Sporty Chic & Pretty Words

Apr 21, 2014


HAT: Urban Outfitters
SWEATER: Urban Outfitters
TURTLENECK: Banana Republic
SKIRT: thrifted (similar: here)
SHOES: Urban Outfitters (similar: here)
JACKET: thrifted (similar: here and here)

I have a leather bound notebook where I've been collecting pretty words and sentences in during the past couple of years. I like nothing more than that moment where you come across a line and something about it reaches out and sort of sits on your heart. And you have to go back and read it again. And again. And you wish you can commit it to memory and have it live inside your head. Words have a way of turning life into poetry, and from time to time I'm going to share loveliness with you. So here's a bit of that loveliness :)

We are mosaics-
pieces of light,
glued together
and music
and words
- Anita Krizzan


Also, here's me being sporty. And I got this amazing coat for only a dollar- hollaaah!

cut and chic

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  1. ooho oohh, I like this sharing words thing. It is an absolutely lovely idea. :D You are always looking so stunning in red lipstick, Miss Marlen! And that layering with the ombre sweater is mm mm good.

  2. Trench coats are amazing thrift finds! It's where I got mine. I keep a little notebook in my purse to promote my writing "one line a day" and discovering new words too. That little poem is so beautiful. Maybe I should collect other people's works as inspiration, too. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I do this all the time :D I encounter a sentence so imaginative and original I just have to remember it (and put it in my Skype status of course :D). But I always forget it! This is actually a pretty good idea, I never thought of writing them down, now I feel stupid :D
    Lovin this outfit, the vivid red underneath makes it pop out! And that vamp lipstick is luscious!

  4. Why are you under so many layers?? Is it still too cold out there??

  5. *swoon* I'm tempted to copy that notebook habit. Also I love your sweater! That deep red is so pretty.

  6. So beautiful. I love writing in my journal. :) and those shoes again... Love!

  7. I love that you keep a notebook like this. I have a hard time keeping up with things like that, but am always jealous of people who can. It's fun to look back.

    OH, and $1 for the coat?! Win!!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  8. I love the "words" thing---so sweet I always like to highlight things in good books--then I go back through and write them out in my moleskin note book. Or even sometimes at work I write out a "quote of the week" and just stick it by my desk---

    Also--HOW DO YOU THRIFT?! I am possibly the worlds worst thrifter--probably because I am so impatient/don't really enjoy shopping. You make great outfits.

    Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

  9. I love everything in this look especially the shoes and can I say that red lipstick is the bomb! Classy and Fab!


  10. Man, that notebook habit is one I may need to steal from you, dearie. I actually hear amazing things from kiddos on a daily basis that I should be writing down because I could make a book out of that. Seriously.

    You take sporty to a vintage-y glamorous level. As usual. THOSE SHOES. and that lipstick. You can pull off the wine color like no other. :)


  11. That is a beautiful quote! And that hat!
    Sarah xo

  12. I love that coat! You seriously have the best thrift finds!

  13. I wish I had more knowledge of poetry. Thanks for sharing the words that inspire you :) And that coat was only a dollar?? I swear... thrifting in the Midwest seems so much better than thrifting in SoCal.

  14. What a cute outfit! I love the hat and red lips. :-) You always look great with red lipstick. I'm so bad with journals, I remember I used to write on one back in middle school and high school but then I stopped. Maybe I'll pick it up one of these days since I do enjoy writing.


  15. Love the red lipstick! I also love the idea of "collecting" words.... I hear phrases and sentances or read something that catches my fancy and I just have to write it down so I'll never forget it.

  16. Ahhhh. Good words indeed. Beautiful.

  17. What a beautiful poem- thanks for sharing! And love the way you've styled that sweater :)



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