Jul 8, 2014


So as you can see, that tan I worked on over the Fourth really stuck around. Psh. Back to translucent I go.
Lately I've been reading a lot of books and thinking a lot of thoughts, and one thing that got kind of stuck in my mind was this little snippet that Tyler Knott Gregson (God how I love him) illuminated for me days ago:

We are half people
and we will stay
half people
until we stop
for wishes
that have already
been granted

And the thing that got me hung me up about this is that I'm pretty sure these wishes of mine are on the huge side but I don't realize what they are. The thing with wishes is that you don't have to work for them. You kind of just cast a line into the waters of the night sky and see if you get a bite. Sometimes ya get a nibble, sometimes ya don't. And the thing that makes them special is they're fleeting. It's why a birthday wish turns into curling smoke or why a star flashes and winks out when it's been claimed. Which means so is the satisfaction. Once you get one you start working on the next one, right? So I wonder what I have but don't realize? Kind of like a hoarder of dreams. The happiness is tucked under some pile of newspapers from 1989 and stack of old AOL cds. And how long am I gonna stay a half person because of it? Hmm. 


And this outfit is my most abused one- I mean, how could it not be? I wear it every week. Just once, but it's enough to make me a repeat offender. The pants are actually a wide legged jumpsuit, and I feel like such a babe walking down city blocks with these bad boys flaring around me. One time I was walking to a bar and Jimi Hendrix music was spilling over onto the sidewalk from a house party, and I was just all holy hell, I'm in a movie scene right now. If you see a jumpsuit with flared pants sometime this week I suggest you snap it up; it'll be the best thing you do for your summer :)

outfit-details copy
JUMPSUIT (worn as pants): Francesca's
SHIRT: thrifted
HAT: Urban Outfitters
NECKLACE: H&M and Cocorrina

 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg


  1. Fabulous jumpsuit! The print is so lush. I'd love to see it without the vest, too.

    I don't know what you have without realizing you have it, but perhaps you can relate to my list of some of the things I often take for granted: love for and from wonderful friends and family, abilities and talents, an education, the privilege to learn and have fun almost every single day. I don't think that longing for things or feeling negative makes us half-people; it only makes us human. Realizing and celebrating the wishes that have already come true brings about a good, peaceful feeling, though :)


  2. Ahhhh so hippie <3 Really love your style I'm a fan.

    Lou of, steal-thestyle.com

  3. I just made myself an awesome pair of flared pants! I definitely plan on abusing them as soon as the opportunity arrives :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  4. these wide print pants are the cutest! I love how you tied the front of your shirt. For rainy-day footwear, I suggest doc martens ( I own a pair of white ones), or Hunter boots. Hope that helps!

  5. Loving the print on that!

    Brittany | soulalien.blogspot.com

  6. Your movie scene comment made my laugh - just because I have those moments ALL the time. I think you may have even convinced me to go out and buy a wide-legged jumpsuit and walk around the Jimi Hendrix, because hey! why not? I'd have to agree, too. You do look straight out of a movie :) beautiful! xoxo

  7. This is such a neat outfit. Reads as sort of high fashion to me, like Vogue would feature something like this, and it is also very you too :)

    I think we can aim for dreams and goals but that sometimes a great purpose or passion of our life can also sneak in side ways and surprise up by us being int he right place and time we were meant to be in .

  8. I'm only a recent follower but I really love the way you write. Your posts are a pleasure to read :) The print on that jumpsuit is divine!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  9. Lovely outfit! Great vintage look with the paisley print and shape of the legs! :)

  10. perfect:) xx

  11. I looove this outfit and your philosophical thoughts! Wide legged jumpsuits are everything! I own a polka dotted one! Nice idea to wear something over it such that they seem trousers. I'm going to try that too! :)

  12. Love your pants dear :D


  13. So, I think I've said this before, but I'm pretty sure we are soul twins. Soldier Boy was commenting the other day that I can seem happy, but never really BE happy because I always seem to want more than I have. I really don't try to be so needy/wanty/wishy, but it's been a pattern that I developed early on in life and never managed to hurdle over! As far as the jumpsuit goes, I totes feel ya on loving the swish of all that fabric on your gams. I've got a particular pair of palazzos that I'm sure will begin to unravel any day now, I've worn them so often!

  14. Very interesting thought. And then the question is begged--do wishes get granted because they are what you need or what you want? What determines whether or not a wish is granted? And if it is granted was it because you wished it or because it was going to happen anyway? Crazy to think about.

    Loving this jumpsuit on you.

  15. Beautiful outfit! Great blog and post! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!



  16. Aw this is definitely something that I would wear. I actually have a similar outfit but different colors! Flowy pants and a tied shirt. Great minds thing alike!


  17. Yes!!! Love this look! That jumpsuit paired with the chambray is so perfect and I am in love with those necklaces!

    <3 Shannon

  18. very easy, casual and chic look! the shirt is nice!

  19. Just found your blog! It's so lovely!
    Such a cute outfit.

    X O


  20. Absolutely loving the jumpsuit. LOVE the pants. In this case, repeat offenses are definitely okay!

  21. stunning. You keep walking around like you're in a movie, babe. Cause you sure could be. ;)



  22. I think wishes are a funny thing. Maybe he meant it more in a 'count your blessings' type of way. That we are so fortunate that we need to stop wishing and just do something to get what we want. Maybe then we will be whole.
    You dress very cool,


  23. I would wear this every week too, you look fabulous! You totally had me LOLing about the AOL cds... I'm sure I might actually have some in my storage unit. You're making me feel old!

