Jul 10, 2014


Man, boys are stupid. Not too sound too much like a girl that's wallowing in a tub of ice cream, but I am and they are. They just swoop on in there, with their scruffy five o'clock shadows and slow moving smiles. With that sort-of-okay-fine-really-adorable habit of nervously fidgeting with their shirt button. And they make you kind of want to start kind of wondering about them.

And they know what they're doing. Because then they move onto phase two and give you these slow swaying hugs that you're pretty sure out of you can make summer songs. And are specifically designed to make you sigh into their shirt as your face is pressed into their Hanes tee. And those hugs have the most wonderfully annoying habit of always happening just as that sky takes on that bruised purple blue of a summer evening and a warm breeze comes blowing on through, carrying promises smart girls are too smart to listen to. But you're not a smart girl. And then.


Then they don't call. And then. Then all at once you hate the scruff. Who fidgets with buttons, anyway? And, on second thought, your hugs were kind of, well let's just say it,ok?, on the lame side. So wtvr.

I much rather eat ice cream on my deck anyway. So, you know, you just keep on doing that whole not calling me thing. It's not like I'm noticing. 


This frustration with inconsiderate boys is what led me to this ah-mazing sheer box blouse from American Apparel. The discovery of it happened when I was speed walking to the train, politely dancing around slow-ass pedestrians while praying they wouldn't make me miss my ride back home to the suburbs. And as one family decided to link arms and roll down to a crawl in front of me, I was forced to fall back to their pace behind them. That or plow through them like a linebacker, but I just didn't have it in me. The sadness just zapped my usual city-abrasiveness, you know? Which is when I looked to my left. Into the AA store window. And saw this top. And, let me tell you, I'm one to shop while feeling down so I kind of went into the changing room with a vengeance. And when I buttoned this top and glanced in the mirror I was kind of...taken aback. My hair was in tussled curls, my lips were red like berries, and I just looked hot. And all at once, it seemed like I was cured. Who needs a cutie when you're the cutie, amiright? ;)


And do you guys remember this Honeymoon Vintage watercolor skirt? I wore it back in this post with more of a boho feel. I've really been enjoying the slightly-sloppy-but-in-a-hot-way look that's been taking over this summer, so I only tucked in half of the blouse to give me this relaxed air. Honeymoon Muse reminds me of Urban Outfitters just all vintage, and their tagline is, fondly, Cher Horowitz approved. When asked what kind of styles they carry or what kind of girls they keep in mind when curating, they answered: Biker-babe-grunge. Minimalist-pop-art-mod. Goth-raver-disco. Festival-hippie-gypsy. I mean, yes please. If you feel like shopping today I'd definitely go check them out here! And below I shared a few pieces that I have my eye on, to give you an idea what they have:


outfit-details copy
SKIRT: c/o Honeymoon Muse
NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters and Cocorrina
SANDALS: Target (on sale now! ugh.)

 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg


  1. I love this look so much! That skirt really is a dream. Honeymoon Muse is definitely a favorite shop of mine. So many great pieces!

    <3 Becca xo

  2. I'm sorry boys are dumb, but it's clearly his loss. I mean, look at you! That top is so lovely. I have a similar vintage one, and I always feel so hot when I wear it.

  3. Oh yeah! Who needs inconsiderate boys when you can be hot? I like your attitude, Marlen, and your newfound bestfriendshirt. It goes great with your magical ocean skirt.

    Also, slow walkers are ugh; even on sidewalks when you can walk around them on the grass, I still feel sort of bad and nerdy doing it LOL

  4. Aw, I'm sorry lady. Isn't dating the worst sometimes? But, just know that you are one awesome lady and that guy was just not as awesome as you!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  5. cool look!:) xx

  6. Oh my gosh, slow walking people who link arms and take over the ENTIRE pavement really get on my wick. However, if they didn't you wouldnt have that fabulous shirt on your bod, now would you? Also, you are totally right, who needs an inconsiderate boy if they cannot notice how hot you are :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  7. Omggggg loving this skirt!!!! So fabulous with the sheer top!! And man!!!! Boys suck!!!!!! His loss!!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Bummer on the guy front. Hold out for a good one who deserves you. On the plus side, you are looking fab. Love those white sandals. I usually shy away from sheer tops because of the bra issue, but I love how you've styled this. Thanks for stopping by!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  9. Ice cream > boys. I'm sorry though. I know we've ALLLLLLL been through it. You look lovely in this skirt, though!

  10. that skirt is too perfect & I'm loving these necklaces. gorgeous!


  11. I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm sure glad I did, and it's quickly become one of my faves. Can we be best friends?! Haha.

    You do look hot, and ready to make that scruff sorry for not calling you sooner. You go, girl.

  12. Yes ma'am. You are 100% right! Dating is SO freaking hard! But I do love love love this top.

  13. You would think as we get older it gets easier hey? Just remember a watched phone never rings and he's missing out on a stylish chick in the meantime.

  14. Great outfit and pictures! Interesting post! =)


  15. UGH boys are stupid!! I always feel envious of people in happy relationships...and then when I meet a boy, I just encounter these same jerkish types. Sigh.

    Anyhow, a cute top is a good way to feel better, so good choice!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  16. That skirt is a trip. It's like looking through a swimming pool. And hey, at least there are cute boys in your vicinity, so that's a plus.

  17. Girl. You are hotter than any inconsiderate boy.
    I love this outfit. You are too cool to care but your hair is like, pristine.


  18. I love this combo- such a rad watercolor skirt and I love the look of the sheer top + bandeau. Also, your hair is amazing- so shiny and perfect! Oh man, your story sure brought back memories, boys can be so lame.

  19. Amen! I've had too many guys being all sweet and "I LOVE YOUUUUU" and then they don't call like for one week and you wonder if they got killed and someone threw the body in a sewer or something...And people say girls are mean, hell yeah, but boys are mean too! Don't sweat it, I bet you'll do better and you'll find that special one who's gonna call no matter what.
    This outfit is spectacular, the sheer white shirt is sooooo pretty!

  20. I know the feeling with the boy issue. Maybe that's why I ended up with girls! Haha! Just do you and someone will come along. Trust me, it will be when you least expect it. I look forward to more outfits like this!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  21. I love this post. Who needs a cutie when you are a cutie. So truuuuueee, I want to scream this at everyone I know. You look and are awesome, girl.


  22. Men suck that is why. They all secretly take a class on how to play with women's hearts. But…… When you have a top like that who need a man.

  23. Damn boys and their nonchalant magical powers! *Shakes fist* But luckily your wardrobe is ultra magical too! xo



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