Jun 11, 2014


Hello, friends! So I'm almost a week into being twenty-five, and I have to say, the age is sitting well with me. I've been nothing but smiles, especially considering how my birthday night went. It was all champagne glasses, spinning bear hugs, laughs that hit the air like bubbles, uncoordinated dance moves, drunk midnight chats on strangers' front lawns, warm night breezes that felt like promises, and thousand kisses from my favorite people. When you hit a quarter-century in that fashion, there's no time to feel antsy.

Also, being a scosh older made me hit this new-found motivation that's kicked my butt out of sloth mode. It's like my brain went "k, time to go make things count. go conquer shit." I've been staying up till one am with my sleeves rolled up, sinking my hands into new projects and being impatient with the way the sun just has to go to sleep for twelve hours at a time. Lazy sun. There's a more intense gleam to the day when you feel like that- I really hope it sticks around. Is anyone else feeling that way? Maybe it's a combination of new beginnings and that warm summer air, and the way it flirts with you whenever you step outside. Whatever it is, it's workin'.

And speaking of workin, let's talk about this look. Some of you might remember this dress from one of my "What to Wear to a" posts, and I loved its romantic edginess so much that I snapped it right up from Hey Viv! Vintage. I love how it's sheer and floral, but also very dark. The contrasts of it make for some fun styling. In this look I decided to play up its colors by complimenting it with some dark green and mustard, and then creating a silhouette for the look by cinching it with a belt. And Hey Viv! Vintage is an awesomely 50's Etsy boutique that has everything from poodle skirts to Betty Draper frocks and novelty print dresses. If you jones to look like an extra out of Grease every now and then, then I think you'll die a little when you see this store. They also have another site with even more options outside of Etsy, which you can check out here!


And here are some of my favorite picks from Hey Viv! to give you an idea of what they have- that vegetable print dress just may be too cute for words.

outfit-details copy
DRESS: c/o Hey Viv! Vintage (similar: here)
VEST: Old Navy
BELT: Calvin Klein (thrifted)
SCARF: French Connection
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
 photo Untitled-9_zps85ce6b37.jpg


  1. I really am loving the blog makeover! Looks lovely!

    And your hair in this style is just so darn pretty...and your bang length is perfect...making me want to cut bangs asap.

  2. I've got a milestone birthday coming up in a little over a month. I hope that I get the kind of motivation that you got after your 25th, because I've definitely been lacking in the motivation department.

  3. Sounds like you had a really good birthday, I love nights out like that! Love your scarf it's a lovely colour x

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. I'm glad your birthday was such a success! I do feel the same way although it has nothing to do with my age I think the combo of the warm weather and more daylight hours has me up and accomplishing things! Its great!

  5. Cute! I'm going to try and do my hair like this. I love the dress, too.

  6. Hey! Love the new layout! I'm glad that you've found some sense of motivation. I love those spurts of energy and promise! Great outfit today also!

  7. You look stunning, Marlen! Love the texture/color combo. Very fresh take on that dress!
    <3 Becca

  8. Glad you are enjoying being 25! Personally it was a year I loved too :)

  9. 25 & looks amazing. In love with this look, that army-type-ish vest looks amazing on you as well as your new blog theme! Everything looks fantastic.


  10. You are looking so lovely in these photos! I love that pop of mustard yellow- it's totally your color! Glad to hear 25 has been good so far! I seem to recall liking that age pretty well!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  11. Hope you had a fantastic birthday! I really love this outfit - that dress is gorgeous!


  12. i love the way you layered the vest over that adorable dress. i wish i had more opportunity for layering around here. but lately, it's the less clothes the better!
    xo jac

  13. Eee, so so in love with that dress! It looks beautiful on you! And ahh happy late birthday! Thinking about how quickly time passes is always worrisome for me, and I really like your "let's conquer this" attitude! xx
    (P.S. I love your new blog layout! xx)

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  14. I turned 25 about 3 months ago and the number scared me a lot. But I got used to it and realised it doesn't mean I have to grow up. Love this dress on you and your layering skills are always the best.

    1. YES! It just seems so heavy, right? Like I should be owning a condo and have more than three digits in my bank account, haha. But inside I still feel sixteen so that won't work, haha ;)

  15. I love your dress! Seriously a sucker for anything with a border skirt. "Go conquer shit." Bahaha. Amazing.

  16. Sounds like a sublimely lovely birthday celebration! Perfect way to ring in the quarter century. Good luck with all the new projects! And absolutely loving that dress :)



  17. Go Marlen, go! Haha, perhaps I can pick up on some of that motivation soon...I know the feeling you're talking about, and it comes and go for me...sigh. Wish it was a switch I could control.
    Anyway, glad your birthday was good :D Laughs hitting the air like bubbles...I just love that description. You writer ^^

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  18. happy belated birthday! the dress looks wonderful on you:-) and also, i'm loving your new layout! xx

  19. Oh these layers are just too good! The sheer, the vest, the belt! Chic honey!

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back soon love!

    xo- Julie
    Peace. Love. LOL!
    Haute Khuuture Blog

  20. love this look


  21. Haha, glad to see you're having a blast at 25! It's the golden middle I think :D
    And omg, this dress is so mesmerizing! The sheer is fantastic!

  22. YAY FOR YOU! I'm glad you got that itch to go do stuff. I randomly decided to pick up my pencil and start some artwork that isn't related to my art job--and it felt good. So let's hope we can both stay motivated for a while. I'LL BE SURE TO CHECK UP ON YOU OK. WE CAN WATCH EACH OTHER AND BE MOTIVATED AND SHIT. HEEERRRRRYEAHHH

    we can be he-man. She-man. She-men.


    ps) I haven't seen your new layout yet and it's BOMBTASTIC. Your pics definitely stand out more.
    pps) your outfit makes me swoon
    ppps) is ppps even possible?


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