The Miracle of Denim Pinafores

Apr 10, 2014


SHIRT (actually a dress): c/o Fight for Flight Vintage (similar: here and here)
PINAFORE: Bear and Twine (similar: here and here)
TIGHTS: Forever 21
SHOES: Urban Outfitters (recent!) (similar: here)

So my mom has forced me into the once-a-year-slavery-system that is known around our house as Spring Cleaning. I am the least happiest when there's a Windex bottle in my hand. Sigh. 

And since I'm now toiling away dusting furniture in my room and cleaning out junk drawers, I decided to make the most of it and haul all the extra clutter out of my life. And while I was hauling I was also weeding out my closet. I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand to have clothes that I only wear about once every three months tucked away on hangers. They make me feel incredibly guilty when I'm out shopping for new pieces; my brain likes to go "Oh so you want to buy another floral dress but you have that plaid one hanging all lonely-like for the last five months? How about that one, Mar? Don't you think you have, I don't know, enough?" My subconscious is really curt and rude, apparently. 

So to spare myself the inner lectures, I prune that closet of mine pretty regularly. And while I was pruning I found a bunch of dresses that I still really liked but were a bit too dowdy for my new style. Last year I was all about looking like I hopped out of a '50s catalog, but this year I've been liking the simpler, more minimal looks.  So I tossed them all into a pile to hem- just making a dress shorter really transforms it! But if I'm honest I know that that pile won't be touched until about May, so I started getting creative with how to wear them. And my solution? Layer them under pinafores! I took this peter pan collar dress and popped it under a denim pinafore so its collar can do all the handiwork. It might not be the star of the outfit, but at least it's getting some air time ;)

(And before you ask me how I'm wearing two dresses at once without looking frumpy: the red dress is made out of thin material and the pinafore is made out of denim (which is very thick and structured). Which means: no possibility of frumpiness!)



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  1. Haha. I'm so with you about the clothes!! I'm constantly "weeding" out my closet!

  2. Oh my goodness, your subconscious and mine would get along swimmingly! Or maybe it happens to all of us humans to love to shop. We like getting fresh, new pieces but feel bad about the ones we rarely wear!
    I just, can't even with your style Marlen! Everything you wear is so unique and you, and can I just say that first photo is so striking with the light blue and then your red dress and lipstick? You are a true beauty!
    I've tried layering dresses and it is a bit tricky, but I can see how the thin material on bottom, and stiff denim on top would help that!

  3. ooh, i love both the dresses and they really go well together! the collar is just so pretty:-) xx

  4. this is such a darling look, Marlen
    I absolutely love your dress

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. I love wearing dresses as tops as well. :) Happy Wednesday!

  6. oh wow! You look like a pretty doll:) This outfit is so pretty and original, I can't find words to explain how much I love it:) Those photographs are adorable!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  7. Haha, I need your subconscious to come work with mine. Even if I have garments I rarely wear, I'm still like "No, I need another crazy dress!!!" Yeah. My husband shakes his head at all of my clothes.

  8. You totally rock pinafores, just saying!

  9. I love everything about this outfit. It's so cuuuute. I hate cleaning too =P

  10. I'm like Katie and find layering dresses a clever idea but one I never successfully execute. ANd like her think your style is just so unique, so it is always fun to hear what you think (like, your process) about the changing/evolving style.)

  11. Love this! Those dresses were made for each other, I can't get enough of this school girl cuteness!


  12. love how creative you are about pairing different pieces together. the dress and pinafore look great together!

  13. haha, your blog is always a funny read and always makes me smile :). However, i actually love a spring clean, bit of a tidy freak haha. I love the layering here, you style is a rare perfection, I could never pull it off, but I am always jealous of you and what you wear. The two dresses are great together, and the denim pinafore with the large pockets is beautiful.

    Another great post, always makes my day!

    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  14. the overall is adorable, I love the contrast of the denim with the red top!!

  15. Yay for finding treasures whilst pruning closets! Haha, this post made me laugh. I love the words you use. They're so unexpected but perfect. LIKE PRUNING! Who wouldda thought. Still can't wait for that awesome novel of yours. ;)

    The red underneath the denim is too cute. Eeep, I could just stare at that first picture of you all day. Red lipstick = beautiful perfection nnyes

  16. Aaaaaaaaah I absolutely know what you are talking about!! I also have clothes I don't often wear and feel like buying other ones, and I feel guilty too XD haha! I love the way you are so creative with clothes! The combination is great and you look stunning!


  17. I don't love spring cleaning but I feel so much better when it's done, everything feels like it's so dirty by the time to snow starts melting. Congrats on cleaning out your closet as well, it's exciting to start paring down and seeing exactly what you do have in there.(I have a clothes hoarding problem so I'm trying really hard to break that and it's wonderful to look in the closet and it's all right there! And not on the floor like usual....) I've been seeing a lot of these denim pinafores at the thrift store lately, they look adorable but they're always so long and I'm too lazy right now for alterations. :P I do want to say that I LOVE your shoes!

  18. Haha... I went to Topshop yesterday and had to talk myself out of buying a denim dress because I already have two that I don't wear enough to need a third. But denim dresses/pinafores are seriously the best and I am loving how you styled this one. You look super cute in red too :)

  19. ah this layering technique is all over the high fashion runways! <3

  20. Haha I'm exactly 'ike that too - after a spring clean I'm like 'wow look at all these clothes I have!' then two weeks later I'm in exactly the same place again, 'waahhh I have no clothes' :)

    Hmm maybe...

  21. I am my least happy while cleaning also- I reallllly wish I was one of those people that loved it. Your hair looks amazing, I really love this style!! I'm a regular closet pruner too, since I thrift so much I kinda have to be :)


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