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May 27, 2014


So, I have this theory where no one in life is ever ready to do anything. Because, really, what does that even mean?  Are Tuesdays more appropriate than Thursdays to sink all your money into a plane ticket; is it more responsible to admit you hate the road you're on before or after noon? Is there a certain hour that's best to finally say hello to your crush; would you have more luck in taking a chance when the sun is at its highest or lowest point in the sky? When can a person be really ready to do all these things? And what a pity that they hide behind that word in order to buy themselves more time. I say, screw it. Just do it. If you weren't meant to succeed, it'd fail either tomorrow or three years from now. Being apart of this life takes courage, and I know you have a lot of it even if you don't think you do. So go do it- buy the ticket, change roads at the fork, admit those things to yourself that you already knew. Because now is as good as a time as any.

And here I am doing the whole layer-your-dress-under-a-skirt thang again. This is the Shop Vintage Minnie sheer dress I wore in this post, and though I've already worn it just by its self a handful of times, today I wanted to mix it up slightly. And what better way to keep it in its 70's vibe than pairing it with a suede maxi skirt? I really like the playful contrasts between the delicate, sheer sleeves and the heavy suede- and the pop of rich color the skirt gives! And if you've been oggling my dress, be sure to visit Shop Vintage Minnie here- especially since right now they have a 20% off sale up to the 31st :)


And here are some selections from Shop Vintage Minnie- so. much. floral.


outfit-details copy
DRESS: (worn as shirt) c/o Shop Vintage Minnie (similar: here here and here)
SKIRT: c/o Whhttt Vintage
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
LIPSTICK: Wet n' Wild


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  1. THat shirt has got amazing sleeves :) And I love how you've paired it!

    Follemente Fashion Blog also on Fashiolista and Bloglovin'

  2. Agreed-now is as good a time as any. I find myself constantly putting things off just for the sake of putting things off. Like when I decide to text a friend after breakfast? Why bother to procrastinate that? Maybe Nike has it right with that whole "Just Do It" thing? Anyway, a fantastic look! I love that skirt--so beautiful! xx

    The What's in Between

  3. That top is beautiful! I love the vibrant colors :)


  4. That dress/top is gorgeous! And I love it layered under the skirt (:

  5. In LOVE with the vivid floral pattern of your top!

    ❤ Gita @

  6. I really like how you've mixed black and brown here! I always struggle with that!

  7. <3333 such lovely look !

  8. This is beautiful! I'm a big fan of the suede skirt :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog lovely!

    Helen xx

  9. I loved reading your thoughts on "being ready." You're right...when is there ever a "good time?" Maybe there's better times than others but, most of the time, it feels like the "wrong time" until it actually gets done. I suppose that's why some people are further along than others. They just do it! =)

    I really love your play on textures in this outfit. The colors go so well together, too!


  10. LOVE this look! That blouse/dress is a real gem.

  11. I love what you wrote about, it really made me think and you are completely right, are we truly ready? I think taking risks are the best. About your outfit, I am in love with that top! Such pretty colors for summer.

  12. I too believe that nobody is every ready to do something. Even if you are physically ready, you're never mentally ready, and everything is a push that leads to more pushing. But I guess that's how we change, and junk. My dad says that he still doesn't know what he wants to do for a living, and he's currently making a damn decent living, hahaha. Aaah, deciisons.

    I feel like I went off on a tangent or read that differently than you meant for me to. BUT. ANyWHO!

    You are a SHEER delight. SHEER fabulousness. I will stop with the puns. You and your red lipstick are always so cute. :) :) Marlen 4 prez

  13. Love this outfit! It soo reminds me of Hippies with the bright orangey floral shirt and earthy tones:)
    xo Olivia

  14. I've admired both pieces separately, so it is really interesting to see them together like this!

    I find your thoughts on this so interesting! I think there's really two thoughts there- one that we are always putting off starting ventures and dreams (the plane ticket example), and the other that we put off ending things because we are scared needing to find that new road. Which are connected but different too. Starts and ends; so similar and yet different! On the one hand, there's been that quote going around recently about how many dreams were lost because people gave up just before achieving them, because they didn't realize how close they are. And yet, personally, when I really did need to look at what other options were there, it was was so freeing. And yes- buy that ticket, try that adventure while you can!

    Anyway, all my ramblings are to say, I love how you get me thinking about so much :)

    1. Yes, exactly!! It's terrifying picking change, but once you take that step to do it, it seems like it was the easiest thing to do. It's always that first step that's the hardest- it's cliche but rings true.

  15. Agreed! People wait for a magical date to change their lives, as if you can't start changing it RIGHT NOW! It's super easy...just move your ass! :D
    Love the styling here, this skirt looks so good with your magnificent dress!!! ^^

  16. I love the flow-y sleeves on that shirt!

  17. Love the way you've layered that dress! (It's one of my faves). Killer lipstick too! xo


  18. You're totally right, theres no better time then the present, something doesn't get easier to do just because its tomorrow. Also you are rocking that 70's vibe, thats what I thought before I even saw thats what you were going for. Gotta love suede.

  19. I know that I'm certainly never ready!


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