  24. I've had a sort of similar revelation recently-- I've been meeting a lot of new people this year (for the first time in a while) and how they perceive me is very different from how I perceive myself-- so I'm sort of realizing that I have all these qualities that I didn't know I had (some are like wishes come true that I finally have become the person that I want; some are sort of like wtf happened to me and why do I act that way?).

    Also your necklaces are so cute! I've been staring at some very similar ones on Etsy, but the shipping is too much for me to consider them rn unfortunately...



  25. I totally get what you mean about wishes. Although I'm constantly wishing for things, they're mostly so insignificant that I can't even remember what I've wished for anymore.

    That jumpsuit is lovely, and I don't blame you for wearing it constantly. It looks so comfortable!

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  26. I totally get why you felt like you were a movie scene, such a cool outfit. Super rocker and bohemian. I really dont think I could pull off a jumpsuit otherwise Id snatch one up after seeing these photos.

  27. I can definitely understand why this would be your most "abused" outfit! It looks so comfortable but chic at the same time:) And hmmm your words really caught me. I guess my take on the whole "half people" thing is just that we take our lives for granted. We don't realize that the things we wish for are already in our lives, just in a different form we cannot see? But I do get what you are saying about wishes being almost freebies. They aren't goals or dreams where we need to work for what we want. But wishes are just a hope for a future? Definitely something to think about at 1:31 in the AM! Thank you for that:)
    xo Olivia

  28. Love the jumpsuit, you have made a great styling, adding the chambray shirts. I also like the poem. It makes you think.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  29. I like this snippet, it reveals so much of human nature. It's time we stopped wishing and started living!
    Woohoo, this jumpsuit is so rad, love the wide legs. And I want those necklaces O_O

  30. How cool!!?? love the textures!




  31. You are sooo not half a person... I am sorry, but he is wrong.

    How adorable you are? Unbelievably adorable! :) Enjoy your summer!

  32. If it would be possible I would post a photo of mine, very similar to urs:-) But what really have impressed me are those words, I read the few times so far, love the simplicity, lack of urge to sound smart, but still so deep meaning of it. I m not sure I can interpret it in a just one way. Thank u xx

  33. such a gorgeous outfit!!

  34. SO stinkin cute! You look killer in those pants, a total babe flauntin down the street, I can already see it now!


  35. Oh my gosh, this is great! I am always jealous of people who pull off jumpsuits so well because I always feel I look silly. But this just looks like a vintage dream!!!


  36. Those pants are fantastic on so many levels. Kudos to you for totally rocking that jumpsuit ensemble :] Love it!

  37. What a fresh way to style a jumpsuit! I'm loving the pattern and the layered necklaces are a nice touch. Great look!


  38. This is beautiful. You definitely look straight out of an old film, and I love it. My wishes are usually on the large side as well, but here's hoping we get some nibbles :) xoxo

  39. What a beautiful reflection- so very true! And your musing on it were a pleasure to read :) I can see why this has been a go-to outfit for you. The chambray-paisley pairing is perfection! xo



  40. love the look :)


  41. I love these photos as you look so genuinely cheerful, it's nice to see! It's also really nice to see those necklaces haha, don't ask me why but I still haven't got around to buying any crystal pendants.. I really need to get my act together! Have a fantastic week :)

    - I follow back on bloglovin' -


  42. Not only do I completely LOVE this look, but I am also enthralled with the fact that these pants are long on you! I know you and I are both tall, tall girls, and finding pants that are actually long on us is the BEST. Cute, as always!

    Becca xo

  43. The chambray top is fantastic, especially with the little knot. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  44. ooOoooh! Miss MARLEN! I love the shape of this snazzy jumpsuit of yours! And of course your necklaces look awesome layered like that. I love those terminated quartz necklaces, ugh. They're all ~superpowers whoa~ but not really but they look great.

  45. Those pants are amazing!! I love this outfit Marlen!

  46. I don't know if you ever seen Pirates of The Caribbean. But in the movie Johnny Depp's character has this compass that points to the thing one truly desires (and thus I assume wish granted will bring happiness). Sometimes I wish I have one of those bc I don't really know what I want. And it's hard to work to get what you wan't if you're not really sure what it is LOL.
    Anyway, I digress! You look very cute in this outfit. Love how you added the shirt on top of the jumpsuit and turned it into a whole different outfit. I need to try this with some of my rompers.

    ♥ Gita @ mimiandchichi.com

  47. That jumpsuit is all kinds of fabulous. It definitely looks billowy in the best way. I've spent this summer reading all the things as well, my brain is so full of thoughts and dreams that it might explode.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  48. Such a lovely outfit! I also have this clothes that I constantly wore once a week without realizing it cause I like it so much, haha. I guess I need to give it a rest for a while.


  49. You can never EVER go wrong with a jump suit.. there is just something so fun but yet casual about them

  50. lovely blog :)

  51. Marlene I love this look! I like the layout of your blog too. I'm headed to your travel section next ;)


  52. That jumpsuit looks insanely comfy! What a perfect summer piece!


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