Winter Wardrobe Blues

Mar 10, 2014


DRESS: c/o Omnia
BERET: Moonchild Vintage

YOU GUYS IT'S FIFTY DEGREES IN CHICAGO. Spring is so close and it cannot come fast enough- you have no idea how bored I am with my winter wardrobe! Yesterday I stood for fifteen minutes in front of my closet in my robe, my arms crossed and my face arranged into a deep scowl. I had no idea what to wear. None. I felt like every combo has been made, every piece has been worn twice over. All I want are crop tops, high waisted jeans, and pretty maxi dresses. Soon people, soon.

How are you combating the winter wardrobe blues? I'd appreciate any tips...or else I'll start showing up here in sweatpants and my brothers' PE shirts. You've been warned. 


And here are some pretty picks from Omnia to give you an idea what else they have in store- I can't get over their printed dresses!



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    I'm a smartie and I already went spring shopping, and I still gotta do some more ;)
    I recommend you to pull out those bright pieces on your wardrobe and mix them with your actual wardrobe. Or any kind of accessories that can give light to your outfits.
    If you need any inspiration, you can do some streetsyle research and see if there's any look you really fancy.
    All the boutiques have already got their collections out. You'll find pretty much the same trends, so search good and go and find some bargains!
    Hope this helped! xx

  2. Pish posh! I think you look great. I definitely feel that your have a distinctive sense of style, but I never read any of your post and think "oh I have seen her wear that before, how boring!"
    With that said, I know how you feel about the weather. NYC was sunny in the high 50s this past weekend and I was so excited to not have to wear a jacket during the day.

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  3. Staring at your closet and hating everything is the worst! Glad the weather is warming up for you a little

  4. super:))) x

  5. I agree!!! And so does my ever growing belly. We both want out of pants and into pretty, flowy dresses STAT! I do wear my maxi dresses year round though, especially now. I never really got how they were a summer only item. I love this jumper!

  6. Ahhh so glad the weather has been picking up! it got up to 60 degrees out here in DC and I practically ran around outside without a coat on! Felt amazing!
    Love this layered look though - that's the thing about spring and summer: layering gets a bit difficult because it gets too hot. Though I'd trade all of my sweaters in a second for another warm day!

    xo Deborah
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    Phew. That was rough. But I'm glad it's warming up for you! It's getting so nice here, too! I broke a sweat today and it was AWESOME.

    Loving your cute little French beret. All you need is a little mustache now. HON HON HON!

  8. Wow... 50 degrees?! Umm....where are the shorts and sandals? :P

    I'm getting tired of wishing for spring...but it's coming. Right?

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. I've got the warm weather blues. I will totally trade you my 77 degree weather for your 50 degree weather so I can wear an outfit like this one haha. I will agree though that it is nice that Spring is here now.

  10. I know, I'm starting to get weary of my winter wardrobe too....but then I remind myself that all my favorite boots will soon be put away and then I start to miss them. So gotta enjoy the winter clothes while you can!
    Although YESSSS to maxi skirts...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. I adore that jaunty little beret which you wear so well. :) I'm also ravenous for spring and hope it finds you soon. xoxo

  12. So a while back a favorite sweater got a huge hole ripped in it (I think a safety pin got into the dryer somehow and was a menace). I bit the bullet and decided to replace it because I loved the sweater and it was a closet basic. Now that I've got it back, I feel so much more jazzed up about all my winter combos. Weird, right?

    At any rate, I like the way you used this mod looking dress as a pinafore!

  13. I've been feeling similarly uninspired, although spring is already springing forth in Helsinki, so I can't complain for too long! Crop tops and maxi skirts are still a ways away, though, and I'm dreaming of them, too. One thing I've found myself doing is rotating my scarves and hats and gloves, realizing I won't be needing them for too much longer, so I might as well enjoy them now. Your beret is just too cute!

    I would be in support of a Universal Bloggers-in-Sweatpants Day, where everyone shows up in the blogosphere wearing their sloppiest clothes :) 

  14. Cute outfit! I admire your confidence to wear this in such cold weather!


  15. Um, my technique for combating the winter wardrobe blues was to drop $50 at Salvation Army! Not necessarily the recommended approach, but it did the job.

    I'm also "shopping my closet" a little bit, though, with my weekly wardrobe challenges (although I gave myself the week off this week ...), trying to pull out things that I never/rarely wear and challenging myself to wear them. At least it makes it kind of fun!

    // //

  16. BRING ON THE PE SHIRTS! DO IT! Haha real talk though I love that dress :)

  17. Uuughhh, I'm having the same issue! Every now and then I have an idea, but I usually stand there staring at my closet for half an hour before throwing on an old standby outfit. I think a spring cleaning might bring some things to light!

    This dress is amazing! Such a gorgeous colour, and I love the plaid underneath.

  18. Love this outfit!! You always have the perfect hat for your outfits!! And I hear you on the winter outfits. I've been having a hard time choosing outfits in the morning lately too. Mind you I always bundle up for outdoors with a parka and winter boots, so really, I can't blame it on the weather (we have a blizzard warning in effect today and tomorrow!!), but I'm just so excited for spring colours and florals!!

    xo Jana

  19. Ah, I'm sooo ready for Spring! Have been loving your wintry looks, but excited to see what the warmer weather brings as well. Nice beret! xo



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