Slinky & Structured

May 24, 2014


Remember the Rebel Closet crochet dress I wore with my kimono in this post? Well here it is again! One of my favorite styling tricks to do during the summer is to layer skirts over dresses, especially since it gets too hot to layer much else. I really like how the top of this dress is really slinky and delicate, because it looks extra fun paired with something as structured and heavy as this midi skirt. Opposites definitely attract in fashion, and this whole look makes me feel super feminine and slightly alluring. Win, win!

And if you've never heard of Rebel Closet, it's a vintage Etsy boutique based in L.A. where the owner, Alisa, plays on the two sides of every girl: slightly witchy, and sweet and feminine. She has things like velvet maxis hanging alongside Betty Draper-esque dresses; baggy, off-the-shoulder bohemian tops coexisting with polka dot, sweetheart frocks. If you can't decide which style you like more, here you don't have to. If you feel in a shopping mood, be sure to pop over here and say hi! Especially since you can get 15% off at checkout with coupon code MSNK15 ;)

Also, can I get any more paler? Good Lord, I look like a full moon.


And here are some of my favorite picks from Rebel Closet to give you an idea what they have- just check out that peony wiggle dress!


outfit-details copy
SKIRT: c/o New Old Fashion Vintage (similar: here, here, here, here)
SHIRT: actually a dress, c/o Rebel Closet (similar: here)
SHOES: Urban Outfitters (similar: here)
NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters
BELT: thrifted, Calvin Klein (similar: here)
LIPSTICK: Wet n' Wild, Cherry Bomb


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  1. I think you're the kind of aristocratic pale that looks quite sexy! Sexy full moon! :D
    Love the concept of skirts over dresses, your crochet one is spectacular ^_^

  2. I adore this outfit (and I also adore wearing skirts over dresses)! I agree--opposites definitely attract with fashion a lot of the time, and this is one of those instances where it works so well. Love it with the belt and the shoes!

    Also, thanks for the tip on the shop!


  3. I've never thought about layering dresses and skirts. Does it get too hot for that sometimes? I feel like it takes the right two items because I feel like many dresses might look too bulky under dresses but here it looks flawless.

  4. Looking like a full moon is such a pretty analogy, though! Just like you ;P I agree, opposite aesthetics attract and combine interestingly.

  5. Never thought about layering skirts over dresses before, what a great idea! Love your hair by the way <3

    Rebecca Coco

  6. I LOOOOOVE your layering here! How clever! That dress/top looks great with the skirt and on you!

  7. I LOVE this outfit! I mean, you are always flawless, but this is so great for hot weather.

  8. lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach

  9. Girl, your skin is gorgeous! Pale shmale, you look beautiful!

    I have a skirt very similar to that one and you always inspire me to pull it out of my closet again when I see how you are rocking it.

  10. That crochet fabric is lovely and another great styling feat to wear the dress as a top :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Marlen! xo


  11. Oh, I like this combination so much! Something about brown leather belts in outfits just speaks 'Me like' to me, I don't know...
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  12. I love the ruffly top of that skirt and how it pairs so nicely with the belt. I am kind of obsessed with mid-calf length skirts at the moment, so I am swooning all over this one.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  13. Lovely look and skirt!
    nice pics too!

  14. Hahaha I sometimes wonder if I could get any paler too. I look like I'm glowing in pictures a lot of the time. I think your pale skin is pretty though! Also this outfit is awesome. I love how army green and black look together.

  15. LOVE how you belted it :) so cute

    Alexa <3

  16. Loving the midi skirt on you! I love layering too, it changes the look of any outfit.


  17. Oh my, you're such a beauty! The green color look so amazing on you! Also, I really love how well you paired the textures together! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  18. You always get so much use out of your pieces because of your layering skills! Love how you wore this crochet dress as a crochet top. You definitely are winning with this outfit. I don't know what, but I'm certain there are catcalls in there somewhere. :P
    Haha, love it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  19. Fun summer outfit!! I love the cool texture of the black top you've got there.

    I hope you're having a great long weekend!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  20. The skirt is amazing. you look great :) I love it.

  21. Gorgeous shape, love the slinky straps ad full skirt - perfect look! Sometimes I actually sit and wish I had your clothes - so vintage and perfect I wish I could get stuff here with that look!

    Hope your well, finally finished uni and back to blogging so excited to have a look through your posts :)

    Lucy xxx

    Happy tuesday :)

  22. What a wonderful idea to layer a skirt over a dress,
    I have to keep that in mind. :)
    I really like this look, the skirt has such an amazing colour
    and the whole outfit suits you so well. I also really like your lipstick colour. :)

  23. Slinky and structured and adorable! Your shoe collection has also been amazing me for weeks!

    Earn some cash with INBOX DOLLARS and EBATES !

    : signe : : the daily savant :

  24. I love that skirt! I've noticed that you wear it pretty often, and I dig the different ways that you style it.

  25. this is a lovely outfit, the contrast between the top/dress with the skirt is so good! and i wish i was as pale as you, so beautiful! i tan too easily even if i keep to the shades and all i want to do is to be pale, haha! xx

  26. I love your pale skin. You look great in that top, too!


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