Jun 17, 2014


Well, I've found a new layering trick that I'm now obsessed with: high collar dress + vest + dangle-y necklaces. Who thought something this covered up could be so fun? 

Actually, this outfit was kind of a tricky one to put together, mainly because this sheer Hey Viv! Vintage dress is a statement on its own. That and there aren't that many layers a girl can work with when the heat outside starts inching towards the 80's. So the end result was a whole lotta trial and error that finished with a quarter of my closet mangled on top of my bed. And a quarter of my closet is like a small department store. So. You can only imagine the horror of the aftermath

I've been getting a lot of questions lately on my thought process of creating these looks (looking at you, Natalia :)) so I thought it'd be fun to walk you through them.

What I usually do is start with one piece that I'm in the absolute mood to wear. You know how it is. You wake up thinking, "yes, I think I'd like to wear that lacy, floral dress today!" And then you shimmy yourself into it, turn towards the mirror and go "uh huh, yea, there's no way in hell I'm wearing this today." It's all about the mood; that one piece will call out to you. In today's case, it was this sheer, dark number. Once I have that locked down, I see how I can add to the outfit, layering wise. Can I pop a top underneath, maybe a pussybow? How about a vest- would a vest work? Should I try the denim or cargo vest? Should I cinch it at the waist with a belt, or does it look good hanging open. Maybe I should tie the top in a knot at the waist rather than tuck it in? It's a whole lot of fidgeting, a whole lot of vetoing. And the way I organize my closet helps a lot, because I hang everything according to its layering potential. That way I'm aware of all my options. 

With this look I probably tried on four different vests before landing on this one, and I wanted a more sleek silhouette so I belted the vest at the waist to pull the fabric in towards the body. The necklaces were an afterthought, and I tried them on because I was going for a sophisticated hippie and thought they would add a little more playfulness to the outfit. A backpack was a little more vagabond-ey than a purse, and how is an outfit complete without a hat? And there you go- my look was complete!

How do you come up with your looks? Is it as calculated as this or do you just run with it?


Hey Viv! Vintage is an awesomely 50's Etsy boutique that has everything from poodle skirts to Betty Draper frocks and novelty print dresses. If you're a die hard vintage fan, then I think you'll really enjoy their picks. They also have another site with even more options outside of Etsy, which you can check out here! And here are some of my favorite picks from their shop, to give you an idea of what they have:


outfit-details copy

DRESS: c/o Hey Viv! Vintage (similar: here, here, here)
VEST: c/o Mousevox Vintage (similiar: here, here
BOOTS: Lulu*s
BAG: c/o La Poule Noire (similar: here)
NECKLACE: H&M (recent!)
 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg


  1. Looooving this high neck with the vest! And that hat is pretty much the best! :)

  2. I think this is one of my favourite outfits I have seen of yours! I love it so much! I always decide what I am going to wear the night before, I picture and plan out the whole outfit in my head, everything even down to the jewelry! I am weird!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Your style is so impeccable and so you! Love it!

    Also, love the changes on your blog! xx

  4. oh, I love that dress! It looks so cosy and chic at the same time:) You styled it perfectly well, it looks simply amazing with that vest and black hat:) I also like this new design of your blog, turned out nice:)
    Have a good day ahead!

  5. Ah you put so much effort into your outfits, Im jealous. I think I would go crazy if I went through a quarter of my closet for an outfit because I have no patience haha thats how my room always ends up a mess from clothes I debated wearing. Im also not as good at layering as you so I feel like it would take me extra time just to find an outfit that works.

  6. Ah you put so much effort into your outfits, Im jealous. I think I would go crazy if I went through a quarter of my closet for an outfit because I have no patience haha thats how my room always ends up a mess from clothes I debated wearing. Im also not as good at layering as you so I feel like it would take me extra time just to find an outfit that works.

  7. Love this combination! Will try it with my vests. :)

  8. It always depends what I'm getting dressed for. If I know I have a party or an event to tend I usually try to piece together an outfit in my head but on a regular day to day basis by outfits are always last minute! I love how you layered this outfit, I so need some new dangly necklaces!

  9. I definitely dress according to my mood. I have my closet organized by color, to make things easy to find, and... hmm, I don't know if there's really a thought process other than a general idea of how I feel like looking that day!
    Although I do try hard to add jewelry because that's one thing I always forget.
    Anyway, you look so cute! I LOVE that dress, and the quirky, boho way you styled it. So fun!
    Your hair is looking fab, by the way. I think your hair-growing-out stages are the best of anyone I've ever seen.

  10. 1) I love when you explain your process! It's like watching an artist meticulously create their ary. :)

    2) I usually make up outfits on the fly. I buy things that speak to me, and I don't think about them until I pull them out of the closet/dresser. Though I do agree that layering is the perfect way to spice up any outfit, so if I have a predisposition to it, then I guess that counts as being planned. XD


  11. You are definitely my inspiration for layering, always love how you style things! <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  12. That is such a gorgeous dress! And I love how you styled it. Also, is your blog layout new?! It looks so great :)

  13. I'd totally wear this exact outfit from head to toe! Ever single piece (including the necklaces) looks like they just belong together! Interesting thought process about putting an outfit together. I think I'm quite similar - just find an element in an article of clothing I want to work with that day and try to make it work.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  14. Oooh, I love this outfit and I love your process!
    Haha, reminds me of my own. I'll start with a piece that I know I want to wear and build around that. My first question is: Do I want to wear a dress/skirt today or pants? Then I'll brush my hand along my legs and decide based on how smooth they feel xD
    Lol so that's my summer process at least!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. Haha I don't think my outfits are as calculated unless I really want to wear a certain piece differently than I ever have before and am having a hard time coming up with something. I think the layering here looks wonderful, as usual. You rock the denim vest like no other! I really love the high neck on this dress too.
    Also I did a little chuckle at the temperature inching toward the 80s thing since today was 91 degrees and my phone's "real feel temperature" thing said it felt like 102. Nyoooo. When we visit up north it always feels so much better and I'm like, "yay some layers again!" The grass is always greener!

