Stood Up

Mar 7, 2014


SKIRT: c/o New Old Fashion Vintage
DRESS (worn as shirt): c/o Whhttt Vintage
BERET: c/o Moonchild Vintage

Welp, I never took myself on that date last night...You know there's a problem when you start standing yourself up, haha. And the reason for my no-show-ness was ridiculous. I don't think I'll be giving myself a second chance anytime soon. It was all because I took a moment to tidy my room. Grabbing that bottle of Pledge was the most dangerous decision I've made all month. It all started as I innocently straightened up a shelf and dusted my vanity, going through the usual motions. But then, putting a hand on my hip and narrowing my eyes thoughtfully at the setup, I thought the vase would look better on the left rather than the right. So I shuffled it. Then next thing I knew I was at Target buying new furniture and rehauling my whole room.

It's a slippery slope people, a slippery slope. 

And while I'm battling my extreme redecorating urges, I thought I'd go ahead and class it up with a French inspired outfit. I swear, if you don't own a beret by now go buy one. This cute little thing is always the perfect finishing touch to 75% of my outfits, and I feel extra flirty whenever I lock eyes with a handsome boy on the street while wearing it. It clearly does no wrong! 

And this New Old Fashion skirt is definitely going to become another staple in my closet. I know a lot of you mentioned that you're not sure if the midi trend is for you, but look how effortless this is! It instantly adds some feminine charm to your look, and if you add a belt it creates a line so you look proportional and not stumpy/overwhelmed. New Old Fashion is a chic little boutique that has a bunch more tailored and feminine midis just like this skirt. And- bonus- they also have a $15-or-less clearance section right now, so if you're in the mood to shop around visit them here!


And here are some of my favorite picks from New Old Fashion at the moment- apparently I'm in an Autumn mood! The sandals are ah-mazing. 



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  1. Well . . . at least you kept yourself busy. Maybe next time! This might be one of my favorite outfits on you ever! I love the shape of this skirt!

  2. Love your top, Marlen!

  3. You're so right about berets, they can give something special even to a most simple everyday outfit :)
    Love your shirt so much; midi skirts look terrible on me but I'm completely in love with this look on you! :)

  4. The first thing it came up in my mind just to see the first picture was, "Oh, so lovely! It looks like and inspired old chic french outfit!" And then I see you were just thinking exactly the same when you came up with this look, haha. But I agree with you about the beret!
    By the way good luck with your re-decorating mood! And don't go too crazy buying new furniture that you can't really use later! xx

  5. Fantastic look! I have been in spring cleaning/decorating myself. I find it very relaxing and mainly when you are sipping on your favorite wine.
    Your beret is neat, I have a couple of light material which I like to wear in spring.

  6. Love your style, Marlen! The sandals are indeed amazing and so is that skirt. so lovely!

  7. That dress/shirt is amazing!

  8. Another super adorable look, Marlen. I love your style! I totally picture wearing this outfit, writing your book on your trusty ol' fashioned type writer :D

    Keep in touch with me on Bloglovin

  9. Nice:)) x

  10. aha, that sounds like something i would do too, hope you're satisfied with your room now! i actually own a beret or two, but never wear them.. i should though, they look so lovely on you! xx

  11. Ah this is so so cute! I love this midi skirt! It really looks awesome on you. I'm not sure if that length of skirt would be the most flattering on all my short-ness, but I'd try it! This blouse of yours is adorable too. I can never get enough of blue and red mixed together.

  12. I either don't clean at all or I spend like 5 hours cleaning. So I totally get how decorating can be a slippery slope that way too
    Love this look, that blouse is incredibly gorgeous, such a chic print!

  13. Can this look get any more perfect?? I am completely enamored by your skirt! You look amazing! xx

  14. You know, I bought a beret a while back and only just started using it when the latest snow fell. (The wool hat was great for the cold!). It think I always feel to obviously "French" in it, but that's silly as you look great in yours!

  15. I have to say I have been there. And you know when you go to target you aren't leaving there without a trolley load!
    On another note, I absolutely love that blouse. It adds just enough color and flair to the skirt.
    Sarah xo

  16. Oh if only I had the courage to wear a beret! It looks so natural on you!
    I also really love that skirt! The color and the shape are so feminine!

  17. Haha, oh man, the redecorating urges...I often have to fight those off...sigh.
    You stood yourself up...I cannot stop laughing over that! xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  18. Liked your idea of taking oneself on a date.. and you stoof urself up..well that's funny.. love the pictures!

  19. amazing outfit! love all of it, the colors, the belt, long skirt, tie blouse, it's perfect!!

  20. You look so pretty. I love your skirt. Great post!
    Beth x

  21. I love that skirt! The color is so pretty! Man, I wish I would suddenly get the urge to deep clean my place! It's a mess. Ha!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  22. looove this parisian inspired look, marlen!

    at this volume

  23. Haha. That is so funny...:and I can relate completely!! This skirt? Love it!

  24. love this outfit style, very cute <3

  25. I just discovered you! Your style is incredible, so unique!

  26. I LOVE that full skirt on you!

  27. Cleaning can really have a snowball effect. I've been there plenty of times myself! But an impromptu shopping date at Target with yourself sounds like a blast.

    I'm in favor of the midi trend! I usually do it with dresses because that's my comfort zone. But I really like how your paired your olive colored skirt with this patterned top! It's such a chic, vintage look.

  28. Don't stand yourself up again! Haha ;)

    This skirt is perfection on you! Keep on wearing it :)

  29. I just love your high waisted with gorgeous vintage leather belt look - i really ought to get myself one!

    Happy Monday,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  30. That is such an adorable outfit! I love that shirt, and the detail at the top of the skirt. And your hair looks amazing! I'm loving the length that it's at (:

  31. I always love it when you do the French thing!


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