Thrifting 101

Apr 3, 2014

Sometimes when thrifting the dress selection can get kind of "mom at Disney World when I was five".  And sometimes you walk away from the choices because they can look a little too...dowdy. But there's a way to style that dowdiness so that it feels modern and young!  With just a little bit of creative styling, you can move a thrifted dress into an arena where it looks store bought and not like you've been digging through the dollar bin. The secret is to pair it with your modern pieces- and below I explained exactly how!


And here are some examples of favorite thrifted dresses and how I styled them! On there own they have the potential to look overwhelming or too 90's, but when paired with modern touches (like a chambray or a knit infinity scarf) they look like something that's been store bought:

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  1. "Style away the grannyness" haha I love it! Those are some great tips! Thanks for sharing. The third dress is my fave, so pretty & springy!

  2. I have definitely made some questionable choices re dress color and dowdiness level lol but you are right, I think you can style away any dowdiness!

    I have been writing more and more about vintage dresses, you style is very inspiring!

  3. Your tips are perfect. This is totally how I do vintage dresses. =]

  4. I definitely do the walk away from the granny dresses thing... I'll have to keep this in mind next time I thrift.

  5. Great tips. You are the master of layering!

    Gita @

  6. These are such great tips. Awesome post!

  7. Ah I love how you styled your thrift store finds. Great tips on modernizing some older pieces you may find. The older pieces often have such great pattern or material but with some styling, it can totally feel fresh and modern. =)

  8. I seriously always have this battle when thrifting or styling vintage. I don't want to look too twee or granny-ish, so I am always on the lookout for basics like tougher boots or leather jackets to make them a bit more me! These guides are so cute!

  9. Ooo...dollar bins...

    Anyways, this is a great post! I think I own the same dress in the second photo except all in black (of course). Love it! :)

  10. I dig the whole grandma look, so that dowdy overload doesn't even bother me, lol

  11. oh lawd, so helpful. I personally consider myself an expert on thrifting at this point, but I see I have much to learn from a higher being. ;)

    I really like the reminder that you can hem the dress if the print and the top suits you -- that should bring me in a ton more finds. :D


  12. I love the first paisley dress! Great tips too, I have only thrifted and altered one dress before.

  13. Yesss, making vintage dresses modern is the most satisfying feeling ever!
    You summed them up perfectly and gave me some new ideas too :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. I love this post, Marlen!
    The picture of you in the colorful flower dress is so cute! Love that dress on you.
    What did you use to make this post it's set up so perfectly.

  15. This is so incredible! I love all the denim touches with the floral, it works so well together. Also, the dress with the huge scarf is still one of my very favorite looks from you! Just so pretty!

  16. Your second outfit is the best out of that four! BTW I really liked your advives to re-style this kind of dresses!

    Virna ♥

  17. great tips- I pinned this to reference next time I'm thrift shopping! it breaks my heart when I fall in love with a print but the dress just doesn't fit. I'm not huge actually altering clothing, but I love these "fake alterations" that don't require sewing!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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