes but it's hard to find time to do nothing! I always feel guilty that I could be getting something else done.

    But anyway, I love this outfit too. This dress looks awesome on you. You styled it perfectly with that cute hat and sandals. Also I'm jealous that it's cool-ish up there already. We have like 3 more months of horrible heat and humidity. Stupid southern climate!

    Jamie |

  23. Sounds like a lovely encounter- really sometimes the best moments are those when we are completely still and mindful, and thus, content. And sounds like an interesting character as well! I'm totally behind this being your new staple fall look- floral prints and cardigans are always up my alley! xo


  24. Badass old man! This is awesome. I'm glad you write it down asap as to not miss a word. Sometimes I forget to right away and then later I'm trying to paraphrase and it doesn't work so well.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  25. Such a great story! I think Americans especially have no idea how to just enjoy doing nothing.
    LOVE this dress on you, especially with that sweater! That's something I can never pull off, so I'll just live vicariously through your outfit instead.


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