  16. so cool!:)) xx

  17. This dress is super gorgeous and suits you so well. I love the way you styled it and it is interesting to read how you put a look together because it always looks like it comes so naturally to you. Keep making fabulous outfit combinations.

  18. The dark hat paired with the sheer but dark dress works well.

  19. That's my process too! My mornings usually have me focused on wearing one specific thing and then I build an outfit from there. I love this vest over the dress, this look has the perfect touch of bohemian!

  20. like you, I usually style my outfit around one piece; something I love, something I'm challenging myself to wear, something I've borrowed, etc. I think it's a great strategy for putting things together, because your only variables are what will GO with the piece you chose, instead of picking out a whole outfit! I'm all about little getting ready quick tricks like that (since I'm always running late!) Such a pretty, different dress. I think the vest brightens it up and makes it summery!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  21. When I pick out an outfit, it usually comes about the same way that your outfits do. I have a certain piece in mind, and then I work with it to attempt to make it work for both me, and the weather. It's a miracle if I can get dressed and walk out of my house being happy with my outfit and being completely weather appropriate. Usually, I have to choose if I want to dress for me or dress for the weather. I wore a thick, sweatshirt material dress to Downtown Disney yesterday, but I have no regrets because it is an adorable dress.

  22. I have days where my process is exactly how you described, and some days where I have happy accidents and come up with something amazing on the fly. The happy accidents are far and few between. I love how you can rock a denim vest! It add the perfect boho touch.

  23. that's a lovely dress! putting together an outfit starts the same way with me, but i'm far less calculated, haha. i just get really frustrated if it takes too long for me to style the item i really want to wear in the morning, and i'll end up putting on a dress that'll look fine on its own.. wish i was more patient and made more of an effort like you, though! xx

  24. Your hair looks so amazing in these photos! So perfectly neat and shiny. I also think that it's my favourite outfit of yours, really suits you.

  25. My favorite part about this ensemble is definitely the sheerness paired with the denim vest-- flirty yet rustic. :)

  26. love the dress and the way you styled it. It's so hot here I can get lazy on layering unless I know Iam about to be blasted in the a/c
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  27. Ooh I love all the layering going on here, and the denim really matches the pattern on your dress. I just throw on whatever is near to me and what's clean when I get up haha, the joys of waking up 5 minutes before you're meant to leave the house!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  28. Marlen- I love this look! The dark florals, the denim- so up my alley! Nice to get a glimpse into the process behind your always amazing looks :)


  29. Love this layered look, all of it is so perfectly put together!

  30. "Sophisticated hippie" describes this very well :) Tres chic!

  31. Hey! You changed your web design! I love it!:) Anyway-great styling trick... Always love stumbling upon different ideas like yours.
    xo Olivia

  32. Such a lovely outfit, per usual! I love your personal style! And haha oh girl don't get me started on layering during the summer! ;)
    When planning an outfit I usually do everything the night before and then I probably will end up waking up late, feeling rushed, and just grab the first several things I can from my closet hahaha :)
    I really love how you dress yourself so obviously your method is working quite well! ;)

    P.S. Tried to click on your link for how you organize your closet and it's not working! ;/

  33. You look awesome :) You could totally be a member of the band Warpaint in this outfit. I tend to choose my outfits the night before. I'll think about the next day, where I'm going and what I'm doing and figure out what vibe I want to give off and if I need to dress functional or not. Then I pick a dress or bottoms and do the accessorizing in the morning.

  34. i'm always a little jealous of people who have uncovered the secret to great layering. it's more of a trial and error with me. i'll put something together, then ask my husband if i'm crazy or brilliant. most of the time, he thinks i'm crazy. then i know i've hit gold ;)
    xo jac

  35. You layered your look so well! Love to read how you style your looks! :) Really love your bag!

  36. So touched to get such a detailed answer from you. :) Thank you!

    I was thinking about the process... Lots of it sounds familiar. Mostly the part when I think "I really want to wear this today...." and then it turns out to be a completely different outfit. :)

    Creative process is a creative process, no matter what we do, agree? I think analytical skills are fine and necessary in some way in certain situations. But I think the best things in creative life happen when we let those skills rest and just go with the mood as you say here... I look at my daughter's drawings when she was 3, 4, 5, 6 years old. They were brilliant! Imperfect, but so heart capturing - you can't stop looking at them. Now when she is 11, she somehow already learned that she is not good enough (and we always tell her that she is an amazing artists)...

    I learned so much analysis when in university - to cut the literature pieces and language into pieces to see what it's made of. But magic happens when it is a whole... So I feel like unlearning those skills and learn again how to be a kid who doesn't know analysis and doesn't know perfection...

    Your outfits, no matter how thinky you think you are, are of the magic kind to me.

    Much love and hugses xxx

  37. i absolutly love this!! oh my god! im so happy you commented on my blog, you have awesom style! keep in touch! x

  38. This is such a cool look and you pull it off so well! Where did you get your hat? I've been looking for one like that!
    Leslie @